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UK Embassy Bangkok Thailand

Services For British Nationals In Thailand And UK Visa Services For Thais

The British Embassy in Thailand serves a multitude of purposes. The main purpose of the embassy is to help keep the strong relationship between Thailand and the United Kingdom. It is a useful resource for a variety of reasons. Just a few of the services that are offered by the British Embassy Bangkok include consular services, visa applications, and trade information. The embassy also helps those British citizens who are traveling or residing in Thailand.

Visas For Thai Citizens

One of the features of the British Embassy Bangkok is best known for providing different types of UK Visa Thailand to the Thai and foreign nationals.

UK Visa Application in Thailand Statistics
UK Visas, despite a small drop, are becoming increasingly more sought-after. As a result of this, understanding the application process is crucial.

UK Visa for Thai Girlfriend

This visitor visa is the most popular visa obtained by British nationals for their Thai girlfriends who are coming to the UK for tourism and visiting their family. A UK Visitor Visa for a Thai girlfriend can be granted for visits of six months. The VFS visa application center in Bangkok accepts applications for all visa categories and is officially authorized by the UK Visa and Immigration.

UK Visa for Thai Fiancee and Thai Spouse

The UK Settlement Visas are offered for those that are planning on staying in the UK for an extended amount of time. The UK Embassy in Bangkok will issue a UK Fiancee Visa for Thais who are traveling to the UK to get married to their British partners. The UK Spouse Visa for Thais, on the other hand, is issued to Thais who are moving to the UK to settle down with their British spouses.

UK Student visa

For Thai students who are going to be studying in the UK and it covers long-term and short-term stays. It should be noted that the short-term visa is only for those who are studying for 6 months. The only exception to this is if you’re over 16 and are taking an English language course. If this applies to you then the visa will cover 11 months. General study visas are for those taking longer courses. The application must be sponsored by a licensed college or university. Child study visas apply to those aged 4 – 17 that want to study at an independent school.

UK Work Visa

This type of visa will depend on what job you’ve been offered and/or what skills you have for the job It is best suited for those who plan to work with a verified business inside of the UK.

The UK Visa Application Process

In order to apply to get a visa for the UK, you’ll first need to determine what visa you’re applying for. There are different types of visas for different purposes of stay in the UK. You also need to take into consideration how long you’ll be staying in the UK.

UK Visitor Visa Application in Thailand Statistics
With Visitor Visas becoming more popular, understanding the application process is crucial.

You’re only able to submit your visa application to the UK Visa Bangkok application center three months before your departure to the UK.

The application for any type of UK visa is done through the VFS website. You may fill out the application forms and supporting documents online. You must pay an application fee before you’re able to continue the application process. The application fee will vary depending on which type of visa you’re applying for. You may also have to pay a healthcare surcharge based on what the circumstances of your visit are.

It is also good to note that if you want to apply for another person, you must have their permission before applying. If the person you’re applying for is under 18 you must have written consent from their parent or guardian. The application process would mirror that of your own but you would fill out the other individual’s details rather than your own.

After the application is submitted through the VFS website, you are required to visit the VFS Application Centre. This part of the process involves gathering fingerprints and biometrics of the individual applying for the visa.

For Thai nationals applying for the UK Fiancee Visa and UK Spouse Visa, you will be required to pass a test for tuberculosis and to pass an English test.

UK Visa Approval

For UK Visitor Visas, you will receive a decision for your visa within 15 days processing time and at least 30 days for UK Fiancee and UK Spouse Visa. If the application was approved then you will receive a sticker that you put into your passport to show that you have a visa. Information will also be present about what you are allowed to do in the UK. If your application was denied you will receive a letter explaining why your visa application was denied.

UK Visa Application in Thailand may seem easy and straightforward but it is recommended to contact a UK immigration specialist to seek expert advice and professional assistance for your application.

UK Embassy Bangkok Thailand

Consular Services for British Citizens

Passport and Emergency Travel Documents

The British Embassy Bangkok also helps British nationals who wish to apply for new passports or to those who have lost their passport. If you’ve lost your passport and have no other documentation for overseas travel or for returning to the UK, you may get in touch with the VFS accredited by the British Embassy Bangkok to facilitate the emergency passport or even the normal passport application.

In order to apply, travelers must pay a £120 fee and prove that they’re a British citizen. In some cases, you’ll have to attend an appointment when applying for your emergency travel documentation. In most cases, the documents will be ready within two days. If you have a child under 17 the process might take longer.

Registering The Death Of A British National

Registering the death of a British national is a requirement for any British national. It must be done through the British Embassy in Bangkok. It should be noted that any British national who passes in Thailand must be registered by the next of kin. A coroners inquest would not be performed in the UK.

If you wish to bury or cremate your loved one in Thailand, a Letter of Release will have to be signed by you and the local authorities. This informs the UK Embassy Bangkok that permission was granted for this option. The Royal Thai Police are authorized to request an autopsy if they are not satisfied with the facts they gather surrounding the death but a copy must be sent to the embassy.

Copies of the report done investigating the death must also be sent to the embassy. If you wish to bury your loved one in Thailand it should be noted that it’s more expensive due to the Buddhist majority in Thailand. Cremations can be performed in Thailand should you wish. The embassy will aid in getting the necessary paperwork completed in order to have the ashes shipped back to you in the UK.

Emergency Overseas

The UK Embassy in Bangkok is there to help British Nationals with any emergencies that they face overseas. Any British National who finds themselves in a precarious situation in Thailand should go to the UK Embassy in order to sort the issue out.

Marriage in Thailand

If a British National is getting married in Thailand they must get in touch with the British Embassy Consular Section. In order to make an affirmation of marriage and to have a certified copy of the passport, you need to book an appointment in advance through their website since it is not open to the public. They can’t provide an affirmation for those that are already married unless they are able to prove that they are divorced or that their late spouse has passed.

Because same-sex marriage isn’t recognized in Thailand, therefore, the British Embassy in Bangkok is unable to provide marriage certificates for same-sex couples. This includes if the marriage is proposed to happen in Thailand.

Injuries As A Result Of Violent Crime

If you’ve been the victim of a crime in Thailand you’ll need to contact the British Embassy in Bangkok for recommendations on how to retain the legal services of a Thailand lawyer for the purpose of filing for claims or compensation in Thailand. All cases may be different so it’s important that you talk to the British Embassy consular officer in order to get more information.

No Objection Certificate for Adoption

For British nationals who would want to adopt in Thailand. You must contact a Thailand family lawyer before attempting to apply for a letter of no objection to ensure that you meet the requirements. A sworn letter that’s been witnessed by a notary public must be sent to the British Embassy in order to apply for adoption.

UK Embassy Thailand

The New Location of British Embassy in Thailand

British Embassy
AIA Sathorn Tower, Floor 12A
11/1 South Sathorn Road,
Sathorn, Bangkok 10120

Contact Details:
Telephone +66 2 305 8333
For consular enquiries, you may email: [email protected]
For enquiries that are emergency cases, please email: [email protected]

Consular services appointment time:
Tuesday, Thursday, 8.30 am – 11 am and 1 pm – 3 pm
Monday, Wednesday, Friday closed to the public

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