Muslim Wedding in Thailand

Muslim Wedding in Thailand

Muslim Wedding in ThailandHaving a Muslim wedding in Thailand is also just as desirable as any other wedding ceremonies. Muslim weddings are also traditional all on their own, and with the environment of Thailand’s most impeccable locations, it can be a ceremony made in paradise. Generally, the groom’s family will search for him a bride, then religious rites would be held during the Muslim wedding. Depending upon the requirements of the Muslim family, after your wedding ceremony, you could further relax on the pristine beaches of Thailand or enjoy the bazaars on the weekend. Trekking with elephants and other forms of entertainment can also be held.

Should both the bride and the groom be of the Muslim religion, the bride’s family, agreeing to the marriage, must provide a letter. At the Mosque, the letter will be presented signifying legally the process of the Muslim wedding.

Traditionally, the Imam would hold the Muslim wedding in a Mosque. The dowry will be presented before the wedding with a note produced of the occasion, signed by witnesses who were present. The bride’s parents must accept dowry negotiations before the marriage is held.

Before the signing of wedding papers at the Muslim wedding and the traditional procedures being completed, the groom must repeat verses from the Holy Koran with which everyone has agreed to, religiously.

Of course there will be variations to any Muslim wedding, however, there is no problem with holding one in Thailand. Mostly anything can be arranged for you to have your Muslim wedding held here in the tropical paradise.