Latest Thailand Entry Requirements

The COVID-19 pandemic wreaked havoc on the world. International travel ground to a halt and countries were forced to implement strict processes and entry requirements to halt the spread of the virus. Thailand introduced quarantine measures and Thailand Pass. Thailand Pass required visitors to register details like vaccination status, flight, and hotel bookings, and confirmation …

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How Unvaccinated Travelers Enter Thailand after June 1

The contents of this page may no longer be relevant. For updated information about traveling to Thailand, please go to: How To Travel to Thailand in 2022. To purchase your Thailand Travel Insurance please visit:   Travel to Thailand for unvaccinated travelers is easier than ever. Countries acted quickly to curb the spread of …

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How do I travel to Thailand after June 1?

Thailand approves major June 1st changes for unvaccinated visitors. Thailand has always been a popular holiday destination. Beautiful beaches, islands, exotic food, wildlife, and culture. What’s not to love? But during COVID-19, Thailand was one of the hardest countries to visit, especially if you were unvaccinated. Unvaccinated holiday makers will be happy to know the …

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