Banks in Thailand

Thai Banking

Thai Banking

Thailand’s numerous banks and financial institutions speak for her growing economy and her place in the Southeast Asian region as a growing economic force. Her growth in terms of economy and finance once earned Thailand the moniker “Tiger of Southeast Asia”.

KasikornBank Public Co. Ltd.

Established in 1945, KasikornBank is the fourth largest commercial bank in Thailand as measured by total assets. KasikornBank (formerly known as Thai Farmers Bank) provides a broad range of consumer, commercial, and corporate banking services. These include lending, deposit–taking, credit card services, international trade financing, custodian services, asset management, and investment banking services. For more information you can visit

Bangkok Bank Public Co. Ltd.

Known as Bangkok’s largest private bank, the bank offers a full range of banking products and an extensive distribution network with more than 600 branches, Internet banking, phone banking, and self–service ATM and Express Banking machines. To know more about their services, you can log on to

TISCO Bank Public Co. Ltd.

TISCO was established in 1969 as the first investment bank in Thailand. Tisco Bank started its commercial banking operations on July 1st, 2005 with its head office located at Tisco Tower on the North Sathorn Road and 14 branches in strategic locations nationwide.
Visit their official website at

SCB Easy Net – Thailand’s First Internet Banking

Siam Commercial Bank offers a wide range of online banking services. Just log on to

Siam Commercial Bank Public Co. Ltd.

With over a hundred years of service, Siam Commercial Bank offers Personal banking services such as Thai baht deposits, foreign currency deposits, international remittances, currency exchange, fund management, internet banking, consumer loans, life and accident insurance. They also do quality business and corporate banking. Visit their website at

Kiatnakin Bank Public Co. Ltd.

Kiatnakin Bank, a recently established bank, offers expertise in consumer loans, residential project loans, commercial and industrial loans. They also excel in core commercial services at its more than 20 branch offices. Visit for more information.

CIMB Thai Bank Public Co. Ltd. (formerly BankThai Public Co. Ltd.)

The largest government–run banking network operates with a vision to make BankThai a bank operated by Thais and for Thais with a professional management team offering quality banking services. Log on to their official website at

Paragon Partners

Paragon Partners are a market leader in the areas of debt advisory, mergers and acquisitions, private equity and special situation investments. Visit

Brink’s Thailand Ltd.

Since 1859, Brink’s has become the world’s largest and the most reputable security transportation company. To find out more about their legacy of banking excellence, log on to

Krung Thai Bank Public Co. Ltd.

Krung Thai Bank offers a wide range of products to meet the financial needs of personal customers, commercial establishments and all categories of clients. Log on to to find out more.

Aeon Thana Sinsap (Thailand) Public Co. Ltd.

Aeon Thailand offers financial services, including credit cards, hire purchases, personal loans and more. For more details you can visit

Sage Capital Ltd..

Sage Capital is an SEC–approved financial advisor. Has an extensive network of institutional investors, commercial banks, securities firms, and professional services firms, which helps them offer more quality services. Visit their official website at

Bank of Thailand

The Bank of Thailand is responsible for all central banking activities as decreed by the
The Bank of Thailand Act promulgated in 1942. Log on to to find out more.

Grant Thornton Business Consulting

Grant Thornton was established in Bangkok in 1991. The firm is well-recognized in the business community as a leading provider of financial advice and services to business owners
Log on to their official website at

HSBC in Thailand

For more information on the financial services of Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Ltd., you can log on to

Sukhumvit Asset Management

Sukhumvit Asset Management Co., Ltd. (SAM), was founded and wholly-owned by the Financial Institution Development Fund (FIDF) to manage and resolve approximately 500 billion baht of non–performing loans. Interested parties may know more at their website:

Government Savings Bank

Offers deposit savings, life insurance deposit schemes, loans, premium savings certificates and more banking services. Visit

Export-Import Bank of Thailand

EXIM Bank can offer short–term as well as long–term credits, either in domestic or overseas markets, in Baht or any foreign currency denominations. To find out more, visit

Thai Bond Market Association

The Thai Bond Market Association (ThaiBMA) is a securities business related association under the Securities and Exchange Commission Act B.E. 2535. Its main purposes are to serve as a self–regulatory organization (SRO) for a fair and efficient operation of the bond market and to be an information center for the Thai bond market. Log on to for more information.


If you need assistance in opening a bank account in Thailand, please visit the page Opening a Thai Bank Account.