12 Trendy Hotels in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is one of the most diverse and interesting cities in Thailand. The balanced combination of the traditional and the contemporary culture in Chiang Mai is just exactly in the right amount, not too much and not too less, just like all the accommodations here. There are so many hotels that bring historic and modern elements to their hotel and they’re waiting for you to explore. Check these trendy hotels out!

1. The Inside House

Come on inside the house and rest here in a warm private place in the heart of Chiang Mai, they said, even though it feels inappropriate and understated to call it a house. The inside House is a Lanna-Colonial magical place with a warm charm that is full of traditional Thai-detail ornaments and art pieces that will blow you away. It’s easy to say that The Inside House is one of the most picturesque hotels in Thailand. Stunning place right in the center of Chiang Mai, what else can we ask for?

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2. Mori Natural Farm

If you need a quality retreat, to inhale high quality oxygen among serene mountains and organic farms, we would like to introduce you to Mori Natural Farm. This place is a lovely down-to-earth homestay which is delicately designed in every detail. There are four cottages, each of which has its own uniqueness. The cottage was built using old wood from a rice barn, which will make you feel warm like you stay at your aunt’s place.

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3. Burirattana

Burirattana Hotel, our Minimal Contemporary Lanna-style boutique hotel, stands in the area of Chiang Mai’s Old City. Its design is inspired by the beauty of the local landscape and surrounding artistic and cultural creations, such as Wat Phra Singh, Wat Chedi Luang, Tha Pae Gate, and Khum Chao Burirat. this new kind of getaway. The hotel focuses on a fun local experience and is designed to let you discover and relish the charm of Chiang Mai, right in the heart of the city, throughout your stay.

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4. G Nimman Chiang Mai

G Nimman is a modern and contemporary design hotel that creates a tranquil atmosphere that is ideal for business trips or leisure holidays. White, airy, neat, and very minimalist looking ornaments surely can sweep all your tiredness away. The focal point of this new hotel is none other than the circular swimming pool. Located in the middle of the hotel, the modern pool is surrounded by a sun terrace with sun loungers and chairs. Relaxing under the sun as you read your favorite book, sounds nice?

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5. Thee Vijit Lanna by TH District 

Lanna means “Kingdom of a Million Rice Fields” and that’s the core concept of this place. Thee Vijit Lanna modernizes that rich culture and heritage by putting charming old wooden-house elements and whitewashed-temple ornaments together. Located at just 5km from the airport, right at the city center of old town, THEE Vijit Lanna is a perfect location to explore Chiang Mai City. And the last secret you don’t want to miss, it has the best and the most unique local bar in town.

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6. K Maison Lanna Boutique Hotel

K Maison Lanna Boutique Hotel is a minimalistic accommodation amidst little nature in urban Chiang Mai. This hotel is one of the very first hotels in Thailand adopting the concept of “high quality basic”, offering 5-star quality of accommodations and services to their guests at a reasonable rate. The core concept “Eco Stay” is based on the global trend of energy saving and being environmentally friendly. K Maison values this idea by using clean technology and selecting only energy-saving amenities in your room.

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7. Kao Mai Lanna Resort

Kaomai Lanna Resort is perfect for the true nature lover. Surrounded by a big, beautiful tropical garden in Chiang Mai, the resort features unique rooms converted from real tobacco curing barns and furnished with colonial-style antique furniture. They renovated two museum buildings from two tobacco drying barns, the conversion of a cafe from a rare twin barn, the creation of an amphitheater for outdoor recreational space, and the rejuvenation of several historic lanes with an outdoor museum concept to educate the visitors about the architectural and natural heritage, which is outstanding. 

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8.  Thai Akara – Lanna Boutique Hotel

Thai Akara – Lanna Boutique Hotel offers you an elegant way of the Lanna community with charm of simplicity and kindness amidst cool, pleasant, and tranquil atmosphere in the heart of Chiang Mai. For its design, it is decorated in contemporary Lanna architecture mixing Lanna identity and functions conforming to the current way seamlessly. Its 3-storey building is ancient Lanna style, with a private terrace where you can see the atmosphere inside the hotel thoroughly.

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9. Raya Heritage

Inspired by the spirit of Lanna life in former times, Raya Heritage offers a clean, contemporary take on traditional Thai design. Beautifully curated, one-of-a-kind furniture pieces, artifacts and accessories, sourced from and often created by hand by local craftspeople, are featured throughout. The resort concept stems from northern Thai culture’s simple, elegant approach to life and art, and the social value placed on living in balance with nature and the surrounding community. Immersed in tranquil natural surroundings on the banks of the Ping river, Raya Heritage’s serene atmosphere makes it the perfect base for discovering the unique charms of the region at an unhurried pace.

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10. Flora Creek

Flora Creek, Chiang Mai is nestled amongst 10 acres of landscaped gardens, set against the backdrop of a lush forest stretching up to the mountaintop. Colorful flowers and a creek that runs through the property create an oasis of calm. Only 30 minutes from the city in Hang Dong, Flora Creek, Chiang Mai offers an unparalleled relaxing experience, with five-star service and a touch of Northern-Thai charm. Designed by using architectural details of a barn house that treats visitors with warmth and coziness, yet the ultimate highlight of the hotel is the state-of-the-art Krisdadoi.

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11. Khao Kiang Na

Simply outstanding geometric building located in Ban Muang Kut in the Chiang Mai Province region. Elephant Nature Park is 7 km from the accommodation, while Mae Jo University is 45 km away. So if you want a true getaway journey that can bring you close to nature, this is the place for you.

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12. Rosario Oasis Resort

Rosario Oasis Resort is designed by Thai famous designer Rachen Intawong. The resort is a very unique and charming boutique property surrounded by 500 acres of rice paddies and Doi Suthep view. The 10 guest rooms and 5 Villas provide floral art Asian and western designs by using fabrics and flower patterns. Intimate, serene and relaxing, Rosario Oasis Resort is an oasis of calm and tranquility, the perfect base for exploring Chiang Mai and beyond.

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