Can You Apply for a Thailand Elite Visa as a Thailand Education Visa Holder?

Thailand Elite Visa from Thai ED Visa

Thailand Elite Visa from Thai ED Visa

Prior to the release of the new Thailand Privilege membership packages, it was nearly impossible to acquire a Thailand Elite Visa if you ever possessed a Thailand Education Visa (ED Visa), but times have changed. With the new Thailand Privilege Visa Program in place, it is now possible for you to obtain a Thailand Elite Visa regardless of whether you are a current or past holder of an ED Visa. However, you will need to provide supplementary documentation. 

This article will explain how to apply for the Elite Visa Thailand as a current or previous holder of an ED Visa and what additional documents you need to provide. 

What Documents Do You Need to Provide as an ED Visa Holder?

As a Thailand Elite Visa applicant, you will usually need to submit the following documents:

  • Membership Application Form (for the membership of your choice)
  • Membership Application Fee Payment Form
  • PDPA Form
  • Photocopy of your passport’s biopage (with the passport signature visible)
  • Recent passport-sized photograph of yourself

If you currently hold an ED Visa (or have held one in the past), you need to provide additional documents to those listed above to be eligible for your Elite Visa. These documents include:

  • Completed and signed Education Visa Holder Acknowledgement Form
  • “Proof of Education” documents from the educational institution you studied at

The Proof of Education documents required are listed on the acknowledgment form. If you don’t have the Education Visa Holder Acknowledgment Form, the Thailand Elite consultant team at Siam Legal will provide a copy for you. The documents you must procure from your educational institution include: 

  • School Establishment License:
    • Provided to the institution by the Ministry of Education, OR
    • From the Office of Basic Educational Commission (OBEC), OR
    • From the Office of Private Educational Commission (OPEC)
  • School registration documents
  • Student certificate
  • Your academic record, grade reports, and attendance history
  • Photographs of classroom activities (if applicable)

You can collect these items from the educational institution you studied at by reaching out to the school’s administration and asking them to send you the required papers. Inform them about the documents listed on the form to make it clear what is needed from their end. Once you have all the papers ready, send the completed form and proof of education documents to our team and we will submit all items to Thailand Privilege Card Co., Ltd. (TPC) as part of your application packet. 

Contact Siam Legal for Assistance

The Thailand Privilege membership application is already complex, but being an ED visa holder makes it even more difficult for you. That’s why you should contact a General Sales and Services Agent (GSSA) such as Siam Legal for support. GSSAs are government-authorized consultants subsidized by the TPC to provide free assistance to Thailand Elite Visa applicants. As one of the largest and most successful GSSAs in Thailand, our team has the expertise to ensure you get your Elite Visa swiftly and successfully. 

We do this by quickly and efficiently helping you complete all required forms and acquire all necessary documents, including the proof of education documents. Most importantly, our advanced verification process ensures that your application packet is prepared correctly before we submit it to TPC, maximizing your likelihood of approval.

Contact Siam Legal today to get started on your Thailand Elite Visa experience.

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