AXA Sawasdee Thailand: COVID-19 Insurance for Foreigners

AXA COVID-19 Insurance for Foreigners

With Thailand very slowly reopening to visitors, one of the latest requirements for visitors is the mandatory COVID-19 insurance plan for foreigners that covers the traveler for a minimum of $100,000 (the Thai policies generally cover 3.5 million Thai baht). In addition to all the requirements that the traveler needs to satisfy to obtain a certificate of entry (COE) and obtain a valid visa.

AXA Sawasdee Thailand Travel Insurance

AXA Sawasdee Thailand offers worry-free travel to Thailand with comprehensive travel insurance that includes health coverage for foreigners traveling to Thailand, offering up to 3.5 million baht of medical expense including COVID-19 which meets the Thai government’s strict insurance requirements for Certificate of Entry (COE).

The coverage starts immediately after clearing immigration in Thailand and includes the 7-day or 10-day quarantine period. AXA Sawasdee Thailand is tailor-made to make travel preparations seamless and the trip worry-free.

The policy has no waiting period and no deductible with a 24-hour hotline service. Cashless service is available if the customer is admitted as an inpatient in AXA network hospital throughout Thailand.

AXA Sawasdee Thailand is available for 30, 60, 90, 180, 270, and 365 days.

To purchase your COVID 19 travel insurance, you may purchase the insurance using a credit card and once payment is completed, a COVID 19 insurance certificate of coverage will be sent via email allowing the traveler to apply for visas and enter the Kingdom of Thailand.

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AXA COVID-19 Insurance for Foreigners

AXA Travel Insurance

COVID-19 Insurance Cost

Low Zone
Medium Zone
High Zone
Coverage: 30 days
Low Zone: 2,700
Medium Zone: 2,970
High Zone: 4,320
Coverage: 60 days
Low Zone: 4,860
Medium Zone: 5,346
High Zone: 7,776
Coverage: 90 days
Low Zone: 7,020
Medium Zone: 7,722
High Zone: 11,232
Coverage: 180 days
Low Zone: 13,500
Medium Zone: 14,850
High Zone: 21,600
Coverage: 270 days
Low Zone: 19,440
Medium Zone: 21,384
High Zone: 31,104
Coverage: 365 days
Low Zone: 25,110
Medium Zone: 27,621
High Zone: 40,176

** Amount in Thai Baht


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the period of insurance that I should buy?

The period of insurance required depends on the intended duration of stay in Thailand and the type of visa being applied for and the Embassy of each country. Please, confirm with your local Thai Consulate/Embassy the specific case.

If I’m tested positive for COVID-19 but I don’t have any symptoms. Will AXA pay for the medical expense?

Yes, AXA will cover the medical expense incurred based on medical necessity if you’re tested positive for COVID-19 regardless of the showing of symptoms.

  1. in accordance with the diagnosis and treatment for such illness or injury of the patient;
  2. in accordance with the medical indication of the current medical standard;
  3. not primarily for the convenience of the patient or his/her family or treatment provider solely; and
  4. in accordance with the suitable standard of patient care based on the necessity of injury or sickness of the patient

In the determination of Medical Necessity, AXA also follows the guideline published by the Ministry of Public Health.

The display of symptoms is not the only indicator used by AXA in the determination of Medical Necessity. If the medical expense incurred is medically necessary, then AXA will cover it even if there are no symptoms. Similarly, a COVID19 test result is not the only indicator used by AXA in the determination of Medical Necessity. If the medical expense incurred is medically necessary, then AXA will cover even if the first COVID19 test result is later determined as a false positive.

Does Sawasdee Thailand cover for COVID-19 only?

No, Sawasdee Thailand also provides coverage for medical expenses from the accident, sickness including COVID-19 which is not a pre-existing condition. The company will cover the cost of treatment incurred based on medical necessity.

I am in Thailand. Can I buy Sawasdee Thailand?

No. If you are already in Thailand, you are not entitled to buy Sawasdee Thailand. You can only buy Sawasdee Thailand only if you are physically outside of Thailand at the time of policy purchase.

What are the options available for the duration of coverage?

You can choose to purchase a policy of 30, 60, 90, 180, 270, and 365 days. If the exact number of days of coverage that you are looking for is not available, please purchase the next available option. e.g. if you require cover for 100 days, please choose the option of 180 days.

Can I change my policy start date?

Yes, you can change the start date to an earlier or a later date as long as you are still abroad and your original policy start date has not started. You must make the request to AXA before the original policy start (in case of postponing the start date) or before the new policy start date (in case of advancing the start date). Please allow 1-3 working days to receive the revised policy documents.

Sample COVID-19 Insurance for Foreigners

Covid Insurance for foreigners in Thailand

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  1. David Beaver
    June 1, 2021

    I , David Beaver, have an AXA Sawasdee Thai insurance certificate for 1 July 2021 to 29 August 2021. My policy number is 2021-Q6108303-AT1. I would like to change the dates of my coverage to 2 Oct 2021 to 29 November 2021. Respectfully request this change and email me my updated policy certificate. Thank you in advance for your prompt action. David Beavet