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Buying a Condominium in Phuket

Pristine white beaches, ice-cold drinks, islands, and lush, tropical jungle. You’ve earned this holiday to Phuket and are soaking it all in. Fresh seafood, unique cuisine, massages, shopping, and ageless culture. You’ve tasted “life,” in Phuket… and you want more. As you swim in warm waters and wander the streets of Phuket Town, you wonder, …

How to Buy Property in Chiang Mai

You’ve tasted “life” in Thailand. You’ve basked on the beach, enjoyed fine dining at a rooftop restaurant, stared at a limitless mountain vista, and wondered, “Could I enjoy this lifestyle for years? Could I make this my reality? Could I… buy… a house or condominium in Thailand?” Yes. You can. There is something magical about …

Thai Property Lawyers

What Do Property Lawyers Do? When hiring a property lawyer, one may ask if it is truly necessary to spend the money for real estate needs. In Thailand, expats commonly hire law firm in Thailand to help clarify legal documents, such as translating the language found in contracts and helping mediate property disputes. A reputable …

Thai Real Estate Lawyers Answers Property Buying Questions

Jett Gunther invited a Thai real estate lawyer to answer some of the most common questions pertaining to foreign ownership of property in Thailand.

Can Foreigners Buy Property In Thailand

Foreigners are not allowed to own the land. It is stated in Thai laws. However, there is one more way for foreigners to own property, and the most popular way is to form a company and buy the property through the registered company.

Thai Inheritance and Succession Law

What would happen if a foreigner died in Thailand? How would the property of the deceased person be divided among his legal heirs? In this article, we will talk all about foreigners and their wills in Thailand.

Thai Property Due Diligence

There are some common legal issues that many people have to face when acquiring immovable property in Thailand. It is incredibly important to conduct due diligence before purchasing a property.

Buying a Condo in Thailand

While Thai property laws prevent a foreigner from purchasing a property in Thailand there are legal ways of buying a condo in Thailand as there are fewer constraints on nationality under the Condominium Act on ownership and other areas …