The TM30 Notification in Thailand

Thailand Immigration

The TM30 form is also called “Notification from House-Master, Owner or the Possessor of the Residence where Alien has Stayed”.

The so-called TM30 notification issue is the talk-of-the-town recently as the Thai Immigration just changed some practicalities that can affect a lot of foreigners staying in Thailand.

What is TM30 notification?

The TM30 notification and its underlying laws are about the obligation of a landlord (housemaster, possessor, or manager) to report the stay of a foreigner (non-Thai national) in his/her property. All foreigners staying in Thailand and their hosts should be very well aware of this. The laws with regard to the TM30 and the obligation to report a foreigner’s stay have been in place for some time since 1979, but the government has started to enforce it more strictly lately and added this as a requirement to the 90-day reporting and extension of visa.

Section 37 of the Immigration Act, B.E. 2522 (1979) also stipulates that a foreigner residing in Thailand should notify the police station if he/she visits another province for more than 24 hours from the time of arrival. This would mean that a short weekend trip from Bangkok to Phuket would cause more red tape, even when you have already done all the basic TM30 reporting.

What is the purpose of the notification?

Basically, with the TM30 form and notification, the government aims to know exactly where each foreigner is staying all the time. Every host, whether, Thai or foreigner, has the obligation to report the stay of a foreigner within 24 hours.

This may seem a scary idea to those appreciating their privacy, to those providing accommodation, and perhaps even crazy in the eyes of frequent travelers, but we’ve got to live with it because the law is in place and Immigration is enforcing it more and more. The TM30 measures are one of many of the current government that are all aimed at better monitoring and controlling what happens in this country. The government wants to make it difficult for foreigners to stay under the radar especially those who Immigration sees as ‘bad guys’ such as foreigners who overstay and terrorists.

Who should do the notification?

Officially and practically, the responsibility to report the stay of a foreigner rests with the host: the landlord of a property, the hotel or the service apartment. Delayed or late reporting of a foreigner can be penalized with 800 THB to 1,600 THB per person (normally the penalty does not exceed that amount, even if your landlord reports months too late).

However, if you are the guest or tenant, you can’t ignore TM30 either: many foreigners report that they need it when going to the Immigration office for a service, such as the 90-day reporting and sometimes even for visa extensions.

In some cases, Immigration enforces strictly and demands the return slip of the TM30 form, in other cases they allow foreigners just to tell them their address and when it’s in the system it is okay.

Some foreigners reported having problems at the hospital after treatment when they didn’t have a TM30 receipt, apparently, it’s needed for the insurance company, so even for this, it is better to get it done.

How to report the TM30?

As a foreigner staying in Thailand, you should prepare:

  1. a copy of your passport (photo page)
  2. a copy of the visa page in your passport and
  3. a copy of the departure card (or write down the number on the copy of your passport)

The landlord should prepare:

  1. a copy of the title deed of the property
  2. a copy of the rental contract
  3. a copy of ID card or passport

In case the landlord has outsourced this matter to a property manager, a letter is needed giving authority to the property manager to report the TM30 on behalf of the landlord with stamps from the tax office on this letter.

After the registration or notification, the landlord will get a stamped return slip (receipt of notification) that the tenant/guest should keep and use when going to the Thai Immigration for a visa extension or reporting.


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  1. Ken
    January 10, 2024

    If my wife cannot come to Thailand am I not allowed to live i her house?

  2. Krishna
    November 6, 2020

    Greetings Rex,

    Nice to post to you again.

    I have moved from hotel to rental apartment last month, both in chonburi.Is it late to register TM 30 update for new accomodation with immigration at Sriracha?

    What are documents i need to carry and if penalty applies how much would that be.

    Many thanks in advance.

  3. Malcolm
    November 2, 2020

    My wife and I own condo in large block in Jomtien.
    Who is responsible for TM30 reporting?

    • November 3, 2020

      Dear Malcolm,
      Good day.
      Your wife may fill out the TM30 form online or in person. She needs to report your information to the immigration office.
      Thank you.

  4. Shin
    October 22, 2020

    Hello, i am going to Thailand with 3 months ED visa in next month. my educational provider in bangkok, but i am able to take a online class. Actually I would like to stay in koh samui during the online class. Is there caused problem when i extend ED visa?

    • October 29, 2020

      Dear Shin,
      Good day.
      I do not see a problem with the visa. Usually, the visa is valid for 90 days and the visa extension is given for 1 year. The only issue will be the 90-day reporting. I suggest that you check with your university about your visa situation.
      Thank you.

  5. Caroline Antunes Dias Gattaz
    September 11, 2020

    Hello! I am applying for a student visa for online Thai classes. The school is physically located in Trang (south of Thailand), and I am living in Bangkok and I will move to Krabi if the visa gets approved. Is it okay for my TM.30 to be issued with my temporary address in Bangkok as the school is located in Trang? Cheers!

    • September 15, 2020

      Dear Caroline,
      You will apply for the visa in Trang and you will present a Trang address.

  6. rowena
    September 10, 2020

    i didn’t change my home address. i stayed in school house. Do i need to go to pathumthani immigration for my tm30?

