Travel to Thailand from Japan

Travel to Thailand from Japan

Travel to Thailand from Japan

After all the hard work you’ve done in the past days, months, and years, you deserve time off. You deserve a holiday. And as the restrictions of the pandemic ease, you deserve to travel.

Konnichiwa, where do you plan to travel? Thailand is a great choice right now; the weather is wonderful and there is a lot on offer as travel restrictions ease.

From June 1st, Thailand has further eased their travel restrictions and entry requirements. Japanese travelers will be happy to know that it is now almost as easy to enter Thailand as pre-Covid times.

Entry Requirements for Japanese Citizens

From June 1, 2022, how a Japanese citizen applies for a Thailand Pass and enters Thailand will depend on their vaccination status. All visitors are required to apply for a Thailand Pass but the documents you need to provide can vary.

There are 4 major changes to Thailand Pass in June:

  • Thailand Pass approvals are instant.
  • Thai Nationals do not need to apply for a Pass.
  • All mandatory quarantine periods have been removed no matter your vaccination status.
  • Unvaccinated Japanese travelers have the option of completing an RT-PCR or Professional Antigen Test (Pro-ATK) 72 hours before departing Japan.

Previously, the Thailand Pass could take up to 7 days to approve, but with Thailand easing their travel restrictions and entry requirements, there are fewer documents to check and Thailand Pass approvals are now instant (1 – 2 hours) when you submit your application.

Thai Visas for Japanese Citizens

Though restrictions are easing, Thailand is still responsible for how it allows visitors to enter the country during the pandemic.

Japanese citizens will be happy to know that your trip to the Land of Smiles can be easy if you follow the simple steps listed below.

Japanese citizens can apply for a 30 day “visa on arrival” because they are part of the Visa-exempt program. If a Japanese visitor decides they would like to stay longer than 30 days, they can apply for a 30-day extension of stay at the local Thai Immigration office.

If you decide to stay for more than a year or more than 5 years, a Thailand Elite Visa would be best for you. Thailand Elite Visa is a privilege multiple entry visa. To know more about the privilege visa, read our Thai Elite Visa page.

Applying for your Visa

To apply for a visa of more than 30 days, please download this visa application form, fill in the necessary details and make an appointment. Applications without reservations are not accepted.

You can submit the visa applications at the Royal Thai Embassy and Consulates located in Japan:

For inquiries about visa applications, you can contact 03-5789-2433 or reach them by sending them an email through [email protected]

If you have applied and have already obtained a visa, you are ready to apply for an entry to Thailand.

Entering Thailand for Japanese Citizens

Vaccination status and entering Thailand

From June 1 2022, Thailand Pass application and approval requirements will depend on a travelers vaccination status. Citizens from Japan will be able to enter the country one of two ways.

  • Fully Vaccinated travelers will no longer need to apply to enter Thailand under the Test & Go or Sandbox scheme. A vaccinated traveler does not need to book 1 night’s accommodation in an approved SHA+ hotel or complete an RT-PCR test on arrival.

    Fully vaccinated foreigners will need to provide proof of insurance and their vaccination certificate when applying for Thailand Pass.

    Unvaccinated children under 18 years old may travel with vaccinated parents without testing.

  • Unvaccinated or partially vaccinated travelers will no longer need to complete any mandatory quarantine. Unvaccinated Japanese travelers will complete an RT-PCR or Pro-ATK test and upload the result into their Thailand Pass application. The test result must be no older than 72 hours before your departure from Japan and must be completed by a medical professional.

    Children under the age of 18 who are traveling with unvaccinated parents will also need to complete an RT-PCR or Pro-ATK test.

    The Pro-ATK test is not a self-test kit you buy at a local pharmacy or shop. The Pro-ATK test is cheaper than an RT-PCR test and you will receive a result faster.

As you can see, the requirements for entering Thailand will depend on whether you are vaccinated or not.

