New Test and Go Starts Today March 1; Guide for Test and Go Thailand Pass Application; Beware of New Thailand Pass SCAM ALERT

New Test and Go

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New Test and Go

New Test and Go Starts Today March 1

Starting today March 1, 2022, travelers under the Test and Go program will no longer be required to undergo a second RT PCR test on Day 5 of arrival. It has been replaced with a self-performed Antigen Rapid Test (ATK) which will still take place on Day 5. The traveler will report the test result on the Mor Chana mobile app. 

Travelers who have been issued a Thailand Pass under Test and Go can still use their Thailand Pass, it will remain valid. If you need to cancel your Day 5 reservation or booking, you may do that and you can contact your hotel directly to discuss your refund options, if applicable.

Guide for Test and Go Thailand Pass Application

1. Processing Time

Travelers may apply for the Test and Go Thailand Pass at

The processing time for Thailand Pass is 3-7 days. Travelers are advised to plan ahead and submit the registration for the Thailand Pass at least 7 days prior to departure. 

2. Documents Required for Registration

  • Passport
  • Certificate of Vaccination
  • Thailand Pass Insurance with coverage of up to 20,000 USD for medical expenses including COVID-19 
  • The insurance is not required for Thai nationals and foreigners under Thailand’s national healthcare coverage
  • Paid Reservation Confirmation from SHA Extra+ or AQ Hotel for 1 night (Day 0-1) 
  • The hotel reservation includes accommodation, one RT-PCR test and airport transfer.

 *Travelers arriving in Phuket may book the RT-PCR test at

3. All Countries are Eligible

Fully vaccinated travelers from 197 countries and territories are eligible to register under the Test and Go Program.

4. Approval Process

  • Upon submission of your Thailand Pass application, the staff of your booked hotel will authenticate the reservation (room for Day 1, airport transfer, and 1 RT-PCR test)
  • The hotel will reject any incomplete or non-compliance documentation and a notification email will be sent to you by the Thailand Pass system to resubmit the application with additional documents. Any rejected application at this stage must contact the hotel immediately.
  • It is highly recommended that travelers book their hotel accommodation directly with the hotel to expedite the authentication process by hotels. You must also make sure that you have booked the correct Test and Go Package with the hotel or with
  • Once verified or approved by the hotel, your Thailand Pass application will be sent to the Department of Disease Control (DDC)  for further consideration (to check the Vaccine Certificate and COVID Insurance). If approved by the DDC, the Thailand Pass will be issued and the Thailand Pass QR code will be sent through email within 7 days.

5. Contact Information for Thailand Pass Inquiries

For Phuket Sandbox and Test and Go:
Phone: +66 76 530 220
Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

For General Inquiries:
Phone: +66 2 572 8442
Mobile: +66652054247
Email: [email protected]

Beware of New Thailand Pass SCAM ALERT

Recently quite a number of Thailand Pass applicants and even those who have been approved for the Thailand Pass have reported this phishing email today supposedly from the Thai Embassy or Consulate. There was no attachment but it asked for personal details.

The return address is [email protected], [email protected] or [email protected] Please be advised that it is a possible scam. Do not reply to the said email.

New Email Scam for Thailand Pass

Best COVID Insurance for Thailand Pass

Based on experience, the common problem for Thailand Pass applications being rejected is that some insurance policies are not properly worded. Your COVID-19 insurance must expressly state that it covers up to 20,000 USD medical expenses including COVID-19 while in Thailand. 

You may use your own health insurance or purchase insurance from your own country, however, it is recommended to purchase from an insurance company in Thailand such as AXA Insurance Thailand to make sure that you meet the requirement in obtaining the Thailand Pass successfully. 

  • Your certificate of insurance will expressly state that it covers up to 20,000 USD medical expenses including COVID-19. It will also state that the certificate is issued for the purpose of the Thailand Pass application.
  • The AXA Sawasdee Thailand provides a one-page certificate of insurance which is perfect for the Thailand Pass application since the system will only allow one-page document to be uploaded.
  • Your insurance letter or certificate will also contain the policy number and date of effectivity or start date. 
  • The AXA Insurance policy must be effective before or on the date of arrival and during your entire length of stay.

Important Notes When Buying Travel Insurance

  • Avoid the insurance providers with COVID only coverage; they do not cover medical costs from accidents (like motorcycle accidents) or common unexpected illnesses (common fever or food poisoning).
  • AXA Sawasdee Thailand covers medical expenses (outpatient and inpatient) due to accidents and illnesses including COVID-19.
  • AXA Sawasdee Thailand also covers telemedicine and teleconsultation which may be required during the quarantine period of the patient.

To purchase AXA Thailand Insurance; the most reliable insurance that has never had any problem in the Thailand Pass application, please click the link below:

COVID Travel Insurance Thailand

Test and Go Hotels in Bangkok

Since Thailand has introduced the Test and Go Program to travelers, approved Alternative Quarantine (AQ) and SHA+ Hotels have added the Test and Go packages to cater to those travelers.

The Test and Go package should cover:

  • COVID-19 RT PCR Test
  • Accommodation for at least 1 night for Day 1 
  • Transport to transfer from the airport to your designated hotel.

Recommended Hotels:

Apply for Thailand Pass

The Thailand Pass is required for both Thai and foreign nationals to enter Thailand. It is free of charge to obtain a Thailand Pass. 

Travelers must also be aware that proper preparation is the key to the approval of their Thailand Pass application.  Please do your application at least 1 to 3 weeks before your departure date.  Don’t leave it for the last minute.

In case you are experiencing difficulty with the Thailand Pass system, you could also avail the professional services of Siam Legal International, a law firm in Thailand that will help you in your Thailand Pass registration and therefore make it easy for you to get to the Land of Smiles.

Meet the Siam Legal Thailand Pass and Thailand Visa Team
Meet the Siam Legal Thailand Pass and Thailand Visa Team

Siam Legal Visa and Thailand Pass Assistance

Package 1: 200 USD (Visa + Thailand Pass)

  • Visa Consultation
  • Extensive checklist of required documents
  • Assistance in Thai e-visa application (non-immigrant O marriage visa and 60-day TR visa)
  • Assistance in Thailand Pass application
  • 2 to 3 weeks process
  • Our offer is available in the US, UK, and Canada visa applications only

COE and Visa

Package 2: 100 USD (Thailand Pass)

    • Consultation with our Immigration Specialist
    • Extensive checklist of required documents
  • Assistance in Thailand Pass application (including Visa holders and Visa Exemption)
  • 5 to 10 days processing time
  • Available in eligible countries only
  • Available for Thai and foreign nationals
  • For Test & Go, Sandbox, and Quarantine programs


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