How to Stay in Thailand for 20 Years

How to Stay in Thailand for 20 Years

How to Stay in Thailand for 20 Years

Thailand is considered to be one of the most attractive destinations in Southeast Asia. Aside from Thailand being one of the top finest vacationing places, it is also a place that offers a low cost but exceptional standard of living which means it is one of the best places for foreigners to stay, for retirement or to consider it as their second home. 

From exotic beaches, rich cultures, mouthwatering foods, to a lot more of Thailand can offer, there is no wonder why foreigners are going in and out of Thailand. For foreigners who have tourist visas, one knows that they are only given 60 days to enjoy the wonders of Thailand. For some, it is too short and not enough to get the full experience, and for some, 60 days is enough for them to realize that they belong in Thailand. But the problem with it is that Thailand has a strict stance on visas. A simple tourist visa is not the right choice if one wishes to stay longer.  A foreigner cannot just go to Thailand and stay there, it would cause a lot of problems unless you have the right visa on you.

So, the question that one wants to know the answer is how to stay in Thailand, the land of smiles, long-term?

Choosing the Right Visa

There are multiple ways to stay in Thailand to which depends on the visa that you have. If one wants to stay in Thailand long-term, one definitely does not need a tourist visa which only has limited days, specifically 60 days, for you to stay and its purpose is for tourism only, nothing less and nothing more. Choosing the right visa for you to stay long-term, depends on how many years you want to stay. Do you want to stay a year? More than a year? Or because you love Thailand so much, 20 years? 

The option you have for you to stay in Thailand for one (1) year is Marriage Visa and it only caters to those foreigners who are married to a Thai National. If you want to stay for four (4) years, Smart Visa is for you. For five (5) years stay there is a Retirement Visa which will only cater to those retiring who are above 50 years old. What about twenty (20) years? Well, you can have the very special, Thai Elite Visa.

What makes Thai Elite Visa special? Well, aside from letting you stay in a very long-term, this type of visa is considered to be the most efficient way to enter and exit Thailand. Great for businessmen, travelers, retired individuals, family, and almost everyone. Unlike the other type of visas that have specifications on who can stay.

Thailand Elite Visa Application

Staying for 20 Years with Thai Elite Visa

Thai Elite Visa is the only visa that allows foreigners to stay in Thailand for a very long period with lesser hassle than the other visas. Unlike other visas, it is the only visa that allows you to stay in the country without sorting out the formalities at the immigration office yourself every 90-day reporting. Also, it is a multiple entry visa, which means that even staying long-term in the country, you still get the freedom to enter and exit without causing any problems.

What does it feel like to stay in Thailand for 20 years with a Thai Elite Visa? Well, it offers many privileges and exclusive assistance upon entering and while staying in Thailand and these include: 

Airport Services. It enables you to use their exclusive lounges, has an Elite Personal Assistant, and be greeted by them every time you arrive or depart from the country.

Acceleration. If you are not a fan of long lines, this would be best for you. It enables you to accelerate the processing of immigration and passport for your convenience.

Transfer Service. It gives you a complimentary service that would transfer you from the airport to the place that you want to stay.

Government Services. You get to request assistance in reporting for the 90-day report, which does not require your presence in reporting. This is very convenient especially for those foreigners who do not want to go through troubles in the immigration office.  Not just assistance in the 90-day reporting but also in opening bank accounts, processing of driver’s license, and in business networking.

Relaxation, Adventure, and Health Care. It offers complimentary golf, spas, and many other activities. And also, annual health and dental check-ups.

Special Discounts.  It gives special discounts from specific department stores, shopping malls, dining establishments, and hotels in the country to Thai Elite Members.

Applying for Thai Elite Visa

With the privileges given, there is no doubt that the foreigners will feel very welcome and at home, or maybe even better than at home. Now that you know what Thai Elite Visa can offer while you stay in Thailand, how can you apply for a Thai Elite Visa to stay in Thailand for 20 years?

Ask for Assistance. It is suggested that to be able to have a smooth transition in getting the visa, one needs professional assistance. 

Prepare Documents Needed. In order to apply for the Thai Elite Visa, one needs:

  • Completed Thai Elite Visa application form
  • Profile Page of passport Copy
  • ID with white background photo (high-resolution)
  • In case for a family visa on needs a copy of proof of relationship as immediate family of core member

Apply. If one already reached out for professional assistance, they will give you the application form for you to fill. There is no need for one to go to a specific location. The application can be filled up online. After filling in the needed information, you will wait for 1 to 3 months for a criminal background check. If the background check is done and accepted, you will need to pay a specific amount. After payment, they will approve your application and they will issue you the visa.

Thai Elite Member

What will happen after applying? Well, congratulations! You get to stay in Thailand whenever you want and do the things you want to do in the place you fell in love with. You can consider Thailand as your second home, so, please feel at home. Do not forget to enjoy and relax.

Thai Elite authorized sales and service agent

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