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Thailand Pass

Entering Thailand is not as easy as before COVID-19 existed. Now, there are multiple travel restrictions present, and travelers had to gather numerous required documents. Included in the required documents is the Certificate of Entry (COE), a certificate required to be obtained by anyone who will enter Thailand which requires time, effort to process and …

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Can U.S. Citizens Travel to Thailand Now?

Thailand is one of the most visited countries in Southeast Asia. Before the Covid-19 struck the world, the number of travelers in Thailand grew every year but in the year 2020, because of travel restrictions, the numbers decreased to as low as 6.7 million travelers only. The economy of Thailand has been greatly affected but …

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Travel to Thailand from the US

Are you an American citizen planning to travel to Thailand? There are millions of travelers that travel to Thailand every year, and American citizens contribute largely to that given number. Though with the decrease in numbers of travelers visiting the country in the current year (2021), Thailand has been, still, one of the top tourist …

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