Thailand Elite Visa for US Citizens

The Thailand Elite Visa program is designed for foreign nationals who want to stay in Thailand for extended periods, but don’t want to deal with stringent eligibility requirements. In addition to a long-term, multi-entry Thai Elite Visa, the program also delivers a range of exclusive services and privileges.

For American citizens, the Thailand Privilege program offers a range of options to meet their unique needs and preferences. Depending on their budget and desired level of services, Americans can choose from several different Thailand Privilege program tiers.

What is the Thailand Elite Visa

The Thailand Privilege program offers a 5-year to 20-year multiple-entry Thailand Elite Visa, allowing American citizens to enter and exit Thailand as they please. All tiers include access to various services, including visa extension services and private airport transfers, as well as 24-hour emergency assistance and concierge services.

The cost of the Thailand Privilege program varies depending on the tier chosen. The basic tier starts at around 900,000 THB for a 5-year visa, while the higher tiers can cost as much as 2,500,000 THB for a 15-year visa.

The Thailand Privilege program is a valuable opportunity for American citizens who want to experience Thailand’s best and not constantly deal with immigration.

Thailand Elite General Qualifications

The qualifications for the Thailand Privilege program vary depending on the category of visa you apply for. Here are the general eligibility requirements that are common across all categories:

  • Foreign National: Holder of a valid foreign passport.
  • Clean Criminal Record: Applicants must have a clean criminal record and cannot have any prior convictions or pending criminal cases. This requirement does not extend to offenses committed relating to negligence. This qualification is flexible depending on circumstances.
  • Eligible to enter Thailand: Being allowed to stay in Thailand in accordance with the immigration laws, which means the applicant has no overstay record in Thailand.
  • Bankruptcy: Applicants cannot have filed for bankruptcy, but this qualification is flexible depending on the circumstances.
  • Capacity: Applicants must be of sound mind and have not been declared mentally incompetent.

In addition to these general eligibility requirements, each Thailand Privilege program category may have specific requirements and conditions that must be met. It is important to carefully review the requirements and conditions for the category of visa you are interested in to ensure you meet all qualifications.

Thai Elite Visa Benefits

The benefits of the Thailand Privilege Visa vary depending on the category of visa you have, but some of the general benefits include the following:

  • Multiple-entry visa: All categories of the Thailand Privilege program offer multiple-entry visas, allowing you to enter and exit Thailand as many times as you like during the validity of the visa.
  • VIP Fast Track: Thailand Elite Visa holders can access priority lanes at immigration checkpoints and fast-track airport service. They receive expedited immigration and passport control processing when arriving in Thailand.
  • Dedicated concierge service: Members of the Thailand Privilege program have exclusive access to a dedicated concierge service that can help with travel arrangements, booking services, and other needs.
  • Invitations to exclusive events: Thailand Elite Visa holders may be invited to attend exclusive events and activities organized by the Thai government.
  • Legal services: Visa holders have access to legal services and assistance in dealing with any legal issues.
  • Health and wellness services: Thailand Privilege program members can access health and wellness services, including medical check-ups and discounted treatments.
  • 90-day reporting: The Thailand Elite Visa holder can be represented by the Thai Privilege staff for their 90-day reporting, which is still required by Thai Immigration for this visa.
  • Other perks: The Thailand Elite Visa holder will also enjoy other benefits through the point system. These benefits include airport transportation services, complimentary rounds of golf, spa treatments, and annual hospital check-ups, as well as a host of perks related to shopping, hotels, resorts, and dining experiences.

Thailand Elite Visa Cost

The cost of the Thailand Elite Visa will depend on the membership program. Various Thailand Privilege membership programs are available, with varying durations, benefits, and costs, as detailed below:

Thailand Privilege Visa Gold Membership (5-Year Membership)

Elite Gold Membership Package

  • One-time fee of 900,000 THB
  • Multiple-entry visa valid for five years
  • No age restrictions and no annual fees
  • Upgradable to other memberships
  • 20 points per year

Thailand Privilege Visa Platinum Membership (10-Year Membership)

Elite Platinum Membership Package

  • One-time fee of 1,500,000 THB
  • 1,000,000 THB for additional family members
  • Multiple-entry visa valid for 10 years
  • No age restrictions and no annual fees
  • Upgradable to other memberships
  • 35 points per year

Thailand Privilege Visa Diamond Membership (15-Year Membership)

Elite Diamond Membership Package

  • One-time fee of 2,500,000 THB
  • 1,500,000 THB for additional family members
  • Multiple-entry visa valid for 15 years
  • No age restrictions and no annual fees
  • Upgradable to other memberships
  • 55 points per year

Thailand Privilege Visa Reserve (20-Year Membership)

Elite Reserve Membership Package
Only individuals who have been invited can apply for this membership.

  • One-time fee of 5,000,000 THB
  • Multiple-entry visa valid for 20 years
  • No age restrictions and no annual fees
  • Transferable to others
  • 120 points per year

How do I get a Thailand Elite Visa?


1. Start your Application and Background Check Process

Applicants for the Thailand Elite Visa may initiate the process regardless of their location, be it in Thailand or in the USA. To initiate the process, the applicant should submit a scanned copy of their passport and a completed application form to an accredited general sales and service agent (GSSA) who will provide them with free services to quicken the application process. The agent will then work with the Thailand Privilege Office, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Immigration Bureau to conduct immigration and criminal background checks. The due diligence process usually takes one month for most nationalities and up to three months for certain nationalities. A 50,000 THB application fee is required to initiate the background check. If the check is successful, this amount is deducted from the final visa fee, and if it’s rejected, the amount will be refunded.

Make sure to choose an accredited Thai Privilege GSSA, as unverified visa service companies are known to mislead applicants and mishandle client funds. To protect yourself, consider using Siam Legal. We are Thailand’s leading law firm and an authorized GSSA, and we have successfully handled thousands of Thai Elite Visa applications.


2. Approval and Payment of Membership Fee

Upon completion of the due diligence process, an approval letter will be issued to the applicant, along with instructions for the remittance of payment for the Thailand Elite Visa fee. The membership fee ranges from 900,000 to 2,500,000 THB, depending on the membership package selected by the applicant. Payment can be made through local or international bank transfer or through an online payment platform.


3. Membership Acceptance and Visa Issuance

Upon receipt of payment, the applicant will receive a Membership ID and instructions on obtaining the visa. The Thailand Privilege member may obtain their Thailand Elite Visa at the Thai Embassy in Washington DC or Thai Consulates in Los Angeles, Chicago, or New York. Thai Privilege members may also affix the Thailand Elite Visa upon arrival in Thailand at Suvarnabhumi Airport or Phuket International Airport.

In cases where the Thailand Privilege member is already residing in Thailand, the Thailand Privilege agent may arrange for the cancellation of the applicant’s previous visa and the issuance of the Thai Elite Visa at the Immigration Bureau in Bangkok.

Thailand Elite Visa Authorized Representative in the US

Having familiarized yourself with the advantages of the Thailand Elite Visa, the next crucial step is to connect with a reputable and authorized agent in Thailand, who can address all your inquiries and guide you through the application process.

Siam Legal is the official general sales and services agent (GSSA) of Thailand Privilege in the USA. We are equipped with a distinguished team of Elite Visa specialists who possess extensive expertise in assisting American individuals and families in securing their Thailand Elite Visa. Our profound understanding of your unique requirements and both countries’ regulations allows us to offer comprehensive support at every stage of the process. With our help, the process will be simplified and swift, avoiding any delays that will stop you from basking in all the benefits Elite Visa has to offer.

Siam Legal Thailand Elite GSSA

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