How to Buy Thailand Travel Insurance from the UK

COVID-19 Health Insurance

COVID-19 Health Insurance
What are you doing to live your life to the fullest?

Some of you may have focused on your hobby, some working on their artworks, and some going on extreme adventures by traveling to wonderful places all over the world. Which one are you?

If you are one of the travelers traveling all over the world, did you already travel to Thailand? If not, then this is the time that you should, because they are fully opening the gates to everyone and you do not want to miss that opportunity.

With that in mind, do not forget to follow Thailand travel restrictions if you decide to proceed.

COVID-19 Insurance for British Travelers

Traveling to Thailand is now possible, however, there are entry requirements that you should meet to enter the Kingdom of Thailand.

One of the very important requirements for travelers from the UK to have is the COVID-19 Insurance. Every traveler entering Thailand must have purchased COVID-19 insurance. But, why are travelers required to purchase one?

Well, COVID-19 insurance serves as both travel insurance and medical insurance to protect travelers visiting Thailand in case contracted with COVID-19 infection during their stay. The travel insurance covers medical expenses that are related to COVID-19 incidents.

As a traveler, you may have already budgeted your money for every expense that you might use during your trip, and the COVID-19 insurance is there for you to not worry about medical costs for emergency medical treatment that you might need if you fall ill, or get infected from COVID-19.

Also, it is important to note that being in a foreign country without enough budget for emergency medical treatment is a bit worrying especially you do not know a lot of people near your location. And, the Thai government will definitely not pay for your medical expenses for it is exclusive for Thai nationals.

Get your COVID-19 Insurance here:

COVID Travel Insurance Thailand

COVID-19 Insurance Requirement

The Thai government is very specific with what the COVID-19 insurance covers. In purchasing COVID-19 insurance, please make sure that it should.

  • Have a minimum coverage of $50,000;
  • Which will cover treatment and support, hospitalization, and medicines in the event that a British is infected with the COVID-19 virus; and 
  • Will shoulder the cost of funerals or repatriation for British citizens who die as a result of the COVID-19 virus.

AXA Thailand: AXA Sawasdee Thailand

AXA Sawasdee Thailand is the travel insurance provider best fit for travelers from the UK. They are a health care companion supporting those who are just on a business trip or just a pure vacation. They are by your side especially during this scary situation with COVID-19.

AXA Sawasdee Thailand offers a lot of benefits to British travelers traveling to Thailand and here are some of them that you might find helpful during your travel and stay in Thailand:

Covers COVID-19 Requirement and Approved by Thai Government

AXA Sawasdee Thailand covers the previously specified requirement by the Thai government of COVID-19 insurance. It pays for hospital expenses, funeral costs, and repatriation charges covered by the $50,000 COVID-19 insurance policy.

You are insured by the AXA Sawasdee Thailand insurance coverage.

Covers Other COVID-19 related Situation

AXA Sawasdee Thailand offers more than simply medical coverage and repatriation assistance. Accidental insurance coverage, luggage insurance coverage, and emergency help coverage 24/7 are all included in the AXA Sawasdee Thailand insurance policy.

British travelers can choose between 2 insurance packages for their trip to Thailand: AXA Insurance Package 1 and AXA Insurance Package 2.

Choice of Length of Validity

Unlike other insurance companies, which have a fixed number of days available.

British travelers will be able to select the duration of their insurance policy. 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, 180 days, 270 days, and 365 days are all possibilities. How long do you think will your stay in Thailand last?

No Waiting Period

The COVID-19 policy from AXA Sawasdee Thailand has no waiting period. 

When you leave your home country and arrive in the Kingdom of Thailand, your coverage of purchased COVID-19 insurance will begin.

Covering the 14-day Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ)

The ASQ quarantine period of 14 days, 10 days, or 7 days is covered by the AXA Sawasdee Thailand insurance coverage. AXA Sawasdee Thailand will arrange for British travelers to see a doctor during the ASQ period if in need.

1-page COVID-19 Certificate of Insurance

Travelers from the UK will receive a 1-page insurance certification for purchased COVID-19 insurance that details all coverage included.

This could be used to show proof that they acquired COVID-19 insurance when applying for or registering for a Thailand Pass, which the Thai authorities will accept in no time.

Quick Responsive Service

Purchasing COVID-19 insurance at AXA Sawasdee Thailand, you only need to quote, pay, and receive your insurance policy and certificate as soon as possible by email.

In most cases, travelers should simply be concerned with acquiring the policy documents, such as COVID-19 insurance, but not if purchasing at AXA Sawasdee Thailand.


In case of trip cancellation, or getting your application to enter Thailand being denied by Thai authorities, AXA Sawasdee Thailand allows a refund. 

How to Buy COVID Insurance from the UK

If you choose AXA Thailand as your insurance company and proceed to purchase, the procedure is very simple to follow:
Thailand Travel Insurance Plan 2

  • Choose from the AXA Insurance Package 1 vs Package 2
  • Apply for the COVID-19 insurance
  • Pay, either online or bank transfer, for the COVID-19 insurance.
  • You will receive an email for the AXA Sawasdee Thailand insurance policy and the certificate after the payment.
  • After the confirmation and receiving all the necessary documents, you can now apply for a Thailand Pass.

Tips on Choosing the Best COVID-19 Insurance

Purchasing COVID-19 insurance can be so tricky sometimes, one should keep in mind the important details that the certificate or policy of the COVID-19 insurance should have. 

There are specific details that Thai authorities find to decide whether your COVID-19 insurance is valid or not, here are some of the important indications that your COVID-19 insurance will be valid:

  • It should specify that COVID-19 related incidents are included in the coverage of the purchased insurance.
  • The length of the validity of the insurance must be included in the policy or certificate of the purchased COVID-19 insurance.
  • It shall state that the purchased COVID-19 is in the minimum coverage of $50,000.

Get your COVID-19 Insurance here:

COVID Travel Insurance Thailand

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