Opening a Bank Account in Thailand

Thai Banking

Usually banks in Thailand require too much documentation for a foreigner who wishes to open a bank account in Thailand.

Siam Legal makes it easier for you, by providing assistance in opening a bank account in Thailand.


  • Able to open a savings account with Bangkok Bank
  • You will receive a bank book and a debit/ATM card
  • The use of online banking is subject to approval by the bank manager


  • Foreigners who are currently on short-stay visa
  • Foreigners who are currently in Thailand on a long-stay visa such as non-immigrant visa
  • Work permit and immigrant residence certificate are not required


Siam Legal provides you with a guarantee letter and will personally assist you to the bank to ensure a fast-track, convenient process.


Must be physically in Thailand. We will assist you personally with a Thai bank. This includes applicants located in Bangkok and Chiang Mai. For those living in areas not mentioned above, you have to travel to the nearest location where you currently are.

Service Fees

Our service fee is 150 USD for opening a local currency account.

Open Thai Bank Account Local Currency


If you are currently in Bangkok, we provide free consultation on any Thai visa-related inquiries.