Divorced in UK now marrying in Thailand

Thailand Divorce

Hello, if a Thai lady gets a divorce from someone in the UK that she has been separated from for 3 years, does she have to go through a waiting period before she can remarry?

Marriage registration in Thailand is applicable for those who are single or divorced individuals who are free to marry. If she has been separated with her previous spouse and the divorce has been finalized, then she can be able to remarry and do not need a waiting period for her to go through the process of marriage registration.


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  1. rob hill
    October 16, 2015

    hi I just divorced from my Thai wife and now I need to get a new visa but I have been told that I can not get a multi entry o one year visa any more so what kind of visa can I get now I’m 66 years old and have no savings only my english state pension which is 38,000 THB a month, my visa is up on the 1st of November, help is needed very soon thanks.

    Rob Hill

    • October 20, 2015

      You can apply for a tourist visa at some Thai Embassy or Consulate in a neighboring country of Thailand (Laos, Cambodia or Malaysia).