Thai Privilege Visa RESERVE Membership

A Thailand Privilege Reserve membership is only accessible to applicants via an invitation from the Thailand Privilege Card Co., Ltd., the government-owned company in charge of the program. With a limited pool of 100 persons each year, the Reserve tier is the most desired membership option for those looking to make Thailand a luxurious second …

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Thailand Privilege Visa DIAMOND Membership

Diamond is the highest tier of the Thailand Privilege membership option allowing a 15-year stay in the Kingdom achievable without an invitation, and is open to all who are eligible. It provides more points to redeem for rewards, a longer Thai Elite Visa, and more complementary perks than any other tier, save for the exclusive …

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Thailand Privilege Visa PLATINUM Membership

Platinum is one step above Gold, and is the most affordable Thailand Privilege membership tier that also allows applicants to add family members to the program for a reduced rate. It’s a great option for digital nomads, frequent visitors to Thailand, long-term expats, and retirees, especially those with dependents. As with the now defunct Thai …

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Thailand Privilege Visa GOLD Membership

A Thailand Privilege Gold membership is the most affordable option offered through the program which enables members to stay in Thailand without the longer-term commitments required by higher tiers. The accompanying Thai Elite Visa has a 5-year validity period allowing you to enter and leave Thailand as often as you please and few prerequisites compared …

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Thailand Privilege Visa 2024

What is a Thai Privilege Visa? The Thailand Privilege Visa, also known by its previous name as the Thailand Elite Visa, is a long-term visa administered by the Thailand Privilege Card Co., Ltd., a fully-owned subsidiary of Thailand’s Ministry of Tourism and Sports. It grants members a multiple-entry visa good for 5-20 years or more, …

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New Thailand Elite Packages Revealed!

On Wednesday 30th of August, at the “Live with New Possibilities” seminar, Thailand Privilege officially revealed the new Thailand Elite Visa packages. These would come packed with new prices, benefits, requirements, and terms to abide by. The details of the Thai Elite Visa packages have been revealed by Thailand Privilege, but they will only be …

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Thailand Elite Visa 2023 Program Changes

Since its inception, Thailand Elite Visa offerings have enticed foreign nationals from all across the globe. The sheer amount of quality of life changes brought about by these visas have made it an extremely popular method for applicants everywhere to gain passage into Thailand. Unfortunately, all good things eventually have to come to an end. …

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Thailand Privilege Visa 2024




泰国特权签证 – 钻石特权卡


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