12 Trendy Hotels in Pattaya

Pattaya is one of the most well-known destinations in Thailand for foreigners and it’s reasonable because of there’s no other places like this one. The fascinating port city is full of accommodation enough for you to enjoy your leisurely daytime and packed with various entertaining wild spots enough for you to enjoy your crazy night life there. As if that’s not enough, there are plenty of trendy hotels that will provide you an unforgettable experience. Check these out!



MASON, Pattaya, ultra-modern luxury pool villas were born from the owner’s passion for design and vision of creating a unique experience for honeymooners and romantic couples to enjoy a private and comfortable stay. Designed by award-winning architect, Vasu Virajsilp, the hotel’s architecture is inspired by its beautiful location in Na Jomtien beach, Pattaya, a two hour drive from Bangkok. The resort sits right in between Pattaya’s cosmopolitan skyline to the right, and Pattaya’ s local fishermen village to the left. Pool villas atop a rock hill offer panoramic ocean views, romantic sunsets, and private sundecks for an ultimate honeymoon experience.

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2. Arbour Hotel and Residence Pattaya

The newest hot spot for instagram lovers, this hotel went viral for a minimalistic modern pool and rooftop bar that is so pleasing to an eye. Located in the beating heart of Central Pattaya, Arbour Hotel and Residence Pattaya puts you in the middle of the action and on the stoop of local hotspots, from live entertainment to vibrant culture. Minutes from the beach and moments to all major Pattaya sights.

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3. U Pattaya Hotel

Talking about stunning concept design hotels in Pattaya, U Pattaya has to be on top of the list for sure. The overall design of the resort is a fisherman village, representing the cultural local life of Pattaya people, using rustic wood and bamboo in the interior design. Located between Jomtien and Bang Saray with absolute beachfront access suitable for discerning leisure travelers who seek serenity and privacy. Also a unique concept of service including a 24 hour room which allows guests to enjoy their room for 24 hours from arrival as well as breakfast whenever/wherever during their stay. What a perfect place!

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4. Navana Nature Escape

Navana comes from Nava – the Thai word for boat, and Nirvana  – the Buddhist word for heaven or serenity. So discovering serenity and refreshing your senses with a stay at this design hotel is a key concept. Nestled in a tranquil beach cove, by a small fishing village, NAVANA is a true nature escape. The overall design is inspired by the harmony of nature and the sea. Take a tour of Navana Resort to experience this harmony with your own eyes.

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5. The Monttra Pattaya

The word “Monttra” means “Magic”, which best describes the unique and innovative products as well as services offered at the property. Situated on a cliff-top at a private sand beach in Pattaya. The Monttra Pattaya combines the fascination of deep-rooted Thai hospitality with a contemporary concept of Thai design and lifestyle. This combination of luxury, pleasure and personal service with authenticity, simplicity and genuine beach experience is something you don’t want to miss.

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6. Cross Pattaya Pratamnak

Sitting majestically amidst a dense forest of mature trees and overlooking the glistening waters of the Gulf of Thailand is Cross Pattaya Pratamnak, a luxury hotel reminiscent of a colonial mansion. Favored by a new generation of independent travelers seeking a slow life in private surroundings – although one still connected to the outside world, luxury by design greets visitors as soon as they step from their air-conditioned carriages. The hotel is easily accessible to the main city of Pattaya and the friendly coastal town Jomtien.

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7. Payaa Hotel

The exquisite design inspired by the rich history embedded in the city, unbeatable personalized service, and idyllic location make Payaa Hotel an unmatched holiday experience. Nestled into Pattaya’s most buoyant district, the vibrant culture of the surrounding area is at your doorstep. Enjoy spectacular shopping, endless dining options, and the tranquility of the nearby beach during your stay. 

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8. Sea sand Sun Resort and Villas

Sea sand Sun Resort and Villas is a tranquil yet luxurious haven of natural beauty facing the gulf of Thailand. The hotel has the spectacular view of the towering trees, Balinese-Tahi inspired gardens and dwellings, the calming sound of the sea and the sun bearing down on you to enhance your senses.Located only thirty minutes away from the heart of Pattaya.

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9. Kram Pattaya

Kram is a shade of blue in Thai, which represents the hotel using different shades of blue perfectly. Set on the peaceful northern part of Pattaya, the resort welcomes guests with beautiful outdoors which is surrounded by our accommodation buildings. An elegant Pool Villa boasts a private pool for guests to relax at their own privacy.

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10. Mandarin Eastville Pattaya

‘Trust of a Warm Touch’ is this hotel’s inspiration quote which is reflected in details, design, and the whole experience staying in this accommodation.  With a design that harmonizes the oriental art of Zen with Classic  western style, this makes the room become spacious, comfortable, and relaxing, which creates a truly leisure experience and comes in various options to suit the guest preference.

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11. A-one The Royal Cruise Hotel Pattaya

A-One The Royal Cruise has its theme and it delivers. The whole building is in cruise ship form, facing the beach. The whole interior is decorated in marine theme, all blue, white, and gold. The coolest pool cafe and restaurant in different shades of hot tropical summer. All of these might seem like a lot to take but no, it’s blended in in the most incredible way possible. If you like fun, choose this one.

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12. Kept Bangsaray

The resort’s design, decor and furnishings feature a nautical seafaring theme in delicate and subtle tones and materials, enticing all who stay to relax, rejuvenate and recharge in sublime comfort whilst enjoying Kept Bangsaray’s unrivaled beachfront location and discreet charm.

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