All Japanese citizens will require:

  • A confirmed flight
  • Covid-19 insurance
  • An approved Thailand pass

Applying for a Thailand Pass

To apply for Thailand Pass, head over to You will need the following documents.

Vaccinated travelers:

  • Your passport profile page
  • Flight itinerary to confirm the arrival date
  • A certificate of full (2 doses) vaccination
  • A medical insurance policy with at least USD$ 10,000 minimum coverage

Unvaccinated travelers:

  • Your passport profile page
  • Flight itinerary to confirm the arrival date
  • An RT-PCR or Pro-ATK test result no more than 72 hours before your departure date
  • A medical insurance policy with at least USD$ 10,000 minimum coverage

To obtain a QR entry code or Thailand Pass ID, travelers will have to:

  • Register at the Thailand Pass web portal
  • Input personal details
  • Upload the required documents per their vaccination status
  • Receive a confirmation email after registration (within seconds after registration)
  • Wait for the Thailand Pass approval

Once approved, you will receive an email with your QR Entry Code and Thailand Pass ID.

Children under the age of 18 are not required to lodge an application, but will instead be added as additional members on a parent’s or guardian’s application.

Previously a visitor would need to lodge their Thailand Pass application 7 days before traveling but with the June 1 changes, approvals will be received within an hour.

The application for the Thailand Pass is free. However, should the applicant need any assistance, you may visit

Book your Flights and Find Accommodation

To receive your Thailand Pass you will need to book a flight so Thailand knows when you are arriving. You will upload the flight number into your Thailand Pass application.

After June 1st, all visitors are welcome to book any accommodation. There is no need to book SHA+ hotels or quarantine packages. SHA+ quarantine packages have been removed from most booking sites. If you see a “Quarantine Package” listed, you do not need to choose it.

You do need to enter an address when applying for Thailand Pass in order to submit the application. The accommodation can be a hotel, home, or a friend’s address.

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Flights to Thailand from Japan

Fly from Japan to Thailand now! Airlines with available flights from Japan to Thailand are listed below:

  • JAL (Japan Airline)
  • Thai Airways
  • All Nippon Airways (ANA)
  • Singapore Airlines
  • Hong Kong Express

Most airlines follow the rules of the arrival country. If you are transiting through another country, it is best to check with the airline if you need to complete any tests for that particular country.

Your travel date now can change by up to 3 days AFTER your original arrival date without having to apply for a new Thailand Pass. If your travel changes by more than 3 days then you need to organize a new Thailand Pass.

Now that there is no mandatory quarantine for visitors, the need for sealed flights has been removed. Japanese visitors can enter Thailand and travel anywhere by any domestic flight or transport.

Purchase your COVID-19 Insurance

As part of your safety, while you stay in Thailand, you will need COVID-19 travel insurance or medical insurance specifically for COVID-19 in case travelers will get infected.

The COVID-19 insurance should have a minimum coverage of US$ 10,000 that will cover:

  • Medical expenses (for hospitals, medications, professionals, etc.)
  • Life insurance
  • Unexpected expenses (like missing flights, loss of baggage, etc.)

Need help finding COVID-19 insurance that has all the listed coverage? Choose AXA Sawasdee Thailand.

COVID Travel Insurance Thailand

Getting through Thailand Passport Control – Best Practice

Now that you have your flights, insurance, tests, and approved Thailand Pass, it is time to prepare for a smooth trip.

To help streamline your visit to Thailand, it is a good practice to print all your documents and have them ready to present to Immigration Officers when you arrive and pass through Passport Control. These include:

  • Thailand Pass QR code
  • Certificate of Insurance
  • Pre-departure RT-PCR or Pro-ATK test result (unvaccinated)
  • Vaccination certificate
  • Covid-19 recovery certificate (if previously tested positive)
  • TM6 – This is the blue card they give you on the plane.
  • TM8 – Health declaration form

This will speed up your processing time before leaving your country and entering through Thailand’s Passport Control.

Once you arrive and pass through Passport Control, you are free to travel anywhere in Thailand and it is time to enjoy that well-deserved holiday.

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