How to Book COVID Test for Phuket Sandbox

Book COVID Test for Phuket Sandbox

Starting December 23, 2021, Thailand will now require two RT-PCR tests for those entering Phuket.

The first test will be conducted at Phuket International Airport while the second test on the 5th day will be conducted at the test centers around Phuket.

The steps for the RT-PCR test via are as follows:

  1. Provide flight details and hotel information. You will be asked for your flight and accommodation details.
  2. Input your personal information like your gender, date of birth, country of origin, and Passport Number.
  3. Choose your swab test locations. Because the first swab test will be conducted at the Phuket International Airport, you can only choose the location for the second swab test. The swab test date will be automatically shown from the details you input in Step 1.
  4. Pay the fee. The fee for the RT PCR tests is 4200 THB.

Note: For those who have already registered for a single swab test before the announcement of the new guidelines, you can still add a second swab test by logging in to the account you used for registration:

  1. Choose your booking details and click the “Edit” icon.
  2. Click “Additional Swab Appointment”.
  3. Pay the fee.