Thailand Elite Visa for US Citizens

For American citizens, the Thailand Elite Visa program offers a range of options to meet their needs and preferences. Depending on their budget and desired level of services, Americana can choose from several different Thailand Elite Visa program tiers.

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The E-Visa gives people access to the two visas (Single Entry Tourist Visa and Multiple Entry Tourist Visa). It is an online platform that allows people to apply, monitor, and pay for their visas so they do not need to visit a Thai Embassy or Consulate. It is currently the simplest way to obtain a visa and organize your Thai holiday.

A Multi-Entry Tourist Visa allows foreign nationals unlimited entry to Thailand over a 6-month period. It is issued to people who visit the country for tourism, leisure, or medical purposes. A multi-entry visa allows the holder to stay in Thailand for up to 60 days per visit.

A Single Entry Tourist Visa allows foreign nationals one entry into Thailand for tourism, leisure, or medical reasons. The visa has a 3-month validity from the time of approval. This means that people have 3 months to use and enter Thailand from the date their visa is approved.

Here are the answers to some of the frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the Thailand Elite application and membership that we prepared for you. To ensure you receive assistance for any inquiries, our Thai Elite Agent will assist you with making any necessary arrangements regarding your visit to Thailand or your Thailand Elite membership.

The Thai Elite Family Premium is a 20-year tourist visa designed for affluent and high-earning foreign nationals with families. It is available to family members of existing Elite Ultimate Privilege visa holders.

The Elite Ultimate Privilege is a 20-year tourist visa with all the perks. For those wanting a holiday visa, it allows unlimited entries to Thailand over the 20-year term, so members can visit as often as they want and stay for up to a year at a time.