Travel from Phuket to Bangkok; How to book your COVID Test in Phuket

Phuket and Samui Sandbox

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Phuket and Samui Sandbox

Thailand Travel Restrictions Updates

The Phuket Sandbox program has welcomed more than 24,488 travelers since it started on July 1, 2021. Fully vaccinated travelers visiting Thailand through the Phuket Sandbox are not required to undergo a mandatory quarantine. For travelers who wish to avail of this program, please see some of the updates and travel restrictions this week:

Updated List of Countries/Territories Eligible for Sandbox

On August 20, 2021, the CSSA and Tourism Authority of Thailand published the new list of countries and territories eligible to enter Thailand under Phuket and Samui Sandbox as follows:

Book your SHA+ Sandbox Hotel

For travelers who are entering Thailand through the Phuket Sandbox, Samui Plus Sandbox, or the Phuket Sand 7 + 7 Extension (Krabi, Phang-Nga, and Surat Thani) are required to book their accommodation in a SHA+ certified hotel. The Confirmation Letter and the SHABA ID (for Phuket) from the hotel are required when you apply for your COE or Certificate of Entry. To make sure that your hotel has been properly booked and you can request the SHABA ID or certificate, we recommend that you book through the link below. After booking, you will receive a confirmation voucher which you can use to request the SHABA ID from your hotel.

Travel from Phuket to Bangkok

The Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand or CAAT had temporarily suspended domestic flights to and from Phuket due to the COVID-19 outbreak. However, domestic flights will resume in September, catering to the Phuket Sandbox travelers at Suvarnabhumi and Don Mueang airports. Thai Airways also announced that the Phuket-Bangkok flight will leave every Friday. Bangkok Airways will operate Phuket to Samui flights every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Phuket Sandbox travelers can now also take a minivan from Phuket to Bangkok; departing every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday, with the fare costing 2,300 THB per person in a van shared among 6 passengers. For those who want to hire an entire van for themselves, this is 13,500 THB and travel can be on a day chosen by the passenger. The Sandbox Express Bus will continue to operate every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday. It leaves Central Festival Phuket and PTT Thalang and arrives at Suvarnabhumi Airport on the same day.

How to book your COVID Test in Phuket

Travelers who are arriving in Phuket through the Sandbox program are required to arrange the RT-PCR COVID 19 test before applying for the COE or Certificate of Entry. You have to book a test for Day 1(date of arrival), Day 6 or 7, and on Day 12 or 13. You may book this through your SHA+ Hotel or for convenience, you may book and pay in advance your RT-PCR tests in Phuket through the website:

Thailand on UK “Red List”

Travelers who are traveling from Thailand to the UK will be required to undergo a 10-day quarantine. Should British nationals or even UK residents who are currently in Thailand do not wish to return to the UK for the time being, you are eligible to extend your stay in Thailand. The Thai government is offering visa relief for all foreigners in Thailand. Foreigners can apply for the 60-day COVID extension at any local immigration office for a fee of 1,900 THB. The 60-day COVID extension will be granted for 60 days from the date of application.

Book your COVID Insurance for Thailand

Based on experience, the common problem for COE applications being rejected is that some insurance policies are not properly worded. Your COVID 19 insurance must expressly state that it covers up to 100,000 USD medical expenses including COVID 19. To purchase the most reliable and, based on our experience, insurance that has never had any problem with the Thai Embassy or Consulate, please click the link below:

COE Application Service by Siam Legal

Application for the COE is free of charge and you do not need any assistance to apply for the COE. However, there may be instances where some individuals voluntarily choose a paid service provider such as a law firm to assist them to prepare their documents and submitting them on their behalf. Individuals may encounter problems with their documents that are not being uploaded properly or some information or documents that are deemed unacceptable to the Thai embassy or consulate that may cause delay or rejection of your COE application, so it may be helpful to retain a service provider to assist you with the application. These paid services offered by Siam Legal are listed below.

Siam Legal Visa and COE Application Assistance

Sandbox Package 1: 200 USD

  • Unlimited Online Visa Consultation
  • Extensive checklist of required documents
  • Assistance in visa application (non-immigrant O marriage visa and tourist visa)
  • Assistance in COE application
  • 3 to 4 weeks process
  • Available in the US, UK, and Canada visa applications only

COE and Visa

Sandbox Package 2: 100 USD

  • Consultation with our Immigration Specialist
  • Extensive checklist of required documents
  • Assistance in COE application (including Visa holders and Visa Exemption)
  • 5 to 10 days process
  • Available in eligible countries only
  • Available for Thai and foreign nationals


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