Chiang Mai Sandbox

Chiang Mai Sandbox

Chiang Mai Sandbox

By learning from their past experiences with the pilot opening, Phuket Sandbox, and then Samui Plus, the Thai government is more confident with the knowledge they have gained. And they are glad to announce that Chiang Mai will finally reopen this month of October. Not just Chiang Mai, Hua Hin, and Pattaya will join its reopening next month, which is good news to travelers from all over the world. 

Though with the acceptance of the new normal, it does not mean that they stopped fighting the COVID-19. Chiang Mai, Hua Hin, and Pattaya will not be able to open until 70% of their population are vaccinated. The Thai government has made sure that health and safety will be the first priority for travelers in the reopening.

About Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is one of the places in Thailand that earned the most tourism income in the north of the country, which is the reason this is one of the places to open for tourism, for it is one of the places most visited by travelers from all over the world. With the help of what Chiang Mai considers their main attraction: Tradition, Culture, and Nature. The campaign Charming Chiang Mai is hoped to provide the tourism industry a boost, welcoming travelers from all over the world.

Expected Guidelines and Tourism Programs for Foreign Travelers

Travelers must stay in their hotel rooms for the 1st day while waiting for the COVID-19 test result under this program. They can travel to any place on the pre-booked plan starting on the 2nd day. 

In the Chiang Mai sandbox, tourism programs are arranged for foreign visitors to have them more accommodated on their stay in Chiang Mai. The following information is the tourism program arranged for foreign travelers:

  • 1st Type – A short visit, 5-day visit, is for travelers who are to play golf. For golfers who travel back and forth between the golf course and the hotel.
  • 2nd Type – A medium-length visit, 14-day visit, for travelers who have a travel itinerary. For travelers who wish to visit specific places in Chiang Mai. 
  • 3rd Type – For those travelers who stayed for 7 days which came from Phuket Sandbox and decided to tour for 7 more days in Chiang Mai

General Guidelines on Pattaya and other Sandbox Destinations

Note: Pattaya, Chiang Mai, and Hua Hin are still waiting for the Centre for COVID-19 Situation Administration’s approval to open.

Prioritizing Health and Safety

Muang, Mae Rim, Mae Taeng, and Doi Tao are the 4 districts chosen for the Chiang Mai Sandbox model. They are expected to hit 70% of the vaccination target for them to be able to proceed to reopening. However, if some of them are not ready, they are still to open selected areas only that are fully ready for business which includes establishments like restaurants, golf courses, spa shops. And it is important to note that travelers or customers of those selected areas and establishments are expected to be fully vaccinated.

Travelers are to expect that only selected areas that have met the health safety standards are the ones open in their trip to Chiang Mai.

Why Travel to Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is located in the north of Thailand, which is why it is also known as the “Rose of the North”. It is known for its beautiful ancient temples and the mountainous landscape that provides natural attractions. What else can Chiang Mai offer to travelers?

Lantern Festival

Chiang Mai starts to open in October, but if one stays long enough or travels in Chiang Mai at the right moment, especially in November, travelers will be able to witness Yi Peng Lantern Festival. With the cold breeze and beautiful lights floating in the sky, it would be a perfect romantic get-away for a traveling couple. There is so much hesitation that this one is a must-see and go-to event for travelers. 

Tribal Villages

For those travelers who are more into the beauty of the past, visiting tribal villages in Chiang Mai is recommended for you. Travelers can visit local ancient tribes where they will discover the ancient ways, customs, and traditions of treasured Thai people in Thailand. Bring yourself to the past, witness it, and experience it while still being in the present. Does that make sense?

Those are just some of the unique features in Chiang Mai, it is up to travelers to find out what else dwells in Chiang Mai. It is safe to say that travelers will not regret it, and it will be worth it after the long process to be able to enter Thailand.

How to Travel to Chiang Mai

Before being able to enjoy Charming Chiang Mai, there are obstacles that a traveler will have to go through. It might take a long process and a lot of effort for travelers to do but know that it will be worth it once you are in your dream destination. Here are the things one needs to consider and do to travel in Chiang Mai:

1. Know if you are eligible to travel

Before even considering traveling to Chiang Mai, you need to question yourself if you are an eligible traveler. Here are some of the list that makes you an eligible traveler:

  • One must come from countries that are low risk or moderate risk and they must have stayed there for 21 days before the departure.
  • One must be vaccinated and must be able to show proof of vaccination or a valid Vaccination Certificate

2. Book Flight and Certified Hotel

  • One must have proof of confirmation of the flight from airlines that are permitted to operate flights to Chiang Mai.
  • One must show proof that a traveler has booked an ASQ or ALSQ hotel certified by the government for travelers to stay in.

3. Purchase COVID-19 Insurance

Travelers are required to have COVID-19 insurance. This is for the safety of all travelers in case one is contracted by a virus in the country. This will cover the expenses of a traveler in terms of the COVID-19 related situation.

You can purchase the COVID Insurance on this link:

COVID Travel Insurance Thailand

4. Obtain a Certificate of Entry

A traveler must obtain a COE 7 days before their scheduled travel date. This certificate is very important in entering the country.

Here are some of the documents one needs to prepare upon applying for COE:

  • Copy of Passport
  • Copy of Visa 
  • Copy of Travel Health/Medical Insurance Policy or COVID-19 Insurance that will cover the expenses COVID-19 related emergencies
  • Copy of flight confirmation/reservation
  • Copy of Alternative State Quarantine or ASQ Hotel confirmation

5. Obtain a Negative COVID-19 Test Result

One must have a negative test result by the RT-PCR method. The result must not be received over 72 hours for it to be deemed valid for traveling.

6. Prepare your Documents

Here is a list of documents that a traveler must prepare:

  • Passport with at least 6 months validity 
  • Certificate of Entry (COE)
  • Proof of Vaccination
  • Booked and purchased return air travel
  • Booked and paid accommodation and required RT-PCR tests at ASQ/ALSQ hotels
  • COVID-19 Insurance 
  • Medical Certificate Document. 
  • Health Declaration Form or T8 Health Form
  • Downloaded and registered ThailandPlus App

One can agree that traveling these days is not as easy as the days without COVID-19. It takes a lot more effort, it takes more time but only because the Thai government wants what is best for travelers.  Travelers are up for relaxation, and fun while being safe from COVID-19 in their travels. And this is achievable thanks to the strategic plan that has been laid by the Thai government to let travelers achieve what they want in their travels.

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