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Thai Real Estate Lawyers Answers Property Buying Questions

Jett Gunther invited a Thai real estate lawyer to answer some of the most common questions pertaining to foreign ownership of property in Thailand.

Can Foreigners Buy Property In Thailand

Foreigners are not allowed to own the land. It is stated in Thai laws. However, there is one more way for foreigners to own property, and the most popular way is to form a company and buy the property through the registered company.

Thai Inheritance and Succession Law

What would happen if a foreigner died in Thailand? How would the property of the deceased person be divided among his legal heirs? In this article, we will talk all about foreigners and their wills in Thailand.

Thai Property Due Diligence

There are some common legal issues that many people have to face when acquiring immovable property in Thailand. It is incredibly important to conduct due diligence before purchasing a property.

Buying a Condo in Thailand

While Thai property laws prevent a foreigner from purchasing a property in Thailand there are legal ways of buying a condo in Thailand as there are fewer constraints on nationality under the Condominium Act on ownership and other areas …

Probate and Inheritance in Thailand

In order to transfer property in Thailand after the death of a person, it is necessary to obtain a court order after it has been proven that the person receiving the property is a legal heir or that his name was stated in the deceased person’s will. In situations where …

register thai property

When a foreigner wants to buy land in Thailand, he undergoes a set of custom duties, laws, and other taxes that are a must to be paid. The registration of property in Thailand is very much intricate and many things are involved in it …

Thailand Last Will and Testament

Are you a foreigner who wants to know how to make a will in Thailand? If yes, then you have come to the right place to learn all about Last Will and Testament in Thailand. What is meant by estate planning in Thailand? Estate planning is a common concept in Thailand according to which the …