Couples Retiring in Thailand with the Thailand Elite Visa

Retiring in Thailand with the Thailand Elite Visa

Retiring in Thailand with the Thailand Elite Visa

Thailand is one of the most visited countries in the world. Thousands of tourists visit the kingdom and think of staying here for the long term as a couple and also as a family. To cater to the growing demand for longer stays in the kingdom, Thailand introduced a new type of visa – The Thailand privilege visa, formerly known as the Thailand Elite visa.

Unlike regular visa types, the Thailand privilege visa offers a point-based system that allows the cardholder and their partner to enjoy the luxury of living in the kingdom with less paperwork and longer stays.

If you and your partner are planning to retire in Thailand comfortably as a tourist, the Thailand Elite visa is the best option available.

Membership Eligibility

  • Hold a foreign passport valid for at least 1 year (365 days) or more.
  • Not visit Thailand to study, work, or set up a business.
  • Be of sound mind and competence.
  • Applicants have no history of criminal activity, blacklists, bankruptcies, and long overstays.
  • Not be a current or previous holder of a Thailand Volunteer Visa.
  • Not be a current or previous holder of a (non-legitimate) Thailand Education (ED) Visa.

Why Thailand Elite Visa?

Long-Term Stay: The Thailand Elite Visa can allow for a stay of up to 5, 10, or even 15 years (with 20 years via invitation), which is significantly longer than standard retirement visas that need to be renewed annually.

Hassle-Free Visa: It eliminates the need for visa runs or the annual visa renewal process, which can be quite cumbersome for many retirees.

VIP Treatment: Members often receive VIP treatment at airports, including expedited immigration procedures, which can be very convenient for older travelers.

Additional Perks: The visa may come with extra perks such as discounts at hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, and free medical check-ups at hospitals.

Assistance with Bureaucracy: The program often includes assistance with the Thai bureaucracy, including driving license paperwork, banking, 90-day reporting, and interaction with government agencies.

Property Ownership: While the visa does not directly allow for property ownership, it can make the process of renting or leasing property easier due to the long-term nature of the visa.

Social Opportunities: Membership can provide access to exclusive clubs and social opportunities, which can be beneficial for retirees looking to engage with a community.

The Thailand Elite Visa offers a range of benefits tailored to make the retirement experience in Thailand as comfortable and convenient as possible. These benefits are structured across various membership tiers, each designed to cater to different needs and preferences. Let’s explore the membership tiers available under the Thailand Elite Visa program, which provides varying levels of services and privileges to suit the diverse requirements of retirees.

Membership Tiers

There are two membership tiers, which are the platinum and diamond memberships, that allow you and your partner to retire as a couple with an additional fee. Your privilege points are updated annually.

Thailand Elite Platinum Membership

  • Offers a 10-year visa validity
  • The membership fee is priced at 1,500,000 THB with an additional member fee (your spouse) at 1,000,000 THB
  • Privilege membership of 35 points
  • Membership is non-transferable and non-refundable

Platinum Membership Benefits

  • At least two 5-year renewable, multiple-entry visas
  • 1-year Permit to Stay per Entry to Thailand (with the option to extend)
  • Unlimited access to Premium Lane for immigration fast-tracking
  • Unlimited access to an Elite Personal Assistant (EPA)
  • Annual health checkups (once per membership validity)
  • One night stay at Anantara Vacation Club (during 1st year of membership only)
  • Personal Accident Insurance (180 days, during 1st year of membership only)
  • Premium Lounge, parking privileges, and shopping assistant (via appointment)
  • Unlimited buy-1-get-1-free movie tickets
  • Once a month buy-1-get-1-free meals at Mos Burger chains
  • Birthday gifts
  • Investment and wealth advisory sessions
  • Discounts at leading restaurants and department stores
  • 24/7 Member Contact Centre (MCC) in English, Mandarin, Japanese, and Korean (other languages to be added in the future)
  • Other privileges to amplify your already merriment journey in Thailand, provided you have enough privilege points to redeem

