June 2022 Guide for Thailand Pass Application; Entry Requirements for Thais and Foreigners

Thailand Travel Updates for June 2022

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Thailand Travel Updates for June 2022

Thailand Travel Updates as of June 2, 2022

  • Thailand Pass is no longer required for Thai nationals but will remain to be required for all foreign travelers to Thailand.
  • Fully vaccinated travelers can register for the No Quarantine Thailand Pass by uploading proof of vaccination. On the other hand, unvaccinated or partially vaccinated foreign travelers can apply for the No Quarantine Thailand Pass by submitting an RT-PCR test or professional Antigen test result when applying for Thailand Pass. The Alternative Quarantine program has been abolished.
  • For up-to-date information and weekly updates regarding current Thailand travel restrictions, please visit the compilation of our Weekly Updates for Thailand Travel Restrictions.
  • YouTube Video showing you how to apply for the Thai Pass:
    Instructional Video for Thailand Pass Application
  • Before you apply for Thailand Pass, we highly recommend purchasing your COVID travel insurance and book your hotel stay:
  • Travelers may join our Facebook Group to ask questions, get help and read the latest developments: https://www.facebook.com/groups/howtoenterthailand
Thailand Pass Logo

Thai Pass Required Documents

Please have the following documents ready.

The application process will take 5-10 minutes.
Thai Pass Average Approval Time:
1 – 6 hours.
Incorrect documents will delay the application process.

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June 2022 Guide for Thailand Pass Application

Here is the step-by-step guide for Thailand Pass application as of June 1, 2022:

Step 1: Visit the official website

You may go to the official website: https://tp.consular.go.th/

Once there, you may choose the option of Air Travel or Land Travel.

thailand pass step 1

After that, you will be directed to a page where you can begin your registration:

Thailand Pass Registration

When you begin the registration, you will be directed to the entry program which is No Quarantine:

Thai Pass No Quarantine

No Quarantine program for fully vaccinated travelers entering any international airport or selected land borders in Thailand or unvaccinated who have RT PCR test results issued within 72 hours before departure to Thailand. Unvaccinated children below 18 years old must be added to their parent’s or guardian’s application.

Step 2: Details of your Arrival

In this part, you will provide your country of departure, airport of arrival, flight number, and date of your arrival.

Thai Pass details of arrival

Step 3. Provide your Personal Information

In this part, you will provide your full name as stated in your passport or travel document, nationality, passport number, date of birth, contact number, and email address. Please make sure that you check the correct spelling of your personal information before you proceed to the next step. Also in this part, children under the age of 18 years will be added to the parent or guardian.

thai pass personal information page

Step 4. Upload Proof of Vaccination or RT PCR Test

In this part, you will provide your vaccination information. You will provide the name or brand of your latest vaccination. You will be able to upload a JPG or PNG file of your proof of vaccination.

For faster processing of your Thailand Pass, it is recommended to also upload the QR code of your vaccination document if it is available.

Note: If you are you are not fully vaccinated, you may upload a copy of your RT PCR or professional ATK test result in lieu of a vaccination certificate issued within 72 hours before departure.

Vaccination Certificate and QR code

Step 5: Provide Your Hotel Details or Address in Thailand

In this part, you will be required to provide the details of your address in Thailand or your hotel reservation.

Thailand Pass Accommodation Info

If you are staying in a hotel, you can also validate your reservation if you booked through Agoda.com:

Agoda.com booking confirmed

Step 6: Submit your Travel Insurance

In this part, you will provide the COVID 19 Insurance. You must upload the certificate of insurance. Based on experience, it is recommended to use AXA Thailand Insurance as it is the best insurance provider and they will issue a one-page document written specifically for your Thai Pass application. AXA is a recommended provider on the official TP site.

Travel Insurance

Step 7: Review the Summary of your Thailand Pass Application

This is the last part of the application process. You will have a summary of your application. Please check all information that you have provided and if everything is correct, you may submit the application.

You will then receive your 6-digit access code which will appear on your screen and it will also be sent to your registered email.

Thailand Pass 6 digit code


Processing Time of the Thailand Pass

The processing time for the Thailand Pass application is from 30 minutes up to 2 hours depending on the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Department of Disease Control office. There are instances when the registration will take a couple of minutes to a couple of hours. It is recommended to apply for the Thailand pass at least 2 days before your intended departure.


Entry Requirements for Thais and Foreigners

Entry Measures into Thailand


Arrival Screening for Foreigners

Thailand Arrival Process 2022


Arrival Screening for Thais

Thailand Arrival Process June 2022


Best COVID Insurance for Thailand Pass

Foreigners are required to possess a COVID Insurance as part of the Thailand Pass and entry requirements for Thailand Pass. The minimum medical coverage must be at least 10,000 USD.

You may use your own health insurance or purchase insurance from your own country, however, for the best COVID insurance for the Thailand Pass it is recommended to purchase from an insurance company in Thailand such as AXA Insurance Thailand to make sure that you meet the requirement in obtaining the Thailand Pass successfully.

  • Your AXA certificate of insurance will expressly state that it covers at least 20,000 USD medical expenses including COVID-19. The AXA Thailand medical coverage is greater than the minimum requirement of 10,000 USD. It will also state that the certificate is issued for the purpose of the Thailand Pass application.
  • The AXA Sawasdee Thailand provides a one-page certificate of insurance which is perfect for the Thailand Pass application since the system will only allow one-page document to be uploaded.
  • Your insurance letter or certificate will also contain the policy number and date of effectivity or start date.
  • The AXA Insurance policy must be effective before or on the date of arrival and during your entire length of stay. AXA Thailand COVID insurance does not have a waiting period compared to other insurance providers.

To purchase AXA Thailand Insurance; the most reliable insurance that has never had any problem with the Thailand Pass application, please click the link below:

COVID Travel Insurance Thailand

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