I am planning to work in Thailand

Working in Thailand

I want to apply for a work in Thailand. What is the process and how does the visa and work permit process proceed? Which documents are needed and do I need a Thai sponsor for my visa?

If you wish to work in Thailand, a non immigrant business visa should be applied for from your home country before traveling to Thailand. Documents may be provided by your prospective employer or sponsor in Thailand. Once the visa has been issued the work permit can then be applied for and processed.


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  1. Marc
    September 3, 2020

    hi, i am malaysian who married in Thai. Currently holding non-o multiple visa. I found a company who will hired me and i think this company is qualified for everything such as capital. But the problem for me, is i don’t have any diploma or degree. Is it possible to register for work permit?

    • September 3, 2020

      Dear Marc,
      The approval of work permit will totally depend on the job description. Usually the teaching-related jobs are required to have a university degree. Other jobs does not need a degree but sufficient work experience on the field.
      Thank you.

  2. Guhan
    August 29, 2020

    I’m an Indian national currently working in Singapore. I’m trying to secure a job in Thailand and eventually move there. When it comes to applying for the work permit, I have all the documents except I lost my degree certificate. Having said, I still have all the mark sheets and the official transcripts to prove that I’ve been awarded the degree certificate, is this enough when I apply for the work permit or should I have to get a duplicate degree certificate/letter from my university?


    • September 3, 2020

      Dear Guhan,
      The requirement for a degree certificate will depend on the job description. If the job is a teaching-related job, then yes, you need to only show proof that you have completed a university degree.
      Thank you.

  3. Subus
    August 18, 2020

    Im Nepali. I would like to work in Thailand but I dont know how to find a job there.
    Thank you

    • August 19, 2020

      I regret to inform you that we cannot guide you how to find a job. We recommend that you check JobDBThailand.
      Thank you.

  4. Sagar
    July 20, 2020

    Hi. I’m from Nepal and I would like to come Thailand for working (not own business but as a employee of some companies). So what process should I have to take for the visa? Is there any working visa or something like that for Nepal to go for work in Thailand?

    • July 21, 2020

      Dear Sagar,
      Good day. You need to apply for the non-immigrant B visa and certificate of entry from Thai Embassy in Nepal. Please contact your Thai employer to sponsor the visa application and also provide the WP3. For more information, please email [email protected]
      Thank you.

    • Sagar
      July 22, 2020

      Dear Rex, Thanks for the information. And one last question.
      If we come Thailand from Nepal in Tourist VISA and before the VISA period finishs can we change it into Non-Immigration Visa (B) while we are in Thailand?

    • July 23, 2020

      Dear Sagar,
      Under special circumstance, yes, it may be possible. But your Thai employer might not be able to do that and you still are required to get the Non B visa in home country.
      Thank you.

  5. Chan
    July 10, 2020


    I recently graduated in Thailand and my university cancelled my student visa 2 weeks after my graduation(during the covid-19 period).So I am now staying with visa amnesty and got a job offer recently. My employer mentioned that it is not possible to change from visa amnesty to work visa inside Thailand (Is that true?).
    In order to apply visa from outside, the government not issuing new work permit yet (WP3). I am now stuck in between. Any advises/suggestion would be helpful for me. Thank you.

    • July 10, 2020

      Dear Chan,
      Good day.
      Yes, I understand your concern. It is true that it will not be possible for you change your visa into Non B visa inside Thailand and it is also true that WP3s are not being issued at this time therefore applying for the new Non immigrant abroad would not be possible also. However, we have to wait for government announcement if the Thai immigration offices will now be allowed to issue the non-immigrant B visas. Please wait for the announcement next week if this will be the case.
      Thank you.

    • Chan
      August 4, 2020

      Hello Rex,

      Thank you for your previous reply. Currently, the amnesty now has been extended to September 26th (Grace period). I am wondering if there is any updates on applying/changing from visa amnesty to work visa, inside Thailand.
      Also, is the government now issuing new work permit (WP3)?
      I saw the immigration mentioned that to get the valid visa during the Grace Period, however, it seem like there is no way to do it.

    • August 26, 2020

      Dear Chan,
      Changing the amnesty status into a Non Immigrant B visa may still be possible at Bangkok Immigration if the company is qualified to get the visa within the country. Otherwise, you need to leave Thailand, get the Non B visa abroad and secure the WP3 also.
      Thank you.

