UK Fiancee Visa for your Thai Fiancee

Settling in the UK with your Thai fiancée would be your best option if your bread and butter in the UK is keeping you from relocating to Thailand permanently. A UK settlement visa in the form of a fiancée visa is your key to bringing your Thai fiancée to stay with you in the UK for good. This is true for those couple contemplating of getting married in the UK then adjust their fiancée’s immigration status there after the marriage.

Applying for a UK fiancée visa for your Thai fiancée should meet two important requirements: your relationship with your Thai fiancée and your financial status in the UK. Establishing a believable and on-going relationship between you and your fiancée requires your having known each other and being together for a period of time not less than 6 months. This should be seen as a logical requirement after all you are sponsoring someone to the UK who will hopefully be your long-time partner in life. The longer you have known each other, the better.

Check the required documents and where to apply for this type of UK Visa here.

UK Visa for Thai

Apart from this, you also need to show tangible proofs of your genuine existing relationship in the forms of email exchanges, photos together in various places, money transfer receipts, telephone bills, boarding passes to Thailand and any other pieces of evidence that could validate your existing relationship. You would also need to provide proof of your freedom to marry and if you have been married before a corresponding certificate should be provided to attest the dissolution of your previous marriage. Finally, you would need to write a letter detailing how your relationship started and developed which in turn becomes a literature of all the pieces of relationship evidence you have collected.

Just recently the British embassy also started requiring a letter of intent to marry from a registrar in the UK for the visa applicant and the British fiancé. This, however, would require the presence of the foreign fiancée in the UK at the registrar’s office before this letter is issued. Contacting the municipal registrar in your area on how to go with this is the best thing to do to be able to address this requirement.

Your financial position in the UK is the next factor in question. The rationale behind this is that the UK government wants to make sure that you would be able to support your future wife’s stay in the country without any recourse to public funds. So as the sponsor of your fiancee’s visa, you would need to provide bank statements; at least 3 payslips, employment letter, House Title deed or Mortgage Agreement and photos of your house. This is aside from the sponsorship letter which confirms your desire to sponsor her to stay in the UK.

Your fiancée’s documents and your documents will be collected, arranged and prepared for the application. Once everything is prepared, the visa application is submitted to VFS. It would take them two to three weeks to process the visa application. If an interview is required, the processing time would expectedly take longer. Your wife is initially allowed to stay in the UK for 6 months if she gets the visa. After marriage in the UK, you can adjust the immigration of your fiancée so she can stay there for good.

The fiancée visa application demands a thorough preparation of the required documents. It is therefore advised to enlist the service of UK visa specialists to guide you and your Thai fiancée with the visa application process. You may also check this website for more information.

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