Thailand Travel Restrictions for August 2023

Thailand Travel Restrictions for August 2023

  • Travelers entering Thailand are not required to show Proof of Vaccination or COVID-19 test results. All travelers can freely travel to Thailand without any COVID restriction.
  • Travelers are not required to obtain Thailand Pass or Certificate of Entry (COE). There is no need to download any mobile app.
  • Travel Insurance is still highly recommended when you travel to Thailand.
  • Before you travel to Thailand, you should buy your travel insurance for your protection to cover your entire trip to Thailand and book your hotel stay to get the best deals and rates:
  • Travelers may join our Facebook Group to ask questions, get help and read the latest developments:

How to Stay in Thailand for 5 to 20 Years – the Thai Elite Visa Experience

Thai Elite Visa Experience

Do you want to stay in Thailand on a long-term visa? We’re proud to announce that your wishes have been granted. The Thai Elite Visa grants you 5 to 20 years of stay within the country along with all sorts of VIP-level privileges, netting you an unforgettable venture throughout every nook and cranny of the Thai peninsula.

Aimed squarely at digital nomads, travelers, entrepreneurs, investors, families, and retirees, having a Thai Elite Visa simply makes life all the more better while in the Land of Smiles. If you’re unsure of which package to apply for or whether it’s worth your time and smile, feel free to hire one of Siam Legal’s Thailand Elite consultants.

Siam Legal is the authorized corporate sales and service agent of Thailand Elite visas in the USA, UK, and Australia; our reputation in the field is unprecedented and our team is equipped with immense insights and knowledge on Thailand Elite.

Become an official member of Thailand Elite today to receive the following perks:

  • Multiple entry Visa valid for 5 to 20 years
  • VIP assistance on arrival and departure at the airport
  • Expedited immigration and passport control processing
  • Exclusive arrival and departure VIP lounge
  • Immigration services such as 90-day reporting
  • Assistance in processing driver’s license and opening a bank account

Thailand Elite Exclusive Perks

Should you ever consider Siam Legal as your go-to agent, you are entitled to some wonderful privileges to help boost your enjoyment of Thailand:

  • 24/7 VIP phone number provided by Siam Legal
  • Gift Vouchers from 6,000 THB to 20,000 THB
  • 2 hours of legal consultation with our legal advisor (value 10,000 THB)
  • 2 hours of immigration consultation (value 6,000 THB)
  • Free Notary Public service (one document, one-time value 3,000 THB)
  • Free Bank Account Opening Service

Important Announcement

Thailand Privilege has formerly announced that all current Thai Elite Visa packages will be discontinued and replaced with new packages on October 1, 2023.

Applicants have until September 15, 2023, at 4:30 PM (Bangkok time, GMT +7) to submit their application for any current options.


October 1, 2023, will see the unveiling of the new Thai Elite Visa packages. Currently, there are no updates regarding these upcoming packages and replacements; however, they might be more expensive than the current ones on offer.

Anyone thinking of applying for any of the current packages or seeking more affordable offerings should consider submitting their application as soon as possible.

Holders of a 5-year Elite Easy Access membership will be glad to hear that the August 15, 2023 deadline to upgrade to a 20-year Thai Elite membership has been revoked. Members can upgrade to either an Elite Superiority Extension or Elite Ultimate Privilege package at any time, as long as it’s prior to 3 months before their Thai Elite Visa expires.

For more insights into the latest update that has just been rolled out, please feel free to consult:

Interested in any of the current options before these end up being discontinued? Click this link to apply now:

Going Going Almost Gone – The Best Thai Elite Visa Deal

If you’re uncertain about which Thai Elite membership to purchase, we at Siam Legal have proposed the best possible package worth every penny.

Introducing the Elite Superiority Extension Package – a 20-year Thailand Elite membership that is affordable, convenient, and ideal for anyone looking for a long-term respite. With a stay of up to 20 years, this Thai Elite Visa package rewards applicants with privileges that not even other long-term visas (retirement, marriage, ED, etc) can offer.


  • This Thai Elite package costs 1 Million THB for a membership lasting 20 years (this is equivalent to 50,000 THB per year) but with no annual, renewal, or additional fees that applicants will need to contend with.
  • With other long-term visas, applicants can expect to pay between 35,000 to 40,000 THB per year when purchasing these through an agent, along with numerous other fees such as renewal, re-entry, and other additional costs.

Free 90-Day Reporting

  • As a member, you are able to hire an agent to conduct your mandatory 90-day reporting, free of charge.
  • Other visa holders are not given this privilege, needing to spend 2,000 THB in order to hire an agent.

No Re-entry permits

  • Enjoy unlimited re-entries throughout the whole 20-year duration, with each 5-year visa being easily renewable, free of charge.
  • With other visas, re-entry permits are often required. This means you would need to pay 3,800 THB per entry.

No Health Insurance Requirements

  • Although recommended, health insurances are 100% optional and are not a requirement for this 20-year Thailand Elite membership, or any other Elite memberships.
  • Some visas require health insurance. The Retirement OA visa for example requires applicants to purchase insurance valued at over 100,000 THB.

No Banking or Finance Requirements

  • As an applicant, you can bypass any financial requirements, with no need to show how much income you earn or how many savings you have on hand.
  • These requirements are a mainstay of other visas and require proof of funds to be eligible. The Retirement OX visa requires 3 Million THB in savings every 6 months.

Ease and Flexibility

  • This 20-year membership is easy and stress-free to apply for, involves no hoops to jump through, and can be done entirely online.
  • A draw of the Thai Elite Visa is that it avoids pitfalls that plague other visa applications. Other applications undergo price changes, long wait times, and more.

Immigration Fast-tracking

  • Access the exclusive immigration fast-tracking lane at Thai international airports upon arrival, letting you complete immigration clearance without having to wait for hours.
  • For other visas, foreigners would need to wait in long queues at airports just to pass immigration checks.

Exclusive VIP Privileges

  • Experience what it’s like to be a celebrity in Thailand with enticing perks ranging from special discounts to VIP airport services to even free immigration support.
  • Other visas do not offer any VIP-level privileges that are compulsory additions to the 20-year Thai Elite Visa.

Cheaper than the New Packages

  • There could be massive price increases and different privileges with the upcoming Thai Elite Visa options, so act fast!

For a more detailed rundown on why you should consider this Thai Elite Visa and how it compares to other visas in terms of cost, you may check this page here:


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