Which Month is Best to Visit Bangkok?


Which Month is Best to Visit Bangkok?

The Best Times In Which To Visit Thailand’s Capital

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Bangkok, like the rest of Thailand, enjoys a tropical climate year round, but there are some months that feature less intense weather than others. Those months are usually from November to March when the head and humidity take a much-needed break. However, despite these months featuring milder weather, it is still important to remember that such conditions still have a mind of their own.

Between November and March, the daytime temperatures can range from the mid-70s (fahrenheit) and climb up to the low 90s. As these months are considered the ‘high season’ or ‘winter’ for Thailand, the weather is usually at a prime temperature from December to January. Daily temperatures can dip towards the 60s, especially in the evening, making it a great time to enjoy the night markets. If you are planning a trip to Bangkok, these 2 months are the best time in which to visit. Keep in mind, however, that flights will also be at their highest for these times, as they are the most popular times to visit Bangkok and the rest of Thailand.

During the high season, there are many events that may lure travelers to Bangkok. Some popular events include:

November: Loi Krathong and the Golden Mount Temple Fair. Celebrate Loi Krathong at Bangkok’s Lumphini Park or alongside the famous Chao Phraya River in Bangkok’s Old Town.

December: The King’s Birthday is December 5. This is also known as Father’s Day in Thailand. The New Year is also a largely-celebrated event in Thailand, as December 31 will see many firework shows and parties. If you want to see the best firework shows, visit Central World Plaza or the Chao Phraya River for some spectacular, end-of-year celebrations that truly light up the entire, night skyline.

January: Chinese New Year (Bangkok features the largest Chinatown in the world!) Celebrate on Yaowarat Road, which is the main road running through Chinatown.

February: Makha Bucha

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Loi Krathong Festival

Traveling to Bangkok During the Low Season

If you are looking to save money on a flight to Bangkok, the best deals and hotel rates are between April and October. Although these months are known to be the hottest, most humid, and rainiest, experiencing this Southeast Asian country how locals do will surely be quite memorable for more daring travelers. And, although the low season features monsoons, it may not be what travelers expect. Such a rainy season is actually a mix of overcast weather and rainstorms in the afternoons that eventually clear up.

Just like other tropical countries, Thailand’s rainy season features short bouts of daily rain, only to be diminished by the warming sun. Thus, it is still enjoyable to venture out and go sightseeing despite the average expected amount of rainfall. Temperatures will spike to around 90 degrees during the day, with rain showers temporarily cooling off the daily heat. Crowds will also be less dense if you visit Thailand’s capital during these months. So, bring a nice rain jacket and some rain boots while you enjoy Thailand’s rainy summer as the monsoon season (from May to October), yields refreshing rain. And, if you are interested in celebrating the Thai new year of Songkran, April is the month in which you should visit to experience a citywide waterfight.

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During the low season, some of the best events can be experienced in Bangkok. Such events include:

April: Thai New Year (Songkran). Celebrate the yearly waterfight at Silom Road or Khao San Road in Bangkok.

May: Visakha Bucha and The Royal Ploughing Ceremony (date based on lunar cycles for a profitable harvest).

September: International Festival of Dance and Music and the Moon Festival

Despite the obvious benefits of visiting Bangkok during the high season, any time of year is really a treat when visiting one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. Bangkok has consistently been featured as the most-visited city on Earth, and once you arrive, you will see why. From bustling and fragrant streets to mega malls that can take all day to walk through, there is plenty to do and see in Bangkok without needing to spend a lot of time outdoors. Kids also love the endless amount of activities available for them in Thailand’s capital. Free museums, floating markets, cinemas, arcades, gymnasiums, Muay Thai lessons, waterparks, and zoos can all be great entertainment for the entire family.

If you plan to visit during the high or cool season, just be sure to expect more crowds and higher prices for flights and hotels. Along with that, however, you can enjoy lower temperatures and humidity to make outdoor adventures all the more fun! For those wanting to experience the low season, along with smaller crowds and accompanying prices, don’t forget to pack a quality raincoat and be prepared to get soaked during Songkran as the water fights are, indeed, the best way to wash off the old year and ring in the new one!

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