Phang Nga Sandbox

Phang Nga Sandbox

Phang Nga Sandbox
With the recent news and announcement by Tourism Authorities of Thailand (TAT), best believe that there is somewhere you could go other than Phuket and Koh Samui.

Phang Ngan Sandbox Opened

Phang Ngan is one of the most beautiful southern provinces in Thailand and along with Krabi Sandbox. Phang Ngan Sandbox is now also open for vaccinated tourists to enter and stay for days before being able to go to other destinations in Thailand.

Unlike before where tourists will have to stay in Phuket or Koh Samui before going to other destinations, tourists can now go directly to Phang Ngan for it is one of the Sandbox destinations in Thailand.

Phang Ngan Sandbox opened 2 designated areas for tourists to stay, considered as Blue Zone Free Travel Areas:

  • Kao Lak
  • Ko Yao

Soon, the designated areas will be more than 2 for it is expected that the rest of the province of Phang Ngan will open more of the designated areas on November 1.

Only 7 Days of Required Stay

An announcement from September 30, 2021, by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) stated that starting October 1, 2021, the required days to stay before being able to go to other destinations have been reduced from 14 days to 7days only.

After 7 days of stay, you will be able to go to other destinations in Thailand. This will take effect on Phang Ngan Sandbox as well.

Open for All International Tourists

It was also announced by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) that the list of allowed countries to enter Sandbox programs of Thailand before has been taken down and is ineffective already, since 1st of October.

It means that people from all over the world, wherever you are located, are catered by the Sandbox program by Thailand as long as you are fully vaccinated.

Catering Vaccinated Tourists Only

Sandbox programs or destinations are known as safe places where you are not required to quarantine and can enjoy any activities available within the Sandbox destination you have chosen, let’s say, Phang Ngan.

One of the many things that make it safe is that all tourists are required to be vaccinated. Therefore, the tourists allowed to enter Phang Ngan Sandbox, like any other Sandbox program, must be:

  • Vaccinated
  • Vaccinated by vaccines approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) and Thai Ministry of Health.

Children are the only ones exempted from these rules. They are not required to be vaccinated, but their parents or guardians must be the ones vaccinated.

Requirements to Enter Phang Ngan Sandbox

Expect that the requirements to enter Phang Ngan Sandbox is the same with Phuket and Samui. This could take time for you to gather the requirements before being successfully granted to enter your chosen Sandbox destination. 

Please take note of the following requirements:

You can purchase the COVID Insurance on this link:

COVID Travel Insurance Thailand

All of the listed requirements are important. With even one missing document, the chance of being able to enter Phang Ngan Sandbox will be gone. 

If one is having a hard time gathering the requirements like the COE, visa, and others, do not hesitate to reach out for professional assistance.

During 7 Days of Stay

Now that the stay is reduced, what will happen to the RT- PCR testing schedule? Well, since the number of stays in Sandbox destinations is reduced, the number of times the tourists will be tested will also be reduced.

From 3x to 2x times of RT-PCR test only within the 7 days of stay

Day 0-1 (arrival and first day)

The first RT-PCR test will be conducted upon the arrival of the tourist. After the test, the tourist will be transferred to the booked SHA+ hotel of the tourist. From there, he/she will stay and wait for the result of the RT-PCR test.

If the result of the test is negative. The tourist can proceed to go and do activities outside the hotel but within the Phang Ngan Sandbox premises.

Day 6-7

The day before you get the capability to go outside the premises of Phang Ngan Sandbox is the day of the tourists’ COVID-19 2nd RT-PCR test. This test will determine whether the tourist is allowed to wander to other destinations in Thailand.

If the test result is negative, the tourist will be given a release form and is given the capability to wander beyond the Phang Ngan Sandbox.

Open and Safe

Thailand is willing to open more Sandbox destinations for tourists from all over the world, which is good news to those people who are sick of quarantines and staying in their homes. This will be a good opportunity for those who want to relax and have fun while being safe.

Sandbox programs/destinations by Thailand is prioritizing the safety of the tourists and therefore there is no need to worry about COVID-19 for it is all in control.

More Destinations, More Freedom

With the additional Sandbox destinations provided, Phang Ngan Sandbox and Krabi Sandbox, one can say that a tourist can have more freedom to move around Thailand with fewer restrictions.

As of now, there are countable Sandbox destinations but expect that it will increase soon. Expect Chiang Mai, Pattaya, Hua Hin, and many more destinations to open.

For now, you should already plan your trip, gather the required documents, book a flight, get vaccinated to enter Phang Ngan Sandbox or other Sandbox destinations you have in mind.

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