New Thailand Elite Packages Revealed!

On Wednesday 30th of August, at the “Live with New Possibilities” seminar, Thailand Privilege officially revealed the new Thailand Elite Visa packages. These would come packed with new prices, benefits, requirements, and terms to abide by. The details of the Thai Elite Visa packages have been revealed by Thailand Privilege, but they will only be …

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Thailand Elite Visa 2023 Program Changes

Since its inception, Thailand Elite Visa offerings have enticed foreign nationals from all across the globe. The sheer amount of quality of life changes brought about by these visas have made it an extremely popular method for applicants everywhere to gain passage into Thailand. Unfortunately, all good things eventually have to come to an end. …

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Thailand Travel Restrictions 2023

Last updated on January 9, 2023 at 5 PM Travelers entering Thailand are not required to show Proof of Vaccination or COVID-19 test results. All travelers can freely travel to Thailand without any COVID restrictions. Travelers are not required to obtain a Thailand Pass or Certificate of Entry (COE). There is no need to download any mobile app. Travel …

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Thailand’s E-Visa

The E-Visa gives people access to the two visas (Single Entry Tourist Visa and Multiple Entry Tourist Visa). It is an online platform that allows people to apply, monitor, and pay for their visas so they do not need to visit a Thai Embassy or Consulate. It is currently the simplest way to obtain a visa and organize your Thai holiday.

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Best Hotels in Sukhumvit Bangkok

Carlton Hotel Bangkok Sukhumvit This hotel is an amazing luxury hotel located in Bangkok’s bustling central district, on Sukhumvit Boulevard, Bangkok’s major road. Just 5 minutes walk from the subway station but no more than 20 minutes travel from downtown Bangkok. A restaurant, free private parking, an outdoor swimming pool, and a fitness center are …

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Best Hotels in Koh Samui

W Koh Samui W Koh Samui is located between Maenam and Bo Phut and boasts one of the most pristine beaches in Thailand. The 74 private pool villas provide every imaginable level of indulgence and luxury. Ultra trendy, with innovative designs, make this resort much sought after with its stunning sea views. Four Seasons …

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Best Hotels in Chiang Mai

U Chiang Mai This 41-room, low-rise hotel is located in the city’s heart. Guests can relax and entertain in the Residents’ Lounge, located in the restored ancient residence of Chiang Mai’s governor. Its contemporary, Thai accented interior design suits the historic exterior and location. Chiang Mai International Airport is a 20-minute drive, and the city’s …

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What happens if the deceased passes away without leaving a will? The rule of intestacy will apply. This means that one will have to refer to Book VI of the Civil and Commercial Code of Thailand as it is the law that governs the estate of the decedent. According to Section 1620, where a person …

Making Last Will and Testament in Thailand

Although it can be difficult and uncomfortable to contemplate, it is prudent to plan ahead as to how your assets will be managed when you pass away to ensure those assets will be properly distributed to your loved ones. A will can be subject to many legal complications, potentially leading to its being invalid. Here …

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When purchasing property, buyers must ask many questions: Why am I buying a property? Am I looking for a permanent lifestyle residence? Do I want to escape for holidays? Or is this property an investment to earn rental income and make a profit when I sell? Where do I want to buy? Do I want …


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