How to Buy Thailand Travel Insurance from Canada

COVID-19 Health Insurance

COVID-19 Health Insurance
We all travel for different purposes. Some seek a sense of the difference. Some seek adventure and relaxation. Some seek that feeling of belonging. No matter the purpose, we all want to feel at ease and be comfortable. We all want to feel safe Canadians have a well-earned reputation as travelers. They respect other cultures and social rules. During COVID, one of the most important ways to travel is to respect other countries’ travel restrictions and COVID health regulations. It is important to abide by the rules because it keeps you and the locals safe.

COVID Insurance for Canadian Travelers

Canada is considered a low-risk country by Thailand, so Canadian citizens can enter Thailand without needing to isolate and do mandatory quarantine on arrival. For every traveler coming to Thailand, is a process that must be followed to gain entry. Canadian travelers will need to apply for a Thailand Pass and be approved by Thai Authorities. For approval, there are certain documents that must be provided. The most important document needed is an approved travel insurance policy that covers a traveler for COVID-related incidents. A COVID insurance policy will protect you and cover medical expenses if you test positive for COVID while in Thailand. Foreigners cannot receive free medical care in Thailand, so having good COVID insurance will reduce any out-of-pocket costs if you find yourself in this unfortunate situation.

You may get your COVID-19 Insurance here:

COVID Travel Insurance Thailand

Required COVID Coverage in Thailand

Thai authorities set a minimum requirement for any insurance policy held by foreign travelers.

  • The policy must: Provide a minimum cover of $10,000 USD for medical expenses.
    Cover emergency medical situations relating to COVID. This could include – medications, medical treatment by professions, hospitals, and emergency transport.
  • Cover emergency evacuation, repatriation, and funeral coverage for worst-case scenarios involving COVID-19.
  • Remain valid for the entire duration of stay in the country.

AXA Thailand: AXA Sawasdee Thailand

Enter the Land of Smiles with a dependable travel companion who will keep you safe, AXA Sawasdee Thailand.

AXA Sawasdee Thailand offers travel insurance with COVID coverage that you can depend on whenever and wherever you are in Thailand. It offers cover to people all over the world and prides itself on versatility.

Apart from dependable COVID coverage, insured travelers of AXA Sawasdee Thailand can also take advantage of the many benefits it offers.

Thai Approved Coverage

The travel insurance policy offered by AXA Sawasdee Thailand includes all the coverage required by Thai authorities. With AXA Sawasdee Thailand, everything is prepared and covered for you except treatment for pre-existing medical conditions.

Offers Options of Package

AXA Sawasdee Thailand allows travelers to select their preferred level of cover by offering two levels of policy – AXA Insurance Package 1 vs Package 2.

Both policies meet minimum requirements and will be approved by Thailand Pass, but Package 2 offers additional cover for things like personal property damage or loss, baggage loss, and flight delay or cancellation.

Flexible Length of Coverage

We plan holidays but sometimes plans change. Canadian travelers coming to Thailand can choose the length of cover for their purchased COVID insurance. Whether you stay for one week or one year, AXA Sawasdee Thailand can provide protection for your entire time in Thailand.

For ease of use, if you change your plans once here, you do not have to mess around with organizing new policies; just extend your existing insurance.

No Waiting Period

A lot of insurance policies hide things like minimum waiting periods in the fine print. Your  AXA Sawasdee Thailand has no waiting period. Travelers can enjoy their holiday from day 1 and know they are covered.

Quarantine Days are Included in the Coverage

If you should contract COVID while in Thailand and need to isolate or quarantine, you do not have to worry because AXA Sawasdee Thailand will be by your side to help with medical and quarantine costs.

24/7 Reliable Service

Whenever travelers require assistance, answers, or medical help; AXA Sawasdee Thailand is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to meet your needs.

From the beginning to the end of your trip, AXA Sawasdee Thailand will be there to ensure that you get the service you deserve.


You can get a full refund of the insurance premium if the Royal Thai Embassy/Consulates do not accept your AXA Sawasdee Thailand insurance. You must provide proof that the policy was not accepted by the Embassy, e.g. a web page of the Embassy listing the requirement, or a leaflet with the Embassy header/logo.

How to Buy COVID Insurance from Canada

AXA Sawasdee Thailand’s travel health insurance with COVID-19 coverage can be bought from any country. To successfully purchase the insurance, follow the steps below:
Thailand Travel Insurance Plan 2

  • Pick between AXA Insurance Package 1 or Package 2.
  • Fill out the required information on the application and submit.
  • Pay for the package that you prefer.
  • After completing the payment, you will receive the insurance policy and certificate by email in a matter of minutes.
  • Apply for a Thailand Pass

COVID Insurance Validation Tips

As mentioned above, all visitors to Thailand are required to apply for a Thailand Pass. Thai authorities check these applications for health and insurance requirements. When applying, a Canadian citizen must upload proof of insurance to the system, and AXA Sawasdee Thailand makes this easy by providing a 1-page insurance certificate with all the relevant details. There is no need to upload multiple pages.

Before completing your Thailand Pass application, it is best to confirm the details of your policy are correct. You need to see the following details:

  • Correct personal details
  • A minimum medical coverage of $10,000 USD.
  • It must state cover for incidents involving “COVID-19.”
  • It must list the period of cover. Make sure it covers your entire stay in Thailand.

Get your COVID-19 Insurance here:

COVID Travel Insurance Thailand

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