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It has been a year and a half since the COVID-19 changed the way we live, the way we work, how we travel, and everything in general. Rules are getting stricter as the number of cases is also getting higher. There are a lot of precautionary measures, there are lots of requirements to show or have, lots of rules to follow and all of it may seem so hard to comply with but it will be harder if COVID-19 continues to spread.

One of the changes that have obviously changed our way of life is traveling. You miss it don’t you? You miss getting out of your comfort zone. Let’s say you miss the Kingdom of Thailand, the land of smiles where you once had a wonderful relaxing time and you want to relive that wonderful relaxing time. Well, you could relive that today with AXA Sawasdee Thailand by your side.

AXA Sawasdee Thailand: Inbound Travel Insurance and its New Insurance Packages

By now, travelers should know that in order to enter Thailand one must obtain a Certificate of Entry (COE) and in order to obtain a COE all travelers must have medical insurance with Covid-19 insurance, and in AXA Sawasdee Thailand, Covid-19 insurance is included in their Inbound Travel Insurance.

This insurance has a variety of packages to cover your travels, flight, medical expenses, baggage or property, and more. You can count on AXA and have worry-free travel. Here are some reasons why:

  • It meets the requirements of application for a Certificate of Entry.
  • It gets an insurance policy and Covid-19 certificate in email instantly.
  • It can be bought online with a credit card.
  • 24 hours hotline service.
  • The policy has no waiting period and no deductible in the hotline service.
  • It has a large hospital network throughout Thailand and no advance payment for hospitalization.
  • It includes the 14-day Alternative Quarantine (AQ) and Phuket and Samui Plus Sandbox Stay. Note that the coverage of the insurance will start after clearing immigration in Thailand.

In this travel insurance, AXA gives you the chance to choose your coverage, you can choose from their new insurance packages offered, Plan 1 and Plan 2. You can choose between the two and choose which is more convenient for your trip to Thailand.

AXA Basic Coverage Insurance Plan 1

While on your trip to Thailand, there might be unexpected events or situations that might happen. In case there is, this is where the use of the insurance comes in. In this plan, Plan 1, provides 3 coverage on your travel to Thailand. The 3-coverage included in this insurance are:

  • The Loss of Life, Dismemberment, Loss of Sight or Total Permanent Disability due to Accident (Including 100% Murder Assault and 100% Motorcycle)
    This insurance policy covers any loss or damage to the insured’s bodily injury caused by an accident while on the trip, if the accident results in the Insured’s death, dismemberment, loss of sight, or total permanent disability within one hundred and eighty (180) days from the date of the accident, or if the injury requires the insured to receive continuous medical treatment as an outpatient, the company will compensate you in line with the policy’s stated sum insured.
  • Medical expenses due to accident and illness (including COVID-19)
    This insurance policy covers the insured’s injury caused by an accident or illness that occurs unexpectedly and unexpectedly during the period of the vacation in Thailand and necessitates inpatient or outpatient medical treatment. The Company will compensate the insured for actual medical expenses that are normal and reasonable medical charges based on the medical necessity and medical standard, but not more than the amount provided in the policy schedule.
  • Third-Party Liability
    This insurance covers legal liability to a third party if something goes wrong while you are on the trip, as described in the policy schedule. The company will compensate the actual amount of damage incurred, up to the sum insured stated in the policy schedule, for death, bodily injury, or damage to one’s health, or loss or damage to a third party’s property arising from an accident, including litigation expenses, subject to the company’s written consent.

Why Choose AXA Insurance Coverage Plan 2

What makes AXA Insurance Plan 2 special? Well, all the coverage from Plan 1 is also the coverage of Plan 2 but with 3 additional coverage which makes Plan 2 have wider coverage than the first one. Which makes you more secure in your travel to Thailand.

Here are the 3 additional coverage:

  • Travel Delay (1,000 THB/6 hours)
    This insurance policy provides coverage in the event that an aircraft, cruise, or train that the insured travels on as per the policy’s specified schedule is delayed for at least 6 hours.
  • Baggage Delay (1,000 THB/6 hours)
    After the insured passenger reaches the scheduled destination that is mentioned in the policy schedule, the Insurance Policy covers luggage delays due to carrier failure of more than 1 hour or other (if any) as specified in the policy schedule. AXA Thailand will compensate the insured for real clothing expenses paid, but not more than the sum insured mentioned in the policy schedule.
  • Loss or Damage of Suitcase and Personal Effect while suitcase and personal effects therein is in care custody and control of hotel’s staff or carrier or arising from robbery, gang-robbery, way of violent mean
    AXA Thailand will compensate the insured for whole loss or damage to a suitcase and/or personal effects per piece, pair, or set, as well as partial loss or damage to a pair or set of personal effects that prevents the insured from using such pair or set.

Tips Before Applying for Insurance

Choosing the right insurance can get tricky sometimes. Some travelers get insurance without actually investigating what the coverage in the insurance bought. In some cases, some have trouble with their insurance because the coverage does not fit with the requirements needed. So, to help you out, here are some tips for you to choose the right insurance.

  • Know what insurance you need. It is important to know what you actually need on your trip. Think of the unexpected situation and think of what kind of insurance coverage can help you with that specific situation.
  • Know what is not covered. You must check the coverage of the insurance, some of the coverage might be there, some might be not there. Make sure to have the coverage needed for your trip.
  • Check if the insurance met the requirements set by the government. Before traveling, one must know its requirements, right? Not just in terms of papers or documents needed, but also in terms of standards set by the government. Like the standard set to COVID-19 insurance, the insurance must cover at least $100,000. Always check online for updates, for less trouble or mistakes to be made.
  • Check with the Thai embassy for the required duration before applying for insurance. In some cases, some insurances are invalidated because the duration of the trip and the duration of the insurance are not in sync. Always check with the Thai Embassy first to avoid cases that the policy duration period is not sufficient. In AXA Thailand’s case, you can choose the duration of your policy.
  • Don’t be motivated by price alone. Do not base the insurance on its cheapness, some of it might lack the coverage, and do not base it on expensiveness, some of it may be too much and will be a waste. Base it on the service that it is going to give you, make sure that it is enough and right for you. The difference comes in how you are serviced after the sale.

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