Learning Thai Language

Rare is the foreigner who can speak fluently in Thai but that doesn’t mean you cannot start learning a few words so you can get by and even impress your hosts and your new friends. Our list is by no means comprehensive nor phonetically accurate, but it’s a good start. GENERAL WORDS & PHRASES Sa …

Thailand Holidays

When planning your trip to Thailand, it is important to keep track of the major national holidays celebrated throughout the country. However, although businesses and government offices are closed on public holidays, tourist attractions and shops remain open to accommodate you. You should just be prepared to grit your teeth through traffic as these holidays …

Thailand Dos and Don'ts

Enhance your Thai experience and make some new friends along the way by keeping in mind these simple Dos and Don’ts.

Shipping things in Thailand

When shipping your items to Thailand, you will need a good forwarding agent who will be able to negotiate for you a discounted price for the importation.

Thai Banking

Thailand’s numerous banks and financial institutions speak for her growing economy and her place in the Southeast Asian region as a growing economic force.

Commuting in Thailand

Commuting in Thailand. These modes of transportation, which fits every kind of budget and need, ensure that you will eventually get to your destination despite the congested roads.

Shopping in Thailand

Thailand, particularly Bangkok, is definitely a paradise for all shopaholics. The massive, modern, multi-storey shopping malls provide a myriad of choices for every budget and need. The only problem you must face is deciding where to go first because of the infinite shopping possibilities! But with a map and a dose of style-savvy, you are …

Dowry in Thailand

So you have finally found your true love in the Land of Smiles – but you’ve got one major question before taking the big plunge. “How much dowry do I need to pay for my bride?” This is the question that always pops up along with the other requirements for Marriage in Thailand. The Thai …