Travel to Thailand from the Netherlands

Travel to Thailand from the Netherlands

Travel to Thailand from the Netherlands

Thailand has opened its borders and loosened its travel restrictions for international visitors.

Even though travel restrictions are easing, the Thai government is still responsible for the health of Thai nationals and foreigners entering Thailand.

To create a safe environment, Thailand introduced an online registration called Thailand Pass to help verify and monitor Covid-19 health for people entering Thailand. It allows people to upload vaccination certificates and insurance before they arrive and approves entry into the country.

If you are a Dutch citizen planning to visit Thailand to destress or maybe do a business trip, here are the steps that you should know to successfully enter Thailand.

Thailand Pass Requirements

From May 1, 2022, how a Dutch citizen enters Thailand will depend on their vaccination status. All visitors are required to apply for a Thailand Pass but the documents you need to provide can vary.

Previously, the Thailand Pass could take up to 7 days to approve, but with Thailand easing its travel restrictions there are fewer documents to check and approvals are much quicker.

Visitors from the Netherlands will be happy to know that your trip to the Land of Smiles can be easy if you follow the simple steps listed below.

5 Steps to Enter Thailand from the Netherlands

Vaccination status and entering Thailand

From May 1, 2022, Thailand Pass application and approval requirements will depend on a traveler’s vaccination status.

  1. Fully Vaccinated travelers will no longer need to apply to enter Thailand under the Test & Go or Sandbox scheme. A vaccinated traveler does not need to book 1 night’s accommodation in an approved SHA+ hotel or complete an RT-PCR test on arrival.

    Fully vaccinated foreigners will need to provide proof of insurance and their vaccination certificate when applying for Thailand Pass. Thai Nationals only need to provide their vaccination certificate as insurance is not required.

    Unvaccinated children under 18 years old may travel with vaccinated parents without quarantine.

  2. Unvaccinated travelers will have 2 options for entering Thailand:
    • Unvaccinated travelers will be able to enter Thailand under the existing 5-day Alternate Quarantine scheme; OR
    • Unvaccinated travelers will be able to avoid the 5-day Alternate Quarantine by completing an RT-PCR test and uploading the result into their Thailand Pass application. The test cannot be older than 72 hours before their arrival date.

As you can see, the requirements for entering Thailand will depend on whether or not you are vaccinated. All Dutch citizens will require a confirmed flight, Covid-19 insurance, and an approved Thailand pass.

1. Apply for a Thai Visa

The Netherlands is a visa exempt country, which means Dutch citizens can enter Thailand without needing to apply for a Thai visa. A Dutch traveler can enter visit Thailand as a tourist for a maximum of 30 days under the Visa Exempt scheme.

If want to stay in Thailand for more than 30 days, or are visiting for a different purpose, you are required to apply for a Thai visa before arriving.

Here are the Thai visas you can apply for:

To apply for a visa, download this Thai visa application form, complete it, and organise an appointment to submit the application form and relevant documents in person at the Royal Thai Embassy or Consulate in the Netherlands:

For inquiry, you can contact the Royal Thai Embassy in Hague through (31-70) 3450766 or send an email to [email protected].

Once your visa is approved, you are ready to apply for an entry to Thailand.

2. Book a Flight

International flights are available from the Netherlands to Thailand. Here is the list of some airlines that are operating and have available flights from the Netherlands to Thailand:

If you follow social media, you may hear the term “sealed flights” mentioned. With the removal of Test & Go, sealed flights are no longer required, so Dutch citizens are free to enter Thailand at any international airport and then transit domestically to anywhere in Thailand.

3. Book a Hotel

Everyone needs somewhere to stay after a long flight. Booking a hotel is now easier, but will still depend on how you are entering Thailand.

Vaccinated travelers or unvaccinated travelers who complete a 72-hour pre-departure RT-PCR test are welcome to book any accommodation. There are no quarantine requirements.

Unvaccinated Dutch citizens who choose to complete the 5-day Alternate Quarantine will need to book a hotel that is SHA+ approved and offers Alternate Quarantine packages.

The package will include transport from the airport to the hotel, 5 nights of accommodation, meals and services, and an RT-PCR test before you leave.

During the 5 day quarantine, you will not be allowed to leave your room.

Need help to book your SHA+ hotels, book at Agoda now.

4. Purchase COVID-19 Insurance

If you are a foreigner, you are required to purchase a COVID-19 insurance policy. The policy must include:

  • Minimum cover of USD$ 10,000
  • Cover of Covid-19 related incidents
  • Medical Costs (medications, professional care, etc.)
  • Life Insurance
  • Unexpected costs (missed flights, loss of baggage, etc.)

Note: Please make sure that your COVID-19 insurance policy covers your entire stay in Thailand.

For the best COVID-19 insurance, choose AXA Sawasdee Thailand. You can purchase the COVID Insurance on this link:

COVID Travel Insurance Thailand

5. Apply for Thailand Pass

To apply for Thailand Pass, head over to You will need the following documents.

Vaccinated travelers:

  • Your passport profile page
  • Flight itinerary to confirm the arrival date
  • A certificate of full (2 doses) vaccination
  • A medical insurance policy with at least USD$ 10,000 minimum coverage

Unvaccinated travelers NOT doing Alternate Quarantine:

  • Your passport profile page
  • Flight itinerary to confirm arrival date
  • An RT-PCR test result no more than 72 hours before your arrival date
  • A medical insurance policy with at least USD$10,000 minimum coverage

Unvaccinated travelers doing Alternate Quarantine:

  • Your passport profile page
  • Flight itinerary to confirm the arrival date
  • Confirmed booking of SHA+ hotel 5-day Alternate Quarantine package
  • A pre-booked RT-PCR test on arrival (if not included in your package)
  • A medical insurance policy with at least USD$10,000 minimum coverage

To obtain a QR entry code and Thailand Pass ID, travelers will have to:

  • Register at the Thailand Pass web portal
  • Input personal details
  • Upload the required documents per their vaccination status
  • Receive a confirmation email after registration (within seconds after registration)
  • Wait for the Thailand Pass approval (normally within 1-3 days)

Once approved, you will receive an email with your QR Entry Code and Thailand Pass ID.

Bonus Step: Arriving in Thailand – Best Practices

Once you have your flights, hotels, and an approved Thailand Pass, you are ready to leave the Netherlands for Thailand.

To help streamline your visit to Thailand, it is a good practice to print all your documents and have them ready to present to Immigration Officers when you arrive and pass through Passport Control. You should print your:

  • Thailand Pass QR code
  • Certificate of Insurance
  • Vaccination certificate (vaccinated travelers)
  • Hotel booking confirmation (unvaccinated Alternate Quarantine)
  • 72 hour RT-PCR test result (unvaccinated with NO Alternate Quarantine)
  • Covid-19 recovery certificate (if previously tested positive)
    TM8 – Health declaration form
  • TM6 – This is the blue card they give you on the plane.

This will speed up your processing time before leaving your country and entering through Thailand’s Passport Control. Immigration and Health Officers will appreciate the extra effort you make. A great start to a holiday.

COVID 19 Insurance:

COVID Travel Insurance Thailand

SHA+ Hotels in Phuket:

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Thailand Pass Support by Siam Legal:

Thailand Pass Support

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