Test and Go Program; Sandbox Program; 10-day and 14-day Quarantine Programs; RT-PCR Test Still Required Upon Arrival

Test and Go Program; Sandbox Program; 10-day and 14-day Quarantine Programs; RT-PCR Test Still Required Upon Arrival

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Test and Go Program; Sandbox Program; 10-day and 14-day Quarantine Programs; RT-PCR Test Still Required Upon Arrival

Test and Go Program

Fully vaccinated travelers, both Thai and foreigners will be allowed to enter Thailand without mandatory quarantine or sandbox stay. They only need to stay for 1 night in an ASQ or SHA+ Hotel while they wait for the COVID 19 RT-PCR test result that was taken upon arrival. The quarantine-free program is available for low-risk countries, and currently, there are 63 countries on the list. You must have stayed in these countries for at least 21 days before traveling to Thailand (except those who traveled from Thailand).

Sandbox Program

Fully vaccinated travelers who are coming from non-listed countries are still eligible to enter Thailand without quarantine. They must enter Thailand under the Sandbox Program which is available in major cities such as Bangkok, Pattaya, Hua Hin, Chiang Mai, Phuket or Samui. They are required to spend a minimum of 5 nights in an accredited SHA+ Hotel in these Sandbox areas before they will be allowed to travel to other parts of Thailand.

10-Day Quarantine Program

Non-vaccinated or partially vaccinated travelers are still allowed to travel to Thailand. They must undergo a mandatory quarantine of 10 nights in an accredited ASQ or AQ quarantine hotel before they will be allowed to travel to other parts of Thailand. This program is not applicable to travelers from African countries.

14-Day Quarantine Program

For travelers from African countries, vaccinated or unvaccinated, they will be allowed to enter Thailand under a 14-day quarantine requirement. During the 14 days, they must only remain in their room and undergo 3 RT-PCR tests on Day 0-1, 5-6, and 12-13, respectively.

RT-PCR Test Still Required Upon Arrival

With the new Omicron COVID-19 variant, the plan to replace the RT-PCR test with the Antigen test kit (ATK) upon arrival has been delayed. At this time, when applying for the Thailand Pass, the travelers are still required to submit a Test and Go hotel confirmation letter which includes one-night accommodation and a one-time RT-PCR test upon arrival.

Book your Test and Go Hotel

You may book these hotels through Agoda.com (accredited by the Ministry of Public Health and Tourism Authority of Thailand) and you will receive a 1-page confirmation letter which states that the hotel accommodation, airport transfer and RT-PCR COVID test are included in the reservation. Please make sure you have chosen the Quarantine Package or the Test and Go Package of the Hotel.

To book your Test and Go Hotel in Bangkok, please go to:

Test and Go Hotels in Bangkok
To book your Test and Go Hotel in Pattaya, please go to:

Test and Go Hotels in Pattaya
To book your Test and Go Hotel in Phuket, please go to:

Test and Go Hotels in Phuket

For travelers arriving in Phuket, you are also required to book your RT-PCR test separately from your hotel booking, you may pre-book your COVID test through this website: https://www.thailandpsas.com/

To book your Test and Go Hotel in Samui, please go to:

Test and Go Hotels in Koh Samui

COVID Insurance for Thailand

Based on experience, the common problem for Thailand Pass applications being rejected is that some insurance policies are not properly worded. Your COVID-19 insurance must expressly state that it covers up to 50,000 USD medical expenses including COVID-19. You may use your own health insurance or purchase insurance from your own country, however, it is recommended to purchase from an insurance company in Thailand such as AXA Insurance Thailand to make sure that you meet the requirement in obtaining the Thailand Pass successfully. To purchase the most reliable insurance that has never had any problem in the Thailand Pass application, please click the link below:


COVID Travel Insurance Thailand

Frequently Asked Questions

We are a family of 4. Both parents are fully vaccinated and the two children are unvaccinated aged 5 and 11, can we all travel under the Test and Go Program?

Yes, your family can travel to Thailand under the Test and Go Program. All of you must apply for a Thailand Pass. The parents may include the children in their Thailand Pass application. There is no need to submit a separate application for the children. As for the COVID tests, your 11-year old child will be required to have an RT-PCR COVID test before traveling and upon arrival same as the parents. As for the 5-year old child, only an RT-PCR test upon arrival is needed and a saliva test may be conducted.

I submitted my Thailand Pass application 7 days ago and received the 6-digit access code. Until now, I still have yet to receive the Thailand Pass QR code, what can I do?

The Thailand Pass system is currently experiencing delays in issuance of Thailand Pass QR codes. For travelers who have already submitted an application for Thailand Pass, it is recommended to contact Thailand Pass support through the LINE mobile app and send a message to @ThaiConsular or email [email protected]. Do not submit more than two applications to avoid any delay or problem.

We are planning to employ an employee from the US to join our company in Thailand, what assistance do you provide?

Siam Legal can assist you with both the Non-Immigrant B visa application and the Thailand Pass application. Our service includes consultation, checking, and preparing the documents for the Non-immigrant application online through the e-visa portal. We will also assist your new employee to apply for the Thailand Pass, assist you in arranging the Test and Go hotel, and choosing the COVID insurance. You may check Siam Legal services on this page: https://www.siam-legal.com/thailand-pass

I am trying to apply for a Thailand Pass to travel to Thailand but it is too confusing. I just want to hire someone to apply for me?

The Thailand Pass application is free-of-charge. You may apply for Thailand Pass at https://tp.consular.go.th/

In case when you are experiencing difficulty with the Thailand Pass system, you could also avail the professional services of Siam Legal International, a law firm in Thailand that will help you in your Thailand Pass registration and therefore make it easy for you to get to the Land of Smiles. You must also be aware that proper preparation is the key to their Thailand Pass application. It is recommended that you do your application at least 2 to 3 weeks before your departure date. Don’t leave it for the last minute.

Siam Legal Visa and Thailand Pass Assistance

Package 1: 200 USD (Visa + Thailand Pass)

  • Online Visa Consultation
  • Extensive checklist of required documents
  • Assistance in Thai e-visa application (non-immigrant O marriage visa and 60-day TR visa)
  • Assistance in Thailand Pass application
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COE and Visa

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