What is the Thailand Elite Family Visa?

Thailand Elite Family Visa

Thailand Elite Family Visa
The Thailand Elite Family Visa or Thailand Elite Visa, is a long-term tourist visa offering you and your family an extended stay in the Land of Smiles. Unlike other long-term visas, the Thailand Family Privilege Visa has no age, income, education, or employment requirements. 

The new Thailand Elite Visa offers an ideal immigration solution for families seeking a seamless transition to Thailand, as opposed to the numerous and confusing old Elite packages. With Thailand Privilege, you get visa validity ranging from 5 to 20 years, so you can easily establish roots and indulge in many VIP benefits, including expedited immigration assistance and exclusive luxury perks. 

Thailand Privilege Memberships

You can obtain the Thailand Family Privilege Visa by joining the Thailand Privilege Membership program, which offers four membership packages featuring diverse visa durations, benefits, and family options:

Thailand Privilege Gold Membership

  • Membership Fee: 900,000 THB
  • Visa: One 5-year multiple-entry visa 
  • Thailand Privilege Points: 20 per year
  • Fee to add family members: Not available

Thailand Privilege Platinum Membership

  • Membership Fee: 1.5 million THB
  • Visa: Two 5-year multiple-entry visas (10-year stay)
  • Thailand Privilege Points: 35 per year
  • Fee to add family members: 1 million THB per person

Thailand Privilege Diamond Membership

  • Membership Fee: 2.5 million THB
  • Visa: Three 5-year multiple-entry visas (15-year stay)
  • Thailand Privilege Points: 55 per year
  • Fee to add family members: 1.5 million THB per person 

Thailand Privilege Reserve Membership (invitation only)

  • Membership Fee: 5 million THB 
  • Visa: Four 5-year multiple-entry visas (20-year stay)
  • Thailand Privilege Points: 120 per year
  • Fee to add family members: 2 million THB per person

All immediate family members, such as children, spouses, and parents, can apply for membership alongside you. There’s no restriction on the number of family members who can join. However, each member must demonstrate a valid familial relationship to be eligible for inclusion.

Thailand Privilege Membership Benefits

Simplified Long-Term Residency

The Thailand Family Privilege Visa offers more than just a standard tourist visa. It provides exclusive immigration and visa perks, streamlining the application and approval process. As a multiple-entry visa, it eliminates the need for frequent renewals and border runs, allowing you to leave and re-enter Thailand without needing to obtain a re-entry permit. Additionally, the visa simplifies the relocation process by eliminating the need to research, apply for, and renew separate visas for each family member.

Airport and Immigration Privileges

Enjoy a seamless arrival and departure experience with Thailand Privilege. Membership grants access to exclusive fast-track immigration services, airport lounges, and airport transfer services.

Upon arrival, Elite Personal Assistants (EPAs) will coordinate visa affixation, immigration fast-tracking, and luggage claims. During your stay, Elite Personal Liaisons (EPLs) are available to act as immigration concierges, assisting with immigration reports and administrative matters.

Residential Benefits

As a Thailand Family Privilege Visa holder, you can open Thai bank and credit card accounts, apply for a driver’s license, invest in Thai businesses, and purchase certain types of property.

Lifestyle Benefits

The Family Privilege Visa includes a variety of complimentary lifestyle perks to enhance your experience in Thailand, including:

  • A complimentary annual health check-up
  • A one-night stay with Anantara Vacation Club
  • Wealth advisory sessions
  • Personal shopping assistance
  • Parking privileges
  • Personal accident insurance
  • Discounts at leading shops and restaurants

Thailand Privilege Points

The Thailand Privilege Points system aims to enhance your Thailand experience with personalized benefits. As a member, you’ll receive an annual allocation of points that can be exchanged for a diverse array of luxury offerings. These encompass premium accommodations, indulgent spa treatments, access to prestigious golf clubs, expert financial management services, discounts on childcare services and international school tuition, and an assortment of other exclusive privileges.

How to Apply for the Thai Elite Visa Family

For a hassle-free and successful Thai Elite Visa Family application, it’s advisable to seek support from a General Sales and Services Agent (GSSA). These companies, endorsed by the government, offer complimentary professional assistance to Elite Visa applicants.

Siam Legal International is a certified GSSA featuring a team of Thailand Elite Family Visa experts. Our team of highly experienced visa consultants and attorneys provides personalized application guidance from document preparation to visa approval to ensure a swift and successful journey. Should you have any inquiries regarding the Family Privilege Visa or want to commence the application process, don’t hesitate to reach out to Siam Legal today.

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