Speak Easy Thai

Learning Thai Language

Learning Thai Language

Rare is the foreigner who can speak fluently in Thai but that doesn’t mean you cannot start learning a few words so you can get by and even impress your hosts and your new friends.

Our list is by no means comprehensive nor phonetically accurate, but it’s a good start.


Sa was dee Greeting/Hello
Khun Mr. / Ms. / Mrs.
Ka (Female), Khrap (Male) Polite word usually put at the end of a sentence
Khop Khun Thank You
Sa bai dee mai How are you?
Sa bai dee, Khop khun I am fine, Thank you.
Chan sear jai I am sorry
Shuay chan noi dai mai? Can you help me?
Proat put cha cha Please speak slowly
Kho thot Excuse me, Pardon me.
Chui tor sab hai noi Please help me to make a phone call.
Chok dee Good luck
Liao Khwa Turn right
Liao sai Turn left
Proat kap cha cha Please drive slowly
Koi sak kroo Wait a moment
Yut Stop
Thanon (th) Street
Soi lane
Klong Canal


An nii tao rai? How much is this?
Paeng maak Too expensive
Lot ra ka noi dai mai? Any discount?
Ho hai duai Please wrap it for me


Kao Rice
Kao Nyaw Sticky rice
Kao phat Fried Rice
Nuir Butter
Ka nom pang Bread
Kai Egg
Gai Chicken
Moo Pork
Pla Fish
Ped Duck
Nuar Beef
Kung Shrimp
Kung Lobster
Pak Vegetable
Pol la mai Fruit
Kluay Banana
Teng mo Watermelon
Chumpo Rose apple
Falang Guava
Mamuwang Mango
Saparoot Pineapple
Angun Grapes
Som Orange
Nam som Orange juice
Nam Water
Glur Salt
Keaw Glass
Sorm Fork
Chorne Spoon
Ta kiep Chopstick
Paet Spicy
Paet nitnoi A little bit spicy
Paet maak Very Spicy
Mai Sai Prik Without Chili


Kae / Rak sa Cure/Heal
Rong pa ya barn Hospital
Pen kai Fever
Ei Cough
Paud hua Headache
Paud tong Stomachache


Hmorn Pillow
Pa hom Blanket
Pa ched tua Towel
Piek Wet
Hang Dry
Hong nam Toilet
Hong norn Bedroom


Ta na karn Bank
Park ngern Deposit
Torn ngern Withdraw
Ngern sod Cash


Soon 0
Neung 1
Song 2
Sam 3
Si 4
Ha 5
Hok 6
Jet 7
Paet 8
Kao 9
Sip 10
Sip et 11
Sip song 12
Yi sip 20
Yi sip et 21
Sam sip 30
Neung roi 100
Song roi 200
Ha roi 500
Neung phan 1,000
Neung mun 10,000
Neung sean 100,000
Neung lan 1,000,000