  6. Krishna
    May 17, 2020

    Dear Rex,

    I understand CAAT has extended ban on international flights till june 30.I have a non immigrant B visa and no work permit.I need to quickly travel to thailand and secure a work permit.Is there any way i can travel to thailand by land through malaysia or through sea ? Also i would like to know if the work permits are issued amid covid 19.Thanks in advance for clarification.Best Regards, Krishna.

    • May 18, 2020

      Unfortunately, there is no way for you to return to Thailand before June 30. The international airports, land borders and sea borders are closed for incoming foreigners. Only Thai nationals who are repatriated are allowed to enter Thailand through special flights arranged by Thai embassy.

    • Krishna
      June 1, 2020

      Thanks Rex for the clarification.

      Is the below guideline help IB visa holders to apply for certificate of entry to Thailand? https://thethaiger.com/coronavirus/ministry-of-foreign-affairs-announces-reentry-procedures-for-foreigners

    • June 1, 2020

      If you have a Non Immigrant Category B visa with a work permit or with WP3 Letter, yes, you may contact the Thai Embassy in your country to get the Certificate of Entry. It is not certain yet if you will be allowed to enter in July or you will be included to repatriation flight for the month of June. Please contact the Thai Embassy directly.

  7. AK
    May 3, 2020

    I have been living in the UK for almost 6 years now and i work as an engineer. I am currently studing to get my TEFL qualification as i want to teach english in Thailand. What is the process of a person who holds a passport from Cyprus?
    I understand due to the current events this would not be possible now.

    Thank you.

    • May 8, 2020

      Yes, it is not possible to travel to Thailand right now and it is also not possible to get a visa from the Thai embassy because the visa applications are suspended. before you come to Thailand, it is recommended that you obtain a non-immigrant B visa from Thai embassy London.

  8. Magar
    April 17, 2020

    Hi I work in Macau holding Nepali passport … I get visa for Thailand from Nepal …. dose it work if I want to travel Thailand from Macau as well…. or I have to get new visa from Macau again ????

    • April 17, 2020

      Yes, if the visa is still valid for you to use, you can use it even if you are flying from Macau to Thailand. Please know that right now, there is a travel ban for incoming passengers to Thailand.

  9. Azzad Anuar
    April 2, 2020

    Hello Thai Embassy,

    I am a Malaysian and will conduct inspection for a petrochemical company somewhere in the future. The job will be done only in 2-3 days time. My Client is a Thai company. Must the Client apply work permit for me first? Thank you

    • April 2, 2020

      Please be informed that Thailand has closed all land, sea and air borders. Only Thai nationals, foreigners with valid work permit, foreign diplomats, shippers, drivers, pilots and others permitted by the prime minister are allowed to enter Thailand. This is effective until April 30.

  10. Rohit
    March 13, 2020


    I am from India and I want to move to Thailand for IT work. I have 9 years of IT work experience and currently working in India. I am not sure what should be my approach to getting a job in Thailand. So, my question is if I visit Thailand having a visa on arrival or a tourist visa for example, can I attend interviews or lookout for a job in Thailand? Of course, I will not engage in work as it’s illegal but can I at least attend interviews there? Please advise what should be my approach as applying for a job directly from India seems useless as we don’t get any interview calls as well.

    What I have understood is the company should first be ready to hire me. With the company documents, I can apply for a non-immigrant B visa here in India in the Thai embassy by submitting the company documents. Only then I will get the non-immigrant B visa. I can come to Thailand for applying for the work permit, is it correct? Please show me a path as to how to get a job in Thailand.

    • Yes, you can secure a Thai tourist visa from the Thai embassy in India and you may travel to Thailand for job interviews. After you have landed a job, you will be required to go back to India to obtain a non-immigrant B visa for you to return to Thailand and eventually secure a work permit. However, please note that every time you will travel to Thailand during this time, you need to provide a COVID-19 health certificate and health insurance. Given that additional requirements, I recommend for you to postpone your plans to travel to Thailand.

    April 29, 2017

    My wife is Thai, she works for one of the Toyota dealership in accounts. She will eventually be with me here in Australia because she wants to come here.

    I would prefer to be there in the meantime and work, what exactly would I be allowed to do?

    I have over 20 years experience in gardening/landscaping, experience in administration, have done some training/teaching though my qualifications have since expired and have worked in logistics type roles amongst other things.

