The new Test and Go and the new Sandbox and Quarantine Program; Top 20 Questions on Thailand Pass and Travel to Thailand

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Thailand Travel Updates as of April 18, 2022

  1. Thailand Pass registration site is currently open and accepting new applications for the Test and Go, Sandbox, and Quarantine entry programs. For up-to-date information and weekly updates regarding current Thailand travel restrictions, please visit the Weekly Updates for Thailand Travel Restrictions.
  2. Starting today April 1, 2022 the mandatory RT-PCR COVID Test that you have to take before traveling to Thailand will no longer be required for all travelers.
  3. Please check our YouTube Video for the step-by-step application for the Thai Pass:
    Instructional Video for Thailand Pass Application
  4. Travelers may join the conversation in our Facebook Group to ask questions and read the latest developments.
  5. Step by step instructions on How to Book your Test and Go Hotel through is an authorized booking website for Test and Go packages for the Thailand Pass.
  6. Check the compilation of the Thailand Pass Frequently Asked Questions.

Summary of the new Test and Go

The New Test and Go

Summary of the new Sandbox and Quarantine Program

The New Sandbox and Quarantine Program

Top 20 Questions on Thailand Pass and Travel to Thailand

My Thai Pass has been approved. What do I do now?

Once your Thailand Pass is approved, you will receive an email with your Thailand Pass QR code, ID number and further details.

Compile your travel documents to be presented on arrival such as passport and Thailand Pass. It is recommended that you print 2 copies of all documents in case a document is kept by an airport officer.

Print a copy of your QR code for arrival in case there is an issue with your phone when arriving.

I have children aged 10 & 12. Are they required to do an RT-PCR test on arrival in Thailand?

Yes. All children are still required to do an RT-PCR test on arrival in Thailand except for children below 6 years of age traveling with a parent may opt to undergo a saliva test instead of nasal swab test.

Can I visit Thailand for less than 5 days?

Yes. You can visit Thailand for less than 5 days. You will still need to book an SHA+/AQ hotel for 1 night quarantine and RT-PCR test, have medical insurance, and apply for a Thailand Pass. Since you are staying less than 5 days, you are only required to do the RT-PCR test on arrival.

I am an expat leaving Thailand for a short time and returning. Do I have to apply for Thailand Pass and Test & Go or can I stay in my private residence?

Yes. At this time, all people entering Thailand must apply for a Thailand Pass and follow Test & Go requirements if they are fully vaccinated. This includes having the required entry requirements such as  insurance, SHA+ hotel booking, RT-PCR test, and Thailand Pass approval.

We are landing in Thailand but will visit Cambodia for a few days. Our flight home is via Bangkok. Will we need to apply for a new Thailand Pass even though not leaving the airport?

If your return flight from Cambodia is a direct transit (you do not pass through Passport Control), then you do not need to apply for a new Thailand Pass. You only need insurance and the pre-boarding COVID test.

If you must exit through Passport Control to board your new flight, you will need to apply for a new Thailand Pass and do a new Test & Go in Bangkok.

With Test & Go, you may travel around everywhere in Thailand after a negative test result. But with Sandbox you have to stay in SHA+ hotel for 5 days. Why is that?

The Sandbox program was implemented before Test & Go was available in Phuket and other selected areas. If you are vaccinated and meet the requirements for Test & Go, there is no need to enter Thailand under the Sandbox scheme. The Test and Go program is a better option for those who are fully vaccinated.

I have a family of 4. One child is under 6. Do I need to submit a separate Thai Pass application for each family member?

No. All travelers aged 18 years old or above must apply for Thailand Pass individually.

Children under the age of 18 do not need to register for the Thailand Pass on their own. Parents will add their children’s information to their Thailand Pass registration under the “Personal Information” section.

Do I need to upload proof of purchase for an ATK test for Day 5  as part of my Thai Pass application?

No. ATK tests are self-administered and can be bought from a pharmacy or 7-11stores  in Thailand. Currently, the Thailand Pass website advises you have to upload proof of purchase of an ATK test kit, but this is not required. 

Can I book a flight to Chiang Mai if I land in Bangkok?

