What is the Cheapest Thailand Elite Visa?

Cheapest Thailand Elite Visa

Cheapest Thailand Elite Visa

If you are considering the Thailand Elite Visa you have multiple options, as the Thailand Privilege program offers several membership tiers. Among these, the Gold membership emerges as the most budget-friendly option, providing you with an accessible entry point into a world of exclusive benefits and privileges, as well as a convenient long-term stay in Thailand.

Thailand Privilege Gold Membership and Costs

Joining the Thailand Privilege Gold Membership program grants you a long-term visa and access to a wide range of exclusive perks and experiences. Membership details are as follows: 

  • Membership Fee: 900,000 THB
  • Visa Validity: One 5-year multiple-entry visa 
  • Thailand Privilege Points: 20 points per year (see below)

Elite Easy Access Visa holders can upgrade to a Privilege Gold membership for an annual fee of 50,000 THB.

Thailand Privilege Points System

Thailand Privilege’s newly enhanced rewards program is called the Thailand Privilege Points system. It grants members an annual allocation of points to redeem for various experiences and amenities. These offerings span from luxurious accommodations to travel assistance, spa treatments, and exclusive event tickets. Utilizing a tiered point system, basic perks like airport transfers require one point, while premium experiences may cost up to three points. This innovative scheme allows you to tailor your experiences to your preferences and needs.

Airport and Immigration Perks

If you are enrolled in the Thailand Privilege Gold Membership program and hold the Thai Elite Visa, effortless travel and exclusive access are among the enticing perks. Here’s what you can expect:

  • A multiple-entry visa allowing for easy exit and re-entry to Thailand without a re-entry permit
  • Airport immigration fast-track lanes
  • Airport lounge access
  • Airport transfers

Thai Elite Residential Benefits

Enjoy a range of residential benefits as part of your Thailand Privilege Gold Membership:

  • Residential Privileges: Access various residential services, including assistance with bank account openings, driver’s license applications, and health insurance enrollment.
  • Elite Personal Liaison (EPLs) and Elite Personal Assistants (EPAs): Utilize the services of an EPL or EPA to get assistance with immigration matters, administrative tasks, airport services, and other concierge services.

Lifestyle Benefits of Thailand Elite

Membership offers an array of exclusive benefits tailored to enhance your experience in Thailand. Some of the luxury benefits included in your Gold membership are:

  • A complimentary one-night stay at Anantara Vacation Club
  • 180 days of personal accident insurance 
  • An annual health check
  • Personal shopping assistance
  • Parking privileges
  • Buy-one-get-one-free cinema tickets and discounts on select meals and shopping experiences
  • A free wealth management session
  • 24/7 assistance from the Member Contact Center

Why choose the Thailand Privilege Gold Membership?

Choosing the Thailand Privilege Gold Membership means opting for a lifestyle of luxury and convenience. With this membership, you can enjoy a lavish lifestyle in Thailand without the hassle of frequent visa renewals, allowing for a seamless immersion into Thai culture. Additionally, the Gold membership provides access to premium amenities, ensuring that you have everything you need for a comfortable and enjoyable stay in Thailand. 

Get a Thailand Elite Visa the Easy Way

The Thailand Elite Visa program streamlines the application process through General Sales and Services Agents (GSSAs) like Siam Legal International. As a leading GSSA, Siam Legal offers free personalized guidance and support backed and funded by the Thai government, ensuring a smooth and successful application journey. Contact Siam Legal today for a consultation with one of our visa experts and embark on your Thailand Elite Visa journey confidently.

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