Push for Visa-Free Entry for Indian Visitors in Thailand

Visa-Free Entry for Indian Visitors in Thailand

Thailand’s tourism officials have pushed the government to start talks about a long-term visa-free agreement between Thailand and India. 

As of February 18, visitors from India ranked fifth in terms of arrivals, totaling around 260,000 tourists. Somsong Sachaphimukh, vice-president of the Tourism Council of Thailand, believes that extending the visa waiver for an additional two years after its scheduled end on May 10, 2024, will keep this positive trend going. With India expected to overtake Germany’s economy by 2027, Thailand sees this as a prime chance to attract more premium tourists, and it is hoped that a long-term, mutual visa-free program between Thailand and India could be beneficial to boost tourism and trade for both countries. 

Currently, flights between Thailand and India are on the rise, despite being limited to just six major Indian cities. This agreement would convince airlines to increase their flight services to take advantage of the increased traffic, benefitting both the businesses and the country.

Travelers from India might spend between 60,000 and 100,000 baht for a seven-day trip in Thailand. This market also holds promise for business meetings, incentive trips, and wedding ceremonies, with each potentially costing between 50 and 100 million baht.

Sachaphimuk pointed out the Indian market’s vast potential, primarily from its large young workforce aged 25 to 40, representing about 40% of India’s total population.