    • September 10, 2020

      Dear Rowena,
      May I ask if you can expound on your inquiry so that we can understand your concern?
      Thank you.

  7. Molly
    September 2, 2020

    My landlord has said that he doesn’t have the receipt because he submitted the form online. However now I am changing jobs and I need the receipt. Can you please tell me how to get the receipt? Can you also tell me if the landlord receives the receipt if the form is submitted online? Thank you.

    • September 3, 2020

      Dear Molly,
      Good day. Your landlord may log in to the account and print the content of it. He needs to print the screenshot.
      Thank you.

  8. Kek
    August 6, 2020

    Hello, is tm30 need for renewal of visa? Still same address and never go to other countries. Thanks.

    • August 11, 2020

      If you have done the TM30 before, you would have a receipt or small slip of paper. Just keep it in your passport and you will be able to use it when renewing the visa in the future.

  9. Michael
    July 28, 2020

    I have done TM30 but intent to travel within Thailand, Will stay in hotels but in a different province. They will take care about my notice of stay with them. But do I need to re-register TM30 again after I return back to my home (same address as registered originally?
    Thanks and best regards

    • July 29, 2020

      Dear Michael,
      Yes, once you returned to your actual home address after travelling around the country, you need to do the TM30 reporting.

  10. Jem
    July 23, 2020

    Does this website also applies to those who will rent a residential house like a town house and not an apartment?

    • July 23, 2020

      Yes, this can be used by the owners to register your information. Thank you.

  11. Neil Farrell
    June 16, 2020

    i am married to Thai, we buy house in her name, i have yellow book. do i also need to do TM30?

    • June 17, 2020

      If you are living in her house, yes, she has to file for TM30 and report your name.

  12. Kang
    June 9, 2020

    Hi! Where can the landlord register the 24 hour notification of a foreign person who stays in their property?

    • June 9, 2020

      Dear Kang,
      The landlord can create a profile using this page:
      He or she can then add the names of the foreigners staying in his/her property. One profile name for one property only but he or she can report more than 1 foreigner.

  13. Zin Oo
    May 27, 2020

    I am moving from Suan Luang District to Bang Kapi District .Do I need to do TM30 notification? My Landlord insists me to do.

    • May 27, 2020

      Yes, it would be a good idea to report your new address.

    • Zin Oo
      May 27, 2020

      How soon should I notify if it is a must?

    • May 27, 2020

      Your landlord may notify within 48 hrs after moving to the new place. Right now, the immigration is lenient, so you may do it within few days after moving. Your landlord can do it through the internet also.

  14. anthony j harmon
    May 12, 2020

    i want to open a savings account here in bangkok.the bank said i need a certificate for verification off my address.where do i get this certificate from

  15. David
    May 4, 2020

    TM 30 has to be done when go
    from hotel to home, in the same district ?
    Means, not leave district or province.

    I heared that TM 30 no longer has to be done
    except when come back, in country.
    I mean, how was the regulation,
    before Corona Situation, before April or March 2020.

    • May 8, 2020

      No, you do not need to do the TM30 if it is the same province.

  16. David
    May 1, 2020

    Hallo Thai Embassy. 🙂 I have 2 questions about TM 30.
    Situation : from Hotel in Thaialnd, go back to home in Thailand.

    1. TM 30 , has to be done, when stay in province of Chonburi ?
    2. TM 30 , has to be done, when stay in district of Bang Lamung ?
    for example,
    from Nong Pla Lai, to Nong Prue. and,
    from Sattahip, to Bang Lamung.

    • May 8, 2020

      If you are moving from one city to another in the same province, you do not need to do the TM30.

  17. Göran Nilsson
    April 17, 2020

    My guests – Swedish passports – are leaving for Sweden today. Do I need to report this in the TM process or is it enough if I report when they are back again?

    • April 20, 2020

      if they are already leaving, there is no need to file or update the TM30. The TM30 notification is only required when they have just entered or returned to Thailand.

  18. April 7, 2020

    Other option is you send by courier the signed copy of your ID card/passport and the Tabien Baan to the tenant. or another option is for the tenants to pay penalty of 800 Thai baht.

  19. Henry Charlton
    April 5, 2020

    Our tenant’s wife is moving into our apartment and needs us to report her stay in order for her to apply for her visa. We currently don’t reside in Thailand and the website and application are not allowing us to register our apartment. Are their any alternative ways to report her stay?

    • April 7, 2020

      You may send by courier the power of attorney, signed copy of the ID card/passport and signed copy of the Tabien Baan so that the tenant can do the TM30 reporting. They may also just pay the 800 Thai baht penalty.

  20. Ryan Davison
    March 27, 2020

    Due to overcrowding at the Bangkok Immigration office as a result of the Covid 19 outbreak, I wanted to know if I could get my 30-day visa extension at a local immigration office in Phetchabun city? Or can I only get the visa extension in Bangkok? Thank you.

    • If you have proof of accommodation in Phetchabun and you submitted the TM30 there, then you can apply for the visa extension in Phetchabun province.