What happens when my wife dies?

Thailand Visa

I live in Bangkok and I have been married to a Thai for 5 years. I was wondering what would happen when my Thai wife dies. What happens to my Thai marriage visa?

A foreigner being married to a Thai spouse shall be granted a Marriage visa provided that requirements are met. The visa would allow him to stay in Thailand for a year and visa renewals can be done inside Thailand. In case of Thai spousal death, a marriage visa can no longer be renewed under this circumstance. If you are older than 50 you can still apply for a retirement visa.


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  1. James
    April 10, 2016

    Why are Thai migration and real estate purchasing laws so restrictive laws when countries such as Australia allow Thais so many rights in their country? Why is a foreigner not allowed to purchase at least one home with their Thai partner? Why do they have to give up all rights to the cohabited property? Downright offensive!

    • April 25, 2016

      If this is what the Thai law says, then there’s nothing that we can do but to observe them. We cannot expect the law in Thailand to be exactly the same with the law in Australia or other countries out there.