Thailand Elite Visa Application Forms


Thai Elite Visa Program offers you the opportunity to obtain a privileged entry visa, giving you the right to live in Thailand for 5 years up to 20 years, with a selection of additional complementary services and benefits. Below you can download the Thailand Elite Visa application form.

The Thailand Elite Visa program offers different options, each varying validity, benefits, and cost. With no minimum stay requirements and tax incentives for those residents in the country, the Thailand Elite visa gives you access to numerous benefits and discounts across Thailand.

Summary of Thailand Elite Visa Application

  • Filling out the application and Submission of Application
  • Approval of the Thai Elite Application
  • Payment of the membership fee
  • Issuance of the Thai Elite Visa


Download Thailand Elite Visa Application Forms

After you have downloaded and filled out the form, please email the completed form to [email protected]

Application Forms