You will need to undergo 1 night quarantine or test and go stay in Bangkok before flying to Chiang Mai. You can however book a flight to Chiang Mai for the day after your test and go period.

Can you do the Test and Go option if flying directly to Phuket?

Yes. The Test & Go program is now a better option than Sandbox. You land in Phuket Airport, do your RT-PCR test at the airport and then transit to your SHA+ hotel where you wait for your negative result. Make sure your SHA+ hotel package includes transport to the hotel.

Apply for your RT-PCR test at –

How do I buy an ATK test for Day 5 testing?

Normally your Day 1 SHA+ hotel will provide you the ATK test, but you can also purchase an ATK self-test from pharmacies and 7-11’s in Thailand. They cost between 100 to 150 Thai baht.

How do I report my Day 5 ATK test?

You will take a photo of your test result side-by-side with your passport. You upload your ATK result through the MorChana App. On arrival in Thailand, you need to download and install MorChana:

I am trying to use the MorChana App in my home country, but it is not working. What is the issue?

The MorChana application will only activate once you are in Thailand. You can download it before then, but it will not register any details or your Thai Pass QR code. You may ask your SHA+ hotel staff to assist you on how to navigate the app.

Can I rent a private car/taxi from the airport to the hotel?

No. Your transport from the airport hotel needs to be included as part of your SHA+/AQ hotel package or it should be arranged by your hotel.

Am I allowed to leave the hotel room while waiting for my RT-PCR negative result?

No. While waiting for your RT-PCR test result you are required to stay isolated in your hotel room. Only after you have received the negative result will you be allowed to leave your hotel room. The test result will be available between 5 to 12 hours after the test.

Can I transit to Phuket if I land in Bangkok?

To transit through Bangkok to Phuket, you must book a “designated flight”. These are particular approved flights and should be booked as a single international itinerary. If you book your flights separately (through a 3rd party provider), you must exit through border control at Bangkok airport. Once you pass through border control, you are required to test and quarantine for 1 night in Bangkok before traveling to Phuket the following day.

What do you do if you test positive at the hotel? Do you stay at the hotel to quarantine or do they move you and how long of a quarantine?

If you test positive with no history of COVID 19 infection, you will be sent to hotel or hospital quarantine for up to 10 days. 

If you test positive with a history of COVID infection and have recovered, officials will review your infection history (medical certificate of recovery). It will depend on the case. The assessment will include your CT level, whether you are asymptomatic and how long ago you had COVID.

I have started my 10-day Alternate Quarantine, but it is changing to 5 days from April 1. Can I shorten my quarantine to 5 days?

No. You need to finish the quarantine period that was given to you when you arrived in Thailand. 

If you have booked a 10-day Alternate Quarantine package but are arriving after April 1, you do not need to apply for a new Thailand Pass. You may speak to your hotel for a possible refund. If you are unvaccinated and you wish to undergo a 5-night quarantine, it is recommended to apply for the Thailand Pass Alternative Quarantine program starting April 1.

Are there any check-in restrictions when exiting Thailand?

Unless stated otherwise by your airline, the only requirement to exit Thailand is to present your vaccination certificate or an ATK test result before boarding the flight. It is recommended to check with your airline to know the current entry requirements of your country of destination. 

Do I need to do an RT-PCR test when leaving Thailand?

You are not required to do an RT-PCR test in order to leave Thailand. You can present your vaccination certificate or an ATK test result at the airport. However, there may be some countries that will require an RT-PCR test, so it is recommended also to check the entry requirements of your next country of destination..

Should you have any questions, not listed here, you may join the conversation in our Facebook Group to ask questions and read the latest developments.
Thailand Pass Facebook Group

How to Book Test and Go Hotel on

You may book a Test and Go Hotel or Quarantine Hotel through It is recommended to always make sure that you have booked the correct package that includes:

  • an airport pick-up
  • at least one RT-PCR test

as they are necessary for the Test and Go travel scheme by which you enter Thailand. You will not be permitted to leave the airport without the hotel picking you up.

