Travel to Thailand from Singapore

Travel to Thailand from Singapore

Travel to Thailand from Singapore

Can Singaporeans Travel to Thailand Now

Though Thailand allows the freedom to travel into the country, it is important to note that in order to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, the government still imposes travel restrictions.

Are you currently in Singapore or a Singaporean citizen who either wants or needs to travel to Thailand? If you are, here are some travel restrictions to Thailand gathered from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs travel page.

Sandbox Program for Vaccinated Singaporean Citizens

Fully vaccinated Singaporean citizens are eligible to enter and stay through quarantine-free Sandbox programs. Travelers from Singapore who prefer to have a quarantine-free stay upon arrival in Thailand are to book SHA+ hotel and stay there for at least 7 days.

There are several locations of Sandbox programs that they can choose from:

Only after 7 days are they allowed to travel to other Thailand destinations.

Sandbox programs are also available for other citizens from other countries as long as they are fully vaccinated.

Reduced Quarantine Requirements

Those Singaporean citizens who arrive in Bangkok or Pattaya are required to undergo a mandatory state quarantine or the Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ). They are required to stay for the required number of days depending on their vaccination status:

  • 7 days for fully vaccinated travelers
  • 10 days for unvaccinated travelers
  • 14 days for unvaccinated travelers who are traveling by land/sea

Only after their required number of days to stay they are allowed to leave the hotel and go to other Thailand destinations.

Entry Requirements to Enter Thailand from Singapore

Thailand Visa Exemption for Singaporeans

Singapore passport holders are allowed to enter Thailand without a visa. Singapore is included in the list of Visa Exempt countries. Traveling through visa exemption, however, only allows Singaporeans to travel for tourism purposes and is only allowed to stay in the country for a maximum of 30 days.

Thailand Visa for Singaporean Citizens

To those who intend to enter Thailand for more than 30 days and are not traveling for tourism purposes such as education, work, business, family, you can apply for a Thai visa, like Thai non-Immigrant visas, for the validity of your travel to Thailand.

Requirements for Singaporean Citizens to Enter Thailand

There is a list of requirements that Singaporeans need to be granted entry from Singapore to Thailand. Here is a checklist of those requirements:

  • Thailand Pass
  • Health Declaration Form or T8 Health Form
  • A passport with a minimum of 6 months validity
  • Proof of booked and purchased flight/return travel
  • COVID-19 Insurance for emergency treatments with coverage of a minimum of $50,000
  • Medical Certificate Document showing a negative result. The test must be taken within 72 hours before the trip.
  • Proof of booked and paid accommodation and required RT-PCR tests at ASQ Quarantine Hotels or SHA+ Sandbox Hotels.
  • Proof of Vaccination. From vaccines that are approved by Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) or the World Health Organization (WHO).

Thailand COVID-19 Insurance

COVID-19 insurance is essential for the protection of passengers in the event of an emergency situation relating to Covid-19 occurring within Thailand. If a traveler is infected with the virus It will cover all of a traveler’s medical expenses, including medicines, treatments, and professional care, as well as transportation.

COVID-19 Thailand requires travelers to get travel insurance with a minimum coverage of THB 1.75 million ($50,000) upon entering the country which will cover:

  • Medical costs (as mentioned earlier, including medicines, treatments, professional care, etc.)
  • Life insurance ( in case of death related incidents)
  • Unexpected costs (like loss of baggage, missing flights schedules because of Covid-19 related incidents)

For trusted and best COVID-19 insurance, choose AXA Sawasdee Thailand. AXA Sawasdee Thailand has everything covered and even gives you options of packages that you might prefer.

Airlines and Flights from Singapore to Thailand

For airlines that operate direct flights from Singapore to Thailand, here is the list of those airlines:

  • Scoot (Non-Stop)
  • Thai Airways (Non-Stop)
  • Singapore Airlines (Non-Stop)

In traveling, do not forget to abide by the rules. Please wear masks, wash your hands, and follow social distance for safe travels. Not just during flights, but anywhere you go.

Applying for Thailand Pass

Singaporean citizens entering Thailand should know that to be granted entry in Thailand, they will have to apply for the Thailand Pass. This document will obtain specific data from your planned trip to Thailand and will assess whether you are to be granted entry or not.

  • You will have to fill in personal details asked in the registration, upload documents that will serve as support or proof such as passports, Thai visas, flight booking, hotel booking confirmation, and COVID 19 Insurance.
  • After the assessment of your application, you will receive an email of approval with a unique QR Code. You will use the Thailand Pass to be allowed to board your flight and travel to Thailand

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