Updated Thailand Entry Requirements; Quarantine Program; Phuket Sandbox Program

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Thailand Travel Requirements

Updated Thailand Entry Requirements

Currently, the Thailand Pass system has temporarily suspended new applications for the Test & Go and Sandbox Programs (except Phuket Sandbox). Therefore, Thais and foreigners may only register for the Thailand Pass under Phuket Sandbox and the Quarantine programs. The CCSA will review the situation on January 4th and decide whether the new applications for the Test and Go program will resume or not.

Thailand Pass: Quarantine Program

The traveler will be classified under the Quarantine program under the following measures:

  • Vaccinated travelers (if arriving in Bangkok) will be required to undergo 7 nights quarantine and unvaccinated travelers will be quarantined for 10 nights. Travelers from Africa will undergo 14 nights of quarantine. 
  • If the traveler is entering Thailand via Bangkok Airport or other airports other than Phuket, the traveler must undergo a quarantine program before they are allowed to travel to other parts of Thailand.
  • Quarantine hotels are available in Bangkok, Pattaya, Chonburi, and Samut Prakan.

Thailand Pass: Phuket Sandbox Program

Travelers who are fully vaccinated can still enter Thailand without quarantine under the Phuket Sandbox program:

  • Travelers for Phuket Sandbox must arrive in Phuket Airport from abroad. You cannot qualify for Phuket Sandbox if your flight itinerary has a stop in Bangkok, so do not book a flight with stop or transit in Bangkok. You can fly direct to Phuket or you may fly to Phuket via Paris, Zurich, Frankfurt, Helsinki, Istanbul, Almaty, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Mumbai, Kolkata, New Delhi, Bengaluru, Moscow, Tel Aviv, Hanoi or Singapore.
  • Travelers must book an SHA+ Sandbox Hotel in Phuket for at least 7 nights before they can stay in a non-Sandbox hotel or accommodation, private residence or before they are allowed to travel to other parts of Thailand.

Thailand Pass: Phuket Sandbox for Family

Families who are fully vaccinated or unvaccinated children traveling with parents can enter Thailand without quarantine under the Phuket Sandbox program as follows:

  • Everyone 18 years of age and older must be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 with an approved vaccine at least 14 days before traveling to Thailand.
  • Travelers 12-17 years of age traveling to Thailand unaccompanied must get vaccinated with at least 1 dose of an approved vaccine. Those traveling with parents are not required to be vaccinated.
  • Travelers up to 11 years of age, traveling with parents, are not required to be vaccinated.
  • Travelers with a history of COVID-19 infection who have recovered by medical treatment and travelers who have received at least 1 dose of an approved vaccine after post-infection must have a certificate of COVID-19 recovery.

How to Deal With Rejected Thailand Pass

For travelers who have submitted a Thailand Pass application, whether under Test and Go, Sandbox or Quarantine programs, who have been rejected, you may now amend your application. You do not need to re-apply on the Thailand Pass application website. You may submit the corrected information as follows:

  • Subject: Thailand Pass Denied
  • Name
  • Passport No.
  • E-mail Address
  • Access Code
  • Reason of Rejection
  • Attach the Document

You must submit these information to the following email address:

How to Book RT PCR Test for Phuket Sandbox

Travelers who are applying for the Phuket Sandbox are required to submit a receipt of the pre-paid COVID 19 RT PCR tests in Phuket. The Phuket Sandbox program requires two RT PCR tests; the first test will be conducted at Phuket Airport and the second test will be conducted at any of the swab test centers in Phuket.

  1. Go to www.thailandpsas.com and sign up.
  2. Provide flight details and hotel information. You will be asked for your flight and SHA+ accommodation details.
  3. Input your personal information like your gender, date of birth, nationality and your passport number.
  4. Choose your swab test locations. Because the first swab test will be conducted at the Phuket International Airport, you can only choose the location for the second swab test. The swab test date will be automatically shown from the details you input in Step 1.
  5. Pay the fee. The fee for the RT PCR tests is THB 4,200.

After payment, you will receive an email with a unique link to download the receipt. Please download the receipt and submit it together with your Hotel Confirmation Letter when you apply for the Phuket Sandbox Thailand Pass.

Sample RT-PCR Receipt

Phuket Sandbox Hotels For Family

With hundreds of hotels and resorts to choose from, we feature some of the best SHA+ Sandbox Hotels in Phuket for your family during your Phuket Sandbox stay. 

Budget Sandbox Hotel

Deluxe Sandbox Hotel

Luxury Sandbox Hotel

For more Phuket Hotel options, please the link below:

COVID Insurance for Thailand

Based on experience, the common problem for Thailand Pass applications being rejected is that some insurance policies are not properly worded. Your COVID-19 insurance must expressly state that it covers up to 50,000 USD medical expenses including COVID-19 while in Thailand. You may use your own health insurance or purchase an insurance from your own country, however, it is recommended to purchase from an insurance company in Thailand such as AXA Insurance Thailand to make sure that you meet the requirement in obtaining the Thailand Pass successfully. 

Some common problems with insurance documents submitted during the Thailand Pass process that will cause an application to be denied:

  1. Wrong coverage date. The policy must be effective before or on the date of arrival and during your entire length of stay.
  2. Your certificate of insurance must expressly state that it covers up to 50,000 USD medical expenses including COVID-19.
  3. Your insurance letter or certificate must contain the policy number and date of effectivity or start date.

To purchase the most reliable insurance that has never had any problem in the Thailand Pass application, please click the link below:


COVID Travel Insurance Thailand

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