Travel to Thailand from the UK

Thailand Travel Restrictions for UK Citizens

Thailand Travel Restrictions for UK Citizens

In times like these, where COVID-19 is still present, no travel is risk-free. Countries may impose further travel restrictions or enact new laws on short notice, such as in response to a new COVID-19 variant.

If you are a UK citizen and one is planning to travel to Thailand, here is some of the information that you might need to know before traveling.

Sandbox Program for Vaccinated British Citizens

The U.K. is included in the list of countries that are allowed to travel and stay in Thailand through Sandbox programs. Fully vaccinated travelers from the UK are allowed to enter Thailand without quarantine. Travelers are only required to stay in a SHA+ hotel for at least 7 nights. They can enter Thailand under Phuket Sandbox and Samui Plus Sandbox programs.

Reduced Quarantine Requirements

Fully vaccinated British citizens who are arriving in Bangkok must spend 7 days in quarantine in a State Quarantine or Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ) facility. Unvaccinated or partially vaccinated travelers are required to stay in mandatory quarantine for at least 10 days before they will be allowed to travel to other provinces in Thailand.

Thailand has been removed from the UK’s Red List
The UK government has removed Thailand from its “COVID Red List” starting October 11. This means that fully vaccinated travelers from Thailand or British citizens who are returning to the UK will no longer be required to undergo expensive hotel quarantine upon their arrival in the UK.

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Thailand Entry Requirements for UK Citizens

Visa Exemption Thailand

The UK passport holders are allowed to travel to Thailand without a visa as long as it is for the purpose of tourism along with 71 other countries. However, they are only allowed to stay for a maximum of 30 days through the Visa Exemption Program. You may extend your permit to stay at any local immigration office.

Entry Requirements to Thailand

If proceeding to travel to Thailand through visa exemption or if you are traveling with a valid visa, please be guided with the requirements needed to enter Thailand. To enter Thailand, the requirements that one needed to have and prepare are the following:

  • Thailand Pass
  • T8 Form
  • Passport (6 months validity)
  • Download “ThailandPlus” Application
  • Proof of onward travel itinerary and adequate funds
  • Copy of confirmed ASQ hotel booking for quarantine program
  • Copy of confirmed SHA+ hotel booking for sandbox program
  • COVID-19 test result with a laboratory result stating that COVID-19 is undetected (COVID-19 test must be performed using the RT-PCR method). The test must be taken within 72 hours before departure.
  • Copy of insurance policy with COVID-19 coverage and a minimum of $50,000 – print the insurance certificate as well as all pages of the COVID-19 coverage and medical benefits terms and conditions.

COVID-19 Insurance

For COVID-19 Travel Insurance, there is coverage that one should make sure of upon purchasing their insurance. The insurance required in Thailand that must be purchased must include the following coverages:

  • Coverage of medical costs, minimum of $50,000.
  • Coverage of life insurance, which will cover the worst-case scenario. For example, the death of a traveler.
  • Coverage of unexpected events due to Covid-19. For example, missed return flights due to Covid-19.

The COVID-19 Insurance is important for the sake of the travelers. In case of a positive RT-PCR result from the COVID-19 test, one will not have to worry about expenses for the purchased COVID-19 insurance. From medications to doctors and everything else that is related to the COVID-19 emergency.
For COVID-19 insurance, applicants can buy from the best, please see AXA Sawasdee Thailand.

Flights to Thailand from the UK

The most popular direct trip from the United Kingdom to Thailand is from London to Bangkok, which takes roughly 12 hours 15 minutes and lands at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport or Phuket International Airport if the flight is a direct flight. Airlines that fly directly to Thailand include:

  • British Airways
  • Thai Airways
  • EVA Air

For indirect flights:

  • Qatar Airways
  • Emirates Airline
  • Malaysia Airlines
  • Singapore Airlines

If you are traveling to Thailand under the Phuket Sandbox, Krabi Sandbox, and Phang-Nga Sandbox, please book a flight to Phuket Airport without stopping in Bangkok.
Note: Before boarding to travel to Thailand, it is suggested to prepare the documents for staff to easily check if you are eligible to travel.

Applying for the Thailand Pass

In order to enter Thailand, British travelers must obtain a Thailand Pass QR code. This QR code will allow the traveler to enter Thailand on a specific date and flight details. The traveler must apply for the Thailand Pass at least 5 to 7 working days prior to the intended date of travel. This is to give more time if problems arise during the online application process.

The first stage is to register online by filling in your personal details and uploading supporting documents such as a copy of your passport, a copy of the valid visa (if any), and COVID-19 travel insurance. In this stage, you will also select if you are entering under the Test-and-Go, Quarantine, or the Sandbox program.

After successfully providing all the requirements, you will receive your Thailand Pass QR code through an email. The application for the Thailand Pass is free-of-charge. However, should the applicant needs any assistance, you may visit

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