  12. Sambat
    December 1, 2016

    Hello dear,

    I am from Cambodia now. I am in Thailand with tourist visa for two month. In the moment I found a job in Thailand. so I really want to apply to get a work permit, but I don’t know who I will contact. Could you give me some advice? Thanks for your help.

    • December 13, 2016

      You need to ask your new employer to send you an invitation letter and company documents which you will submit to the Thai embassy in Phnom Penh. This non immigrant B visa will be needed to obtain a Thai work permit in Thailand.

  13. Nabin
    September 22, 2016

    My wife and 3 year old son holds Myanmar passport and I am Nepali living in Nepal. My wife and son are holding relation Nepali visa and staying with me in Nepal. We are planing to make holiday in Thailand. I have a tourist visa for Thailand. Now my question is do my wife and son need to apply for Thailand visa to come to Thailand? Or they get visa on arrival Coz Thai embassy in Nepal don’t know about it?

    • September 26, 2016

      Yes, they can obtain a 20-day visa exemption stamp at the airport. It is free of charge.

  14. Sani Chauhan
    September 2, 2016

    I currently hold a student visa and would like to apply for non-b working visa. Do I have to go back to my country and then apply or I can just apply from here while I hold my student visa and then convert to non-b working visa?

    • September 8, 2016

      Yes, you must return to your home country and apply for a non-immigrant B visa. After you received it, you can return to Thailand and process the work permit and visa extension.

  15. Jinny K
    August 2, 2016

    I got my 3-months non-b visa from my home country on July, and I’m currently in Bangkok, where my employer is preparing my documents for work permit.

    I was just wondering will I have to extend my non-b visa after I obtain my work permit? Or does my work permit act as my visa?

    • August 3, 2016

      The work permit is different from a visa. The work permit is a document which allows you as a foreigner to perform work while in Thailand. The Non Immigrant B visa is a document which allows you to enter Thailand on the basis of employment.

      Given the above, you will need to apply for an extension of your Non Immigrant B Visa once you have obtained a work permit in order to continue working and staying in the Kingdom.

  16. Stephen James
    June 20, 2016

    Hi There, the requirement to apply for Thai PR stated on your website as minimum requirement. If we do not meet the requirement indicated, meaning no way we can apply for Thai PR even seeking help from your company? I am Singapore citizen.

    • June 28, 2016

      Unfortunately, if you do not meet the qualifications to apply for Thai Permanent Residence, we would not be able to assist you with the application as well.

  17. Alex
    May 18, 2016


    May a visitor, a foreigner stay in Thailand and perform a remote work for a third party country (not a Thailand firm)? For example: may a computer programmer live in Thailand (with tourist visa) and do some IT-jobs via internet for Europe or US company (i.e. not from Thailand)? What’s the Thailand law says about it?

    Thanks in advance,

    • May 23, 2016

      You can stay in Thailand on a tourist visa but will be prohibited to work for a Thai company. You may do your online work since your employer is based in a foreign country.

  18. April 11, 2016

    Hello am planing to work in Thailand ask the caregiver how to apply tourist visa? My friend in Thailand looking for caregiver.

    • April 25, 2016

      Please contact the Thai Embassy in your country regarding your concern on applying for a visa.

  19. Hansel
    April 6, 2016

    A Thai school wishes to employ me as their English language teacher. I am from Cameroon. The necessary documents are being process. I wish to know how long it takes for Thai embassy to issues a non b visa when deposition is made thanks

    • April 7, 2016

      The actual visa application process may take at least 3 days unless the Embassy Officer requests for additional documents which will likely prolong the process.

  20. Lou Petho
    March 28, 2016


    A Thai company wishes to employ me for my international experience. I have your requirement list. Most is very clear. I just wish to clarify some points.
    1/ You ask for a “letter of employment”, what should be in this letter?

    2/ “Certificate of Degree” – I gather you mean higher education. The certificate that I have is in overseas in a box. Also, it does not match what I do. The company wish to employ me for my years of experience and contacts overseas, which I do not have a degree for. Do I need to present a certificate, if so will a PDF be sufficient?

    I thank you in advance for a reply.

    Best, Lou Petho

    • April 6, 2016

      Please contact the Thai Embassy or Consulate who will be receiving your application to verify your concern. We would like to clarify that we are not the Thai Embassy nor are we, in any way, connected or related to them or other Thai government offices.