Thailand Elite Diamond Membership

  • Offers a 15-year visa validity
  • The membership fee is priced at 2,500,000 THB with an additional member fee (your spouse) at 1,500,000 THB
  • Privilege membership 55 points
  • Membership is non-transferable and non-refundable

Diamond Membership Benefits

  • At least three 5-year renewable, multiple-entry visas
  • 1 year Permit to Stay per Entry to Thailand with an option to extend
  • Unlimited access to Premium Lane for immigration fast-tracking
  • Unlimited access to an Elite Personal Assistant (EPA)
  • Access to wealth advisory sessions and seminars
  • 1-time annual health checkups, once per membership validity
  • Premium lounge, shopping assistant, parking privileges (by appointment)
  • Birthday gifts
  • Special insurance packages, such as the Personal Accident Insurance (365 days, during the first year of membership only)
  • Free night at Anantara Vacation Club (first membership year only)
  • 4-time access to exclusive co-working spaces
  • Exclusive discounts at leading restaurant and department store chains
  • Unlimited Buy 1 get 1 free movie tickets
  • Buy 1 get 1 free meal at Mos Burger (once a year)
  • 24/7 Member Contact Centre (MCC) in English, Mandarin, Japanese, and Korean (other languages to be added in the future)
  • Many more privileges that aren’t part of the main package but are purchasable with privilege points

Application Process

  1. Complete and sign the application form for the membership of your choice.
  2. Submit your application form, PDPA form, passport photocopy, and photo of yourself. Required documents can be sent via email, WhatsApp, Line or even delivered by mail.
  3. Await the successful completion of your background check assessed by Thai Immigration Authorities.
  4. Await delivery of the approval letter and payment invoice.
  5. Pay your fees directly to Thailand Privilege Card Co., Ltd.
  6. Await delivery of your Welcome Letter and Membership ID. While optional, members can also apply for a physical membership card.
  7. Affix the visa sticker to your passport at a Thai international airport (if abroad), Royal Thai Embassy (if abroad), or Thai Immigration Office at Chaeng Wattana in Bangkok.

In conclusion, the Thailand Elite Visa presents an opportunity for those looking to retire in Thailand with comfort. Siam Legal, a trusted agent,  can help you simplify the process, ensuring an easy transition to a prolonged stay in the kingdom. With benefits ranging from extended visa validity to VIP treatment at airports, the Thailand Elite Visa offers retirees a chance to make the most of their time in Thailand without the usual bureaucratic work. The Platinum and Diamond membership tiers, each with unique advantages, cater to diverse needs, providing a tailored experience.

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  1. Mohammed Hossain
    April 13, 2024

    Hi my wife love to stay in Thai land on my Reiterating life I am us citizen my wife has a green card , we Just came Bangladesh for Eid festival & going back US 24th of April. My wife said to me she wants to go Thai land but I know It’s takes few days get visa last time I applied in New York for my wife but she changed her mind that time. My wife holding Bangladeshi passport but she has green card .

    • April 22, 2024

      Thank you for reaching out with your interest in staying in Thailand. It’s wonderful to hear that you and your wife are considering spending time there.

      Given that your wife holds a Bangladeshi passport but also has a US green card, she would typically need to apply for a Thai visa. Since the process can take a few days, it’s advisable to apply well in advance of your planned departure. You mentioned that the last application was made in New York; you might consider applying again at the Thai Consulate there if that is convenient, or you could explore whether it’s feasible to apply while you are in Bangladesh, depending on your travel schedule.

      For a longer stay in Thailand, like during retirement, the Thailand Elite Visa might be an ideal option to consider. It offers various long-term stay options, which could be very convenient and beneficial for you both.

      If you need detailed guidance on the visa application process or more information on the Thailand Elite Visa, please fill out this form:

  2. abdurahmen sunkemo Dermolo
    December 11, 2023

    i,m interest privivisa