If you book a hotel on the Agoda website, for example, make sure the Thailand Pass or Quarantine filter is on:

Agoda Thailand Pass

Even if your travel scheme is ‘Test & Go’, you will need to stay for up to a day upon arrival at a hotel that provides an RT-PCR test, to make sure that you test negative before you can travel freely in Thailand. 

As an example, the hotel below offers ‘airport pick-up’ and ‘1 RT-PCR test’, so it is suitable for your arrival.
Bangkok Test and Go Hotels


Here is the sample confirmation letter from
Sample Agoda Hotel Letter

Test and Go Hotels at Agoda

Test and Go Hotels in Bangkok:

Test and Go Hotel in Pattaya:

Test and Go Hotel in Chiang Mai:

Test and Go Hotel in Samui:

Test and Go Hotel in Phuket:

For travelers entering Phuket  you will be able to book your RT PCR test at: 

Submit your Agoda Booking for Thai Pass

When you apply for Thailand Pass, you have to submit your Day 1 Hotel Booking. To expedite the process of validating your Test and Go Hotel stay, you may use your Agoda Booking ID to automatically validate your application. 

Submit Agoda Booking

If your Agoda Booking ID is a paid Test and Go package, you will see this on your screen:

Thailand Pass Step 5A Agoda Reservation

If your Agoda Booking ID is not a Test and Go Package, you will see this on your screen:

Thailand Pass Step 5A Agoda Reservation Not Found
NOTE: This Agoda Booking auto-validation is not applicable for Phuket arrivals. For travelers entering Phuket, you will be able to book your RT PCR test at and provide the receipt number when you fill out the information on this part of the Thailand Pass application process.

Best COVID Insurance for Thailand Pass

Based on our experience, the common problem for Thailand Pass applications being rejected is that some insurance policies are not properly worded. Your COVID-19 insurance must expressly state that it covers up to 20,000 USD medical expenses including COVID-19 while in Thailand. 

You may use your own health insurance or purchase insurance from your own country, however, it is recommended to purchase the best COVID insurance for Thailand to make sure that you meet the requirement in obtaining the Thailand Pass successfully. 

  • Your certificate of insurance will expressly state that it covers up to 20,000 USD medical expenses including COVID-19. It will also state that the certificate is issued for the purpose of the Thailand Pass application.
  • The AXA Sawasdee Thailand provides a one-page certificate of insurance which is perfect for the Thailand Pass application since the system will only allow one-page document to be uploaded.
  • Your insurance letter or certificate will also contain the policy number and date of effectivity or start date. 
  • The AXA Insurance policy must be effective before or on the date of arrival and during your entire length of stay.

When you submit your AXA Thailand Pass Insurance, please make sure that you attach or upload the correct document as below:

AXA Receipt

AXA Certificate

To purchase AXA Thailand Insurance; the most reliable insurance that has never had any problem with the Thailand Pass application, please click the link below:

COVID Travel Insurance Thailand

Thailand Pass Assistance

The application for Thailand Pass us free of charge. In case you are experiencing difficulty with the Thailand Pass system, you could also avail the professional services of Siam Legal International, a law firm in Thailand that will help you in your Thailand Pass application and therefore make it easy for you to get to the Land of Smiles.

Meet the Siam Legal Thailand Pass and Thailand Visa Team
Meet the Siam Legal Thailand Pass and Thailand Visa Team


Siam Legal Visa and Thailand Pass Assistance

Package 1: 200 USD (Visa + Thailand Pass)

  • Visa Consultation
  • Extensive checklist of required documents
  • Assistance in Thai e-visa application (non-immigrant O marriage visa and 60-day TR visa)
  • Assistance in Thailand Pass application
  • 2 to 3 weeks process
  • Our offer is available in the US, UK, and Canada visa applications only

COE and Visa

Package 2: 100 USD (Thailand Pass)

  • Consultation with our Immigration Specialist
  • Extensive checklist of required documents
  • Assistance in Thailand Pass application (including Visa holders and Visa Exemption)
  • 5 to 10 days processing time
  • Available in eligible countries only
  • Available for Thai and foreign nationals
  • For Test & Go, Sandbox, and Quarantine programs


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