  21. Megan Goodall
    December 29, 2015


    please can you advise as to the best option for me and my partner. We want to move to Thailand for one year in 2016 to teach English in schools. We have already completed our TEFL qualification course. We would like to spend 1-2 weeks backpacking through thailand first and then find job’s once we have seen a bit of the country. is there a way to do this as we will not be able to obtain work permits until we find jobs after touring the country?
    thanks in advance
    Megan Goodall

    • January 5, 2016

      It is best if you can start looking for a teaching job immediately then check with the school on how they can assist with your visa application. By doing so, you can better estimate the time that you’ll need in applying for the visa.

  22. Martina
    October 14, 2015

    Hello, I would like to ask you about non-imigrant 90 days visa. I read on other site that it is possible to acquier work permit with this type of visa. However I am little bit confused with difference between them and buisniss visa as here is also refered to buisniss visa as non-imigrant. Please could you explain the difference and tell me little bit more about them? What do I need for this kind of visa?
    Thank you very much.

    • October 20, 2015

      If you are married to a Thai national and you also meet the financial requirements, then you may apply for a non-immigrant O visa based on your marriage with your Thai spouse. This type of visa will give you eligibility to apply for a work permit; thus, allowing you to work legally in Thailand.

      The non-immigrant B visa, on the other hand, does not necessarily require you to be married to a Thai national in order to become eligible to work and be employed by a Thai company.

      For more information about the marriage visa and business visa, please visit the website below:


  23. Gangadhar
    October 4, 2015

    I am a Indian with Indian nationality and want to open a restaurant in Thailand.
    A small scale Indian restaurant is it possible?
    If yes how to go about it?

    Thank you in advance

    • October 7, 2015

      Yes, you may open a small restaurant in Thailand. However, there are factors that you will need to consider if you wish to apply for a work permit such as the required amount of capital for the business and the number of Thais that you will need to employ.

      It is recommended that you consult with an experienced lawyer who can provide you legal advise on this matter. Please provide us with your contact number or email address so we can refer you to someone.

  24. saqib
    August 13, 2015

    Hello sir I want to work in Thailand so plz tell me process about work visa?

  25. Carolina Aguirre
    July 9, 2015

    Can i apply for a work permit before having a specific company hiting me? I mean, can i apply for a work permit, and AFTER HAVING THE WORK PERMIT, star looking for a job?

    • July 20, 2015

      No. You can only get a valid work permit once you have secured a job with a Thai company since the documents required to apply for a work permit will be provided by them.

  26. Soua
    July 5, 2015

    I need an answer, I am Soua Yang a US citizen living in the US, my mother is 66 years old currently living in Vientiane Laos, I am her only kid, I need to live close to her so when she is sick I can go to take care of her. I am working as a hotel reservation agent, I can take my job to where ever I live, in this case I need to live by Nong Khai Thailand and work from my will be renting home at Nong Khai Thailand for my US company.

    I understand that I will need a B multi reentry VISA and a multi reentry permit.

    Other than that, do I need any other legal document? Please give me an answer

    Thank you


    Soua Yang

    • July 6, 2015

      Hi Soua!

      In order to work legally in Thailand, you will need to have a valid visa and work permit. In your case, however, your employer is from another country and therefore it will be impossible to apply for the work permit. We invite you to talk to our Immigration Specialist to know more about your options. You may leave your contact details (email and phone number) and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

    • Soua
      July 7, 2015

      Please let me know what others legal documents do I need for me to legally work from home in Thailand for my company in the US. Remember that I am not working for employer in Thailand but working for employer in the USA from my renting home in Nong Khai Thailand.

      Thank you for your info.


      Soua Yang

    • July 20, 2015

      A foreigner can only obtain a working visa and a valid work permit if he is employed by a Thai company. Those who are working for a company abroad and whose jobs are online are not allowed to lodge an application for a visa under the category of employment.

  27. chen
    June 30, 2015


    i have a question about getting a work permit in Thailand.
    As i know that a foreigner needs to take a health check…such as a blood draw?…because i am diabetic..i don’t know if my work permit application will be refused or not due to my illness???

    • July 6, 2015

      Hi Chen!

      Obtaining of medical certificate for Thai permit application may depend on the requirement by the Thai company or the process being observed by the clinics in Thailand. It is best to talk to your